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North American Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Market

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  • Publish Date: Upcoming
Table of Contents
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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digitalized format of a patient’s medical data. Its main purpose is to effectively manage, retrieve, and update patient records in an efficient manner. This systematic collection of health information includes demographics, medical history, allergies and medication, immunization status, and other related data pertaining to the patient’s physical health. The North American electronic medical record report focuses on offering market insights, future market trends, and factors that affect the market growth. The electronic medical record market in North America is considered as the largest market, which is poised to grow at a CAGR of 7.96% from 2012 to 2018.

The growing demand of electronic medical record in North America is governed by a wide range of factors. The emerging European economy has resulted in the upsurge of its healthcare facilities. The provision of effective staff management, substantial clinical improvement, and extraction of the patient’s data has helped influence the growth of EMR’s in Europe. Increasing the need of healthcare providers to ensure effective communication among the clinical staff, thereby improving the operational efficiency of hospitals, is a major factor that drives the growth of this market. Also, the adoption of such technically efficient electronic medical record systems help reduce the time involved in data filing and significantly lowers the likelihood of medical errors.

Apart from the advantages provided by such EMR systems, it is also important to consider the pricing aspect of these devices. The costs involved in the development of these EMR systems might act as a market restraint, curbing its overall growth. All the same, with the reduction of EMR prices in most of the European regions, this aspect of a cost-effective price range will add to the demand of these devices in the market.

The North American electronic medical record market is segmented on the basis of geography, product, application, component, deployment, and end-user. The products of the EMR market are categorized into two types-integrated EMR and standalone EMR. Based on application, the market is classified into clinical guidelines, clinical reminders, drug allergy alerts, drug-drug interactions, and drug dosing support. With respect to components, the EMR market is segregated into hardware (Healthcare IT), software (Healthcare IT), and services (Healthcare IT). As per deployment, the market is segmented into on-premise, web-based, and cloud-based.

The companies that dominate the EMR market in North America include Cerner Corporation, Allscripts, Epic Systems, McKesson Corporation, eClinicalWorks, GE Healthcare, Athenahealth, Siemens AG Healthcare, Practice Fusion, Inc, Emdeon, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC, Quest Diagnostics, and Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.


1 Introduction

1.1 Introduce the Market

1.2 Objective of the study

1.3 Market Definition and Scope of the study

1.3.1 Market Definition

1.3.2 Areas covered

1.3.3 Markets Covered

1.4 Stakeholders

1.5 Research Methodology

1.5.1 Secondary sources

1.5.2 Primary Sources

1.5.3 Market estimation methodology (Top-down, bottom-up, data triangulation.)

1.5.4 Macro indicators for the study

1.6 Assumptions

1.7 List of Acronyms

2 Market Overview

3 North America EMR/EHR, By Applications

3.1 Split By Geography

3.2 North America EMR/EHR, Clinical Guidelines

3.2.1 Clinical Guidelines, By Geographies U.S.-Clinical Guidelines Canada-Clinical Guidelines Mexico-Clinical Guidelines

3.2.2 Clinical Guidelines, By Products Integrated Clinical Guidelines Standalone Clinical Guidelines

3.3 North America EMR/EHR, Clinical Reminders

3.3.1 Clinical Reminders, By Geographies U.S.-Clinical Reminders Canada-Clinical Reminders Mexico-Clinical Reminders

3.3.2 Clinical Reminders, By Products Integrated Clinical Reminders Standalone Clinical Reminders

3.4 North America EMR/EHR, Drug Allergy Alerts

3.4.1 Drug Allergy Alerts, By Geographies U.S.-Drug Allergy Alerts Canada-Drug Allergy Alerts Mexico-Drug Allergy Alerts

3.4.2 Drug Allergy Alerts, By Products Integrated Drug Allergy Alerts Standalone Drug Allergy Alerts

3.5 North America EMR/EHR, Drug-Drug Interactions

3.5.1 Drug-Drug Interactions, By Geographies U.S.-Drug-Drug Interactions Canada-Drug-Drug Interactions Mexico-Drug-Drug Interactions

