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Asian Computerized Physician Order Entry Market

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  • Publish Date: 17 Aug 2014
  • Next Update Date: 17 Nov 2014
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence

Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) is an efficient system that reduces errors related to handwriting, and provides order entry at the point-of-care. CPOE is the process of electronically entering the medical prescription and instruction during a treatment. The order entry is transmitted over a network to various departments within the hospital, including the pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology.


Computerized physician order entry system is extensively used by the emergency healthcare service providers, hospitals, nurses, and office based physicians. The CPOE market is segmented on the basis of types, component, deployment, application, end-users, and geography. The Asian CPOE market is poised to grow with the highest CAGR of 6.9% from 2013 to 2018, and is expected to reach a value of $163.86 million by 2018.


This market is driven by high incidences of wrong medication, which demands the adoption of computerized physician order entry systems in Asia. Furthermore, the high cost of the treatment drugs related injuries and the investments made by the Asian government are another reasons for high adoption of CPOE. However, the cost and time involved in the installation of the CPOE systems is a major factor restraining the growth of this market.


The key players in the Asian computerized physician order entry market are Allscripts (U.S.), Athenahealth (U.S.), Cerner Corporation (U.S.), Carestream Health Inc. (U.S.), eClinicalWorks LLC (U.S.), Epic Systems (U.S.), GE Healthcare (U.K.), McKesson Corporation (U.S.), Philips Healthcare (Netherlands), Practice Fusion (U.S.), and Siemens Healthcare AG (Germany).


1 Introduction

1.1 Introduce the Market

1.2 Objective of the study

1.3 Market Definition and Scope of the study

1.3.1 Market Definition

1.3.2 Areas covered

1.3.3 Markets Covered

1.4 Stakeholders

1.5 Research Methodology

1.5.1 Secondary sources

1.5.2 Primary Sources

1.5.3 Market estimation methodology (Top-down, bottom-up, data triangulation.)

1.5.4 Macro indicators for the study

1.6 Assumptions

1.7 List of Acronyms

2 Market Overview

3 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, By Applications

3.1 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, Split By Geography

3.2 CPOE, Asia-Clinical Guidelines

3.2.1Clinical Guidelines, By Geographies Japan-Clinical Guidelines China-Clinical Guidelines India-Clinical Guidelines Other Geographies-Clinical Guidelines

3.2.2 Clinical Guidelines, By Products StandaloneClinical Guidelines IntegratedClinical Guidelines

3.3 CPOE, Asia-Clinical Reminders

3.3.1 Clinical Reminders, By Geographies Japan-Clinical Reminders China-Clinical Reminders India-Clinical Reminders Other Geographies-Clinical Reminders

3.3.2Clinical Reminders, By Products StandaloneClinical Reminders IntegratedClinical Reminders

3.4 CPOE, Asia-Drug Allergy Alerts

3.4.1Drug Allergy Alerts, By Geographies Japan-Drug Allergy Alerts China-Drug Allergy Alerts India-Drug Allergy Alerts Other Geographies-Drug Allergy Alerts

3.4.2Drug Allergy Alerts, By Products StandaloneDrug Allergy Alerts IntegratedDrug Allergy Alerts

3.5 CPOE, Asia-Drug-Drug Interactions

3.5.1Drug-Drug Interactions, By Geographies Japan-Drug-Drug Interactions China-Drug-Drug Interactions India-Drug-Drug Interactions Other Geographies-Drug-Drug Interactions

3.5.2Drug-Drug Interactions, By Products StandaloneDrug-Drug Interactions IntegratedDrug-Drug Interactions

3.6 CPOE, Asia-Drug Dosing Support

3.6.1Drug Dosing Support, By Geographies Japan-Drug Dosing Support China-Drug Dosing Support India-Drug Dosing Support Other Geographies-Drug Dosing Support

3.6.2Drug Dosing Support, By Products StandaloneDrug Dosing Support IntegratedDrug Dosing Support

4 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, By Components

4.1 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, Split By Geography

4.2 CPOE, Asia-Hardware (Healthcare IT)

4.2.1Hardware (Healthcare IT), By Geographies Japan-Hardware (Healthcare IT) China-Hardware (Healthcare IT) India-Hardware (Healthcare IT) Other Geographies-Hardware (Healthcare IT)

