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Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Market

  • Report Code: ST 1128
  • Publish Date: 14 May 2014
  • Next Update Date: 14 Aug 2014
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Customer Intelligence

Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market (SBR)


Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is one of the most widely used polymer. Its particular advantages incorporate excellent abrasion resistance, crack resistance, and generally better aging characteristics. The Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market was valued at $6,704.7 million in 2012, and is projected to reach $8,603.4 million by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 1.1% from 2013. The automobile industry has witnessed significant growth over the past couple of years, resulting in increased demand for tires which in turn has boosted the demand for synthetic rubbers such as SBR. The drivers of the industry are identified as growing demand in China and growth by tire industry.


Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) is one of the most versatile copolymer rubber compounds. It consists of the organic compound styrene and the chemical butadiene, with the amount of butadiene usually being about three times more than the amount of styrene. SBR is a stable synthetic that is resistant to abrasion. It is used in a wide variety of products, such as automobile tires, children's toys, shoe soles and even chewing gum. The current focus on high performance and "green" tires, as well as the current and upcoming government regulations regarding tire labeling; have contributed significantly to the increased popularity of the solution process. Being a material which competes with natural rubber, SBR has diversified application areas.


China leads the SBR market in the region, consuming almost 53.2% of the regional demand and 26.7% of the global demand, in 2012 followed by Japan. SBR demand in the region is subjugated by China, consuming more than half of the regional demand.


The key regions covered in Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market are China, Japan, India, South Korea and Taiwan. The various applications studied include Tire, Footwear, construction, Polymer Modification, Adhesives and others. Further, as a part of qualitative analysis, the Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market research report provides a comprehensive review of the important drivers, restraints, opportunities, and burning issues in the SBR market.


The Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market report also provides an extensive competitive landscape of the companies operating in this market. It also includes the company profiles of and competitive strategies adopted by various market players, including Royal Dutch Shell Plc. (The Netherlands), LyondellBasell Industries N.V. (The Netherlands), TPC Group Inc. (U.S.), China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (China), BASF SE (Germany), ExxonMobil Chemical Company (U.S.), etc.




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  • Competitive landscape with a detailed comparison of portfolio of each company mapped at the regional and country-level
  • Comprehensive Production data of SBR with analysis of Raw material suppliers and producers
  • Comprehensive data showing SBR plant capacities, production, including capacity utilization for each region and countries.
  • Trade analysis to identify potential business sites (regional and country level)
  • Analysis of Forward chain integration as well as backward chain integration to understand the approach of business prevailing in the Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market
  • Detailed analysis of Competitive Strategies like new product Launch, expansion, Merger & acquisitions etc. adopted by various companies and their impact on Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market
  • Scale analysis that comprises comparison with Global SBR Market
  • Burning Issues, Opportunities and information on the market under consideration
  • SWOT analysis prior to the top companies of Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber market
  • Porter’s five forces analysis to analyze and determine the market situation and long term profitability of the market under consideration


1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives of the study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast)

2 Market Snapshot

3 Market Overview

4 Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-Asia-Pacific, By Applications
4.1 Split By Geography
4.2 Footwear-Asia-Pacific
4.2.1 Footwear-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Footwear-India Footwear-China Footwear-Japan Footwear-South Korea Footwear-Taiwan
4.3 Construction Chemicals-Asia-Pacific
4.3.1 Construction Chemicals-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Construction Chemicals-India Construction Chemicals-China Construction Chemicals-Japan Construction Chemicals-South Korea Construction Chemicals-Taiwan
4.4 Polymer Additives-Asia-Pacific
4.4.1 Polymer Additives-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Polymer Additives-India Polymer Additives-China Polymer Additives-Japan Polymer Additives-South Korea Polymer Additives-Taiwan
4.5 Adhesive-Asia-Pacific
4.5.1 Adhesive-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Adhesive-India Adhesive-China Adhesive-Japan Adhesive-South Korea Adhesive-Taiwan
4.6 Tires-Asia-Pacific
4.6.1 Tires-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Tires-India Tires-China Tires-Japan Tires-South Korea Tires-Taiwan
4.7 Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
4.7.1 Asia-Pacific-Other Applications, By Geographies India-Other Applications China-Other Applications Japan-Other Applications South Korea-Other Applications Taiwan-Other Applications

5 Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies
5.1 India
5.1.1 India, By Applications Tires-India Footwear-India Construction Chemicals-India India-Other Applications Polymer Additives-India Adhesive-India
5.2 China
5.2.1 China, By Applications Tires-China Footwear-China Construction Chemicals-China China-Other Applications Polymer Additives-China Adhesive-China
5.3 Japan
5.3.1 Japan, By Applications Tires-Japan Footwear-Japan Construction Chemicals-Japan Japan-Other Applications Polymer Additives-Japan Adhesive-Japan
5.4 South Korea
5.4.1 South Korea, By Applications Tires-South Korea Footwear-South Korea Construction Chemicals-South Korea South Korea-Other Applications Polymer Additives-South Korea Adhesive-South Korea
5.5 Taiwan
5.5.1 Taiwan, By Applications Tires-Taiwan Footwear-Taiwan Construction Chemicals-Taiwan Taiwan-Other Applications Polymer Additives-Taiwan Adhesive-Taiwan
5.6 Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies
5.7 Australia
5.7.1 Australia, By Applications Australia-Footwear Australia-Construction Chemicals Australia-Polymer Additives Australia-Adhesive Australia-Tires