3.5.2 Drug-Drug Interactions, By Products Integrated Drug-Drug Interactions Standalone Drug-Drug Interactions

3.6 North America EMR/EHR, Drug Dosing Support

3.6.1 Drug Dosing Support, By Geographies U.S.-Drug Dosing Support Canada-Drug Dosing Support Mexico-Drug Dosing Support

3.6.2 Drug Dosing Support, By Products Integrated Drug Dosing Support Standalone Drug Dosing Support

4 North America EMR/EHR, By Components

4.1 Split By Geography

4.2 North America EMR/EHR, Hardware (Healthcare IT)

4.2.1 Hardware (Healthcare IT), By Geographies U.S.-Hardware (Healthcare IT) Canada-Hardware (Healthcare IT) Mexico-Hardware (Healthcare IT)

4.2.2 Hardware (Healthcare IT), By Products Integrated Hardware (Healthcare IT) Standalone Hardware (Healthcare IT)

4.3 North America EMR/EHR, Software (Healthcare IT)

4.3.1 Software (Healthcare IT), By Geographies U.S.-Software (Healthcare IT) Canada-Software (Healthcare IT) Mexico-Software (Healthcare IT)

4.3.2 Software (Healthcare IT), By Products Integrated Software (Healthcare IT) Standalone Software (Healthcare IT)

4.4 North America EMR/EHR, Services (Healthcare IT)

4.4.1 Services (Healthcare IT), By Geographies U.S.-Services (Healthcare IT) Canada-Services (Healthcare IT) Mexico-Services (Healthcare IT)

4.4.2 Services (Healthcare IT), By Products Integrated Services (Healthcare IT) Standalone Services (Healthcare IT)

5 North America EMR/EHR, By Deployments

5.1 Split By Geography

5.2 North America EMR/EHR, On-premise

5.2.1 On-premise, By Geographies U.S.-On-premise Canada-On-premise Mexico-On-premise

5.2.2 On-premise, By Products Integrated On-premise Standalone On-premise

5.3 North America EMR/EHR, Web-based

5.3.1 Web-based, By Geographies U.S.-Web-based Canada-Web-based Mexico-Web-based

5.3.2 Web-based, By Products Integrated Web-based Standalone Web-based

5.4 North America EMR/EHR, Cloud-based

5.4.1 Cloud-based, By Geographies U.S.-Cloud-based Canada-Cloud-based Mexico-Cloud-based

5.4.2 Cloud-based, By Products Integrated Cloud-based Standalone Cloud-based

6 North America EMR/EHR, By End-users

6.1 Split By Geography

6.2 North America EMR/EHR, Office-based Physicians

6.2.1 Office-based Physicians, By Geographies U.S.-Office-based Physicians Canada-Office-based Physicians Mexico-Office-based Physicians

6.2.2 Office-based Physicians, By Products Integrated Office-based Physicians Standalone Office-based Physicians

6.3 North America EMR/EHR, Hospitals

6.3.1 Hospitals, By Geographies U.S.-Hospitals Canada-Hospitals Mexico-Hospitals

6.3.2 Hospitals, By End-users <100 beds >500 beds 100-199 beds 200-299 beds 300-399 beds 400-499 beds

6.3.3 Hospitals, By Products Integrated Hospitals Standalone Hospitals

6.4 North America EMR/EHR, Emergency Healthcare Service providers

6.4.1 Emergency Healthcare Service providers, By Geographies U.S.-Emergency Healthcare Service providers Canada-Emergency Healthcare Service providers Mexico-Emergency Healthcare Service providers

6.4.2 Emergency Healthcare Service providers, By Products Integrated Emergency Healthcare Service providers Standalone Emergency Healthcare Service providers

6.5 North America EMR/EHR, Nurses

6.5.1 Nurses, By Geographies U.S.-Nurses Canada-Nurses Mexico-Nurses

6.5.2 Nurses, By Products Integrated Nurses Standalone Nurses

7 North America EMR/EHR, By Products

7.1 Split By Geography

7.2 North America EMR/EHR, Integrated

7.2.1 By Components Integrated Hardware (Healthcare IT) Integrated Software (Healthcare IT) Integrated Services (Healthcare IT)