4.2.2Hardware (Healthcare IT), By Products StandaloneHardware (Healthcare IT) IntegratedHardware (Healthcare IT)

4.3 CPOE, Asia-Software (Healthcare IT)

4.3.1Software (Healthcare IT), By Geographies Japan-Software (Healthcare IT) China-Software (Healthcare IT) India-Software (Healthcare IT) Other Geographies-Software (Healthcare IT)

4.3.2Software (Healthcare IT), By Products StandaloneSoftware (Healthcare IT) IntegratedSoftware (Healthcare IT)

4.4 CPOE, Asia-Services (Healthcare IT)

4.4.1Services (Healthcare IT), By Geographies Japan-Services (Healthcare IT) China-Services (Healthcare IT) India-Services (Healthcare IT) Other Geographies-Services (Healthcare IT)

4.4.2Services (Healthcare IT), By Products StandaloneServices (Healthcare IT) IntegratedServices (Healthcare IT)

5 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, By Deployments

5.1 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, Split By Geography

5.2 CPOE, Asia-On-premise

5.2.1On-premise, By Geographies Japan-On-premise China-On-premise India-On-premise Other Geographies-On-premise

5.2.2On-premise, By Products StandaloneOn-premise IntegratedOn-premise

5.3 CPOE, Asia-Web-based

5.3.1Web-based, By Geographies Japan-Web-based China-Web-based India-Web-based Other Geographies-Web-based

5.3.2Web-based, By Products StandaloneWeb-based IntegratedWeb-based

5.4 CPOE, Asia-Cloud-based

5.4.1Cloud-based, By Geographies Japan-Cloud-based China-Cloud-based India-Cloud-based Other Geographies-Cloud-based

5.4.2Cloud-based, By Products StandaloneCloud-based IntegratedCloud-based

6 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, By Endusers

6.1 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, Split By Geography

6.2 CPOE, Asia-Office based Physicians

6.2.1Office based Physicians, By Geographies Japan-Office based Physicians China-Office based Physicians India-Office based Physicians Other Geographies-Office based Physicians

6.2.2Office based Physicians, By Products StandaloneOffice based Physicians IntegratedOffice based Physicians

6.3 CPOE, Asia-Hospitals

6.3.1Hospitals, By Geographies Japan-Hospitals China-Hospitals India-Hospitals Other Geographies-Hospitals

6.3.2Hospitals, By Endusers<100 beds>500 beds beds beds beds beds

6.3.3Hospitals, By Products StandaloneHospitals IntegratedHospitals

6.4 CPOE, Asia-Emergency Healthcare Service providers

6.4.1Emergency Healthcare Service providers, By Geographies Japan-Emergency Healthcare Service providers China-Emergency Healthcare Service providers India-Emergency Healthcare Service providers Other Geographies-Emergency Healthcare Service providers

6.4.2Emergency Healthcare Service providers, By Products StandaloneEmergency Healthcare Service providers IntegratedEmergency Healthcare Service providers

6.5 CPOE, Asia-Nurses

6.5.1Nurses, By Geographies Japan-Nurses China-Nurses India-Nurses Other Geographies-Nurses

6.5.2Nurses, By Products StandaloneNurses IntegratedNurses

7 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, By Products

7.1 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, Split By Geography

7.2 Standalone CPOE, Asia

7.2.1 Standalone Asia, By Components StandaloneHardware (Healthcare IT) StandaloneSoftware (Healthcare IT) StandaloneServices (Healthcare IT)

7.2.2 Standalone Asia, By Deployments StandaloneOn-premise StandaloneWeb-based StandaloneCloud-based

7.2.3 Standalone Asia, By Endusers StandaloneOffice based Physicians StandaloneHospitals StandaloneEmergency Healthcare Service providers StandaloneNurses

7.2.4 Standalone Asia, By Applications StandaloneClinical Guidelines StandaloneClinical Reminders StandaloneDrug Allergy Alerts StandaloneDrug-Drug Interactions StandaloneDrug Dosing Support