6 Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-Asia-Pacific, By Companies
6.1 Split By Geography
6.2 Asia-Pacific-JSR Corporation (Japan Synthetic Rubber Corporation)
6.3 Asia-Pacific-Shen Hua Chemical Industrial Company Limited
6.4 Asia-Pacific-Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp.
6.5 Asia-Pacific-Jilin Petrochemicals Limited
6.6 Asia-Pacific-Lanzhou Petrochemical Hongda Company
6.7 Asia-Pacific-Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited

7 Technological Updates
7.1 Issue with the usage of Styrene
7.2 Raw Material Analysis

List Of Figures
1 Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-Asia-Pacific Ecosystem
2 Asia-Pacific Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
3 Asia-Pacific BCG Matrix 2013
4 Footwear-Asia-Pacific Ecosystem
5 Footwear-Asia-Pacific Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
6 Footwear-Asia-Pacific BCG Matrix 2013
7 Construction Chemicals-Asia-Pacific Ecosystem
8 Construction Chemicals-Asia-Pacific Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
9 Construction Chemicals-Asia-Pacific BCG Matrix 2013
10 Polymer Additives-Asia-Pacific Ecosystem
11 Polymer Additives-Asia-Pacific Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
12 Polymer Additives-Asia-Pacific BCG Matrix 2013
13 Adhesive-Asia-Pacific Ecosystem
14 Adhesive-Asia-Pacific Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
15 Adhesive-Asia-Pacific BCG Matrix 2013
16 Tires-Asia-Pacific Ecosystem
17 Tires-Asia-Pacific Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
18 Tires-Asia-Pacific BCG Matrix 2013
19 Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Ecosystem
20 Asia-Pacific-Other Applications BCG Matrix 2013
21 India Market Share 2013
22 India BCG Matrix 2013
23 Tires-India Ecosystem
24 Footwear-India Ecosystem
25 Construction Chemicals-India Ecosystem
26 India-Other Applications Ecosystem
27 Polymer Additives-India Ecosystem
28 Adhesive-India Ecosystem
29 China Market Share 2013
30 China BCG Matrix 2013
31 Tires-China Ecosystem
32 Footwear-China Ecosystem
33 Construction Chemicals-China Ecosystem
34 China-Other Applications Ecosystem
35 Polymer Additives-China Ecosystem
36 Adhesive-China Ecosystem
37 Japan Market Share 2013
38 Japan BCG Matrix 2013
39 Tires-Japan Ecosystem
40 Footwear-Japan Ecosystem
41 Construction Chemicals-Japan Ecosystem
42 Japan-Other Applications Ecosystem
43 Polymer Additives-Japan Ecosystem
44 Adhesive-Japan Ecosystem
45 South Korea Market Share 2013
46 South Korea BCG Matrix 2013
47 Tires-South Korea Ecosystem
48 Footwear-South Korea Ecosystem
49 Construction Chemicals-South Korea Ecosystem
50 South Korea-Other Applications Ecosystem
51 Polymer Additives-South Korea Ecosystem
52 Adhesive-South Korea Ecosystem
53 Taiwan Market Share 2013
54 Taiwan BCG Matrix 2013
55 Tires-Taiwan Ecosystem
56 Footwear-Taiwan Ecosystem
57 Construction Chemicals-Taiwan Ecosystem
58 Taiwan-Other Applications Ecosystem
59 Polymer Additives-Taiwan Ecosystem
60 Adhesive-Taiwan Ecosystem
61 Australia-Footwear Ecosystem
62 Australia-Construction Chemicals Ecosystem
63 Australia-Polymer Additives Ecosystem
64 Australia-Adhesive Ecosystem
65 Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-Australia-Tires Ecosystem
66 Business Segments
67 JSR Corporation (Japan Synthetic Rubber Corporation) Ecosystem
68 Asia-Pacific-JSR Corporation (Japan Synthetic Rubber Corporation) Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
69 Business Segments
70 Shen Hua Chemical Industrial Company Limited Ecosystem
71 Asia-Pacific-Shen Hua Chemical Industrial Company Limited Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
72 Business Segments
73 Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp. Ecosystem
74 Asia-Pacific-Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp. Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
75 Business Segments
76 Jilin Petrochemicals Limited Ecosystem
77 Asia-Pacific-Jilin Petrochemicals Limited Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
78 Business Segments
79 Lanzhou Petrochemical Hongda Company Ecosystem
80 Asia-Pacific-Lanzhou Petrochemical Hongda Company Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018
81 Business Segments
82 Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited Ecosystem
83 Asia-Pacific-Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited Markets By Revenue 2013 - 2018

List Of Tables
1 Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-market values, by Geographies, 2013 - 2018
2 Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-market volume, by Geographies, 2013 - 2018
3 Asia-Pacific Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-market values, by Companies, 2013 - 2018
4 Footwear-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
5 Footwear-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
6 Construction Chemicals-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
7 Construction Chemicals-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
8 Polymer Additives-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
9 Polymer Additives-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
10 Adhesive-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
11 Adhesive-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
12 Tires-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
13 Tires-Asia-Pacific by Geographies
14 Asia-Pacific-Other Applications by Geographies
15 Asia-Pacific-Other Applications by Geographies
16 India by Applications
17 India by Applications
18 China by Applications
19 China by Applications
20 Japan by Applications
21 Japan by Applications
22 South Korea by Applications
23 South Korea by Applications
24 Taiwan by Applications
25 Taiwan by Applications
26 Australia by Applications