7.2.2 By Deployments Integrated On-premise Integrated Web-based Integrated Cloud-based

7.2.3 By Applications Integrated Clinical Guidelines Integrated Clinical Reminders Integrated Drug Allergy Alerts Integrated Drug-Drug Interactions Integrated Drug Dosing Support

7.2.4 By End-users Integrated Office-based Physicians Integrated Hospitals Integrated Emergency Healthcare Service providers Integrated Nurses

7.2.5 By Geographies Integrated U.S. Integrated Canada Integrated Mexico

7.3 North America EMR/EHR, Standalone

7.3.1 By Components Standalone Hardware (Healthcare IT) Standalone Software (Healthcare IT) Standalone Services (Healthcare IT)

7.3.2 By Deployments Standalone On-premise Standalone Web-based Standalone Cloud-based

7.3.3 By Applications Standalone Clinical Guidelines Standalone Clinical Reminders Standalone Drug Allergy Alerts Standalone Drug-Drug Interactions Standalone Drug Dosing Support

7.3.4 By End-users Standalone Office-based Physicians Standalone Hospitals Standalone Emergency Healthcare Service providers Standalone Nurses

7.3.5 By Geographies Standalone U.S. Standalone Canada Standalone Mexico

8 North America EMR/EHR, By Geographies

8.1 North America EMR/EHR, U.S.

8.1.1 U.S., By Deployments U.S.-On-premise U.S.-Web-based U.S.-Cloud-based

8.1.2 U.S., By End-users U.S.-Office-based Physicians U.S.-Hospitals U.S.-Emergency Healthcare Service providers U.S.-Nurses

8.1.3 U.S., By Components U.S.-Hardware (Healthcare IT) U.S.-Software (Healthcare IT) U.S.-Services (Healthcare IT)

8.1.4 U.S., By Applications U.S.-Clinical Guidelines U.S.-Clinical Reminders U.S.-Drug Allergy Alerts U.S.-Drug-Drug Interactions U.S.-Drug Dosing Support

8.1.5 U.S., By Products Integrated U.S. Standalone U.S.

8.2 North America EMR/EHR, Canada

8.2.1 Canada, By Deployments Canada-On-premise Canada-Web-based Canada-Cloud-based

8.2.2 Canada, By End-users Canada-Office-based Physicians Canada-Hospitals Canada-Emergency Healthcare Service providers Canada-Nurses

8.2.3 Canada, By Components Canada-Hardware (Healthcare IT) Canada-Software (Healthcare IT) Canada-Services (Healthcare IT)

8.2.4 Canada, By Applications Canada-Clinical Guidelines Canada-Clinical Reminders Canada-Drug Allergy Alerts Canada-Drug-Drug Interactions Canada-Drug Dosing Support

8.2.5 Canada, By Products Integrated Canada Standalone Canada

8.3 North America EMR/EHR, Mexico

8.3.1 Mexico, By Deployments Mexico-On-premise Mexico-Web-based Mexico-Cloud-based

8.3.2 Mexico, By End-users Mexico-Office-based Physicians Mexico-Hospitals Mexico-Emergency Healthcare Service providers Mexico-Nurses

8.3.3 Mexico, By Components Mexico-Hardware (Healthcare IT) Mexico-Software (Healthcare IT) Mexico-Services (Healthcare IT)

8.3.4 Mexico, By Applications Mexico-Clinical Guidelines Mexico-Clinical Reminders Mexico-Drug Allergy Alerts Mexico-Drug-Drug Interactions Mexico-Drug Dosing Support

8.3.5 Mexico, By Products Integrated Mexico Standalone Mexico

9 North America EMR/EHR, By Companies

9.1 Split By Geography

9.2 eClinicalWorks

9.3 McKesson Corporation

9.4 Cerner Corporation

9.5 Allscripts

9.6 Athenahealth

9.7 GE Healthcare

9.8 Epic Systems

9.9 Quest Diagnostics

9.10 Practice Fusion, Inc

9.11 NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC

9.12 Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.

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