7.2.5 Standalone Asia, By Geographies Standalone Japan Standalone China Standalone India Standalone Other Geographies

7.3 Integrated CPOE, Asia

7.3.1 Integrated Asia, By Components IntegratedHardware (Healthcare IT) IntegratedSoftware (Healthcare IT) IntegratedServices (Healthcare IT)

7.3.2 Integrated Asia, By Deployments IntegratedOn-premise IntegratedWeb-based IntegratedCloud-based

7.3.3 Integrated Asia, By Endusers IntegratedOffice based Physicians IntegratedHospitals IntegratedEmergency Healthcare Service providers IntegratedNurses

7.3.4 Integrated Asia, By Applications IntegratedClinical Guidelines IntegratedClinical Reminders IntegratedDrug Allergy Alerts IntegratedDrug-Drug Interactions IntegratedDrug Dosing Support

7.3.5 Integrated Asia, By Geographies Integrated Japan Integrated China Integrated India Integrated Other Geographies

8 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, By Geographies

8.1 CPOE, Japan

8.1.1 Japan, By Components Japan-Hardware (Healthcare IT) Japan-Software (Healthcare IT) Japan-Services (Healthcare IT)

8.1.2 Japan, By Deployments Japan-On-premise Japan-Web-based Japan-Cloud-based

8.1.3 Japan, By Endusers Japan-Office based Physicians Japan-Hospitals Japan-Emergency Healthcare Service providers Japan-Nurses

8.1.4 Japan, By Applications Japan-Clinical Guidelines Japan-Clinical Reminders Japan-Drug Allergy Alerts Japan-Drug-Drug Interactions Japan-Drug Dosing Support

8.1.5 Japan, By Products Standalone Japan Integrated Japan

8.2 CPOE, China

8.2.1 China, By Components China-Hardware (Healthcare IT) China-Software (Healthcare IT) China-Services (Healthcare IT)

8.2.2 China, By Deployments China-On-premise China-Web-based China-Cloud-based

8.2.3 China, By Endusers China-Office based Physicians China-Hospitals China-Emergency Healthcare Service providers China-Nurses

8.2.4 China, By Applications China-Clinical Guidelines China-Clinical Reminders China-Drug Allergy Alerts China-Drug-Drug Interactions China-Drug Dosing Support

8.2.5 China, By Products Standalone China Integrated China

8.3 CPOE, India

8.3.1 India, By Components India-Hardware (Healthcare IT) India-Software (Healthcare IT) India-Services (Healthcare IT)

8.3.2 India, By Deployments India-On-premise India-Web-based India-Cloud-based

8.3.3 India, By Endusers India-Office based Physicians India-Hospitals India-Emergency Healthcare Service providers India-Nurses

8.3.4 India, By Applications India-Clinical Guidelines India-Clinical Reminders India-Drug Allergy Alerts India-Drug-Drug Interactions India-Drug Dosing Support

8.3.5 India, By Products Standalone India Integrated India

8.4 CPOE, Other Geographies

8.4.1 Other Geographies, By Components Other Geographies-Hardware (Healthcare IT) Other Geographies-Software (Healthcare IT) Other Geographies-Services (Healthcare IT)

8.4.2 Other Geographies, By Deployments Other Geographies-On-premise Other Geographies-Web-based Other Geographies-Cloud-based

8.4.3 Other Geographies, By Endusers Other Geographies-Office based Physicians Other Geographies-Hospitals Other Geographies-Emergency Healthcare Service providers Other Geographies-Nurses

8.4.4 Other Geographies, By Applications Other Geographies-Clinical Guidelines Other Geographies-Clinical Reminders Other Geographies-Drug Allergy Alerts Other Geographies-Drug-Drug Interactions Other Geographies-Drug Dosing Support

8.4.5 Other Geographies, By Products Standalone Other Geographies Integrated Other Geographies

9 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, By Companies

9.1 Computerized Physician Order Entry Asia, Split By Geography

9.2 Epic Systems

9.3 Cerner Corporation

9.4 AllScripts

9.5 Siemens AG Healthcare

9.6 Zynx Health, Inc

9.7 GE Healthcare

9.8 McKesson Corporation




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