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Asia-Pacific Drilling Fluid & Completion Fluid Market by Types (Water-Based Systems, Oil-Based Systems) Application Areas (Onshore and Offshore) & Geography Forecasting to 2018

  • Report Code: DR 1022
  • Publish Date: 14 May 2014
  • Next Update Date: 14 Aug 2014
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence

The Asia-Pacific drilling and completion fluid market was valued at $1,638.24 million in 2013 and is forecasted to reach $2,386.23 million by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 7.80% from 2013 to 2018. The water-based system in drilling and completion fluids accounted for $1,013.25 million in 2013. Asia-Pacific is the second-largest market in the global drilling and completion fluid market with an estimated market share of about 15% in 2013.


Rise in drilling for shale oil and gas reserves and high drilling activities in the Asia-Pacific region are the major reasons for the growth of the drilling and completion fluid market. Regions such as Australia and China have huge shale reserves where drilling activities are starting; thus, they are set to become huge markets for drilling and completion fluids in the coming years.


The MMM report, ‘Asia-Pacific Drilling Fluid and Completion Fluid Market Forecast, 2013-2018’, analyzes the drilling fluids market by base fluid types, application, and geography. In terms of geography, the report is segmented into countries such as China, Australia, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. Types of drilling and completion fluid markets include water-based systems, oil-based systems, synthetic-based systems, and others (aerated foam, gaseous agents, and air as a base fluid mixed with various additives). The application areas covered are onshore and offshore areas.


This report also provides an extensive competitive landscape of companies operating in the drilling and completion fluid market such as Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Tetra Technologies, Inc., M-I SWACO, Anchor Drilling Fluids USA, Inc., and Newpark Resources, Inc. Regional market shares, new product/service launches, mergers and acquisitions, and product portfolios of key market players have been elaborated upon in the report.



Additional Customization Options

This report is designed to estimate, analyze, and forecast the revenue of drilling fluids across the Asia-Pacific market.  With market data, we also provide customized MMM assessments that meet your company’s specific needs. Customize your report to get an insight into comprehensive industry standards and deep-dive analysis of the following parameters.



Product Benchmarking Outlook

  • Comparison of each base fluid used in various applications
  • Qualitative and quantitative data of different types of base-fluids used
  • Product benchmarking of key competitors/consumer
  • Different base fluids drivers with their service providers
  • Competitive analysis of drilling and completion fluids market portfolio of each company mapped at country level by base fluid type



Customer Segment Outlook

  • Additional company profiles and landscape
  • Additional market segment assessment by geography/application
  • Additional information about existing projects with detailed analysis, historical data, and statistically refined forecast
  • Drilling fluid properties
  • Analysis of drilling fluid technologies



Macro Data

  • Producing well count using fluid type (country-level data)
  • Fluids used in application areas: whether onshore or offshore (country-level data)
  • Total rig count (country level)
  • Additional information on drilling equipment
  • Drilling fluid software manufacturers



Expert Forum

  • Qualitative inputs on drilling and completion fluid activities - Trends in different countries in the African region
  • Opportunities available and options for new contenders in the market
  • Comprehensive assessment of stakeholder strategies
  • Analysis of market attractiveness with latest developments
  • Analysis on customized fluids



Future Prospects

  • Quick turnaround on key upcoming drilling projects driving the demand of drilling and completion fluids
  • Analysis and impact of local and regional environmental regulations by country



Market Capital Outlook

  • Capex information



Current Industry Challenges

  • In-depth value chain analysis of drilling fluid and completion fluid
  • Challenges faced in drilling fluid industry
  • Technological challenges
  • Project execution difficulties
  • Supply chain complexity
  • Financing restrictions

1 Introduction
  1.1 Objectives of the study
  1.2 Market Definitions
  1.3 Market Covered
  1.4 Stakeholders
  1.5 Research Methodology
      1.5.1 Market Size
      1.5.2 Key data points taken from secondary sources
      1.5.3 Key data points taken from primary sources
  1.6 Assumptions
  1.7 Acronyms


2 Market snapsho
  2.1 Market value
  2.2 Market value forecast
  2.3 By TYPE
  2.4 By Geography


3 Market Overview
      3.1.1 Drivers.
   One of the highest oil and gas production.
      3.1.2  Restraints.
   Impact of drilling fluids on the environment and surrounding eco system.
  3.2 Support tables.
      3.2.1 Introduction.
      3.2.2 Industry overview.
  3.3 Porter’s five forces analysis.
      3.3.1 Threat of new entrants.
      3.3.2 Threat of substitutes.
      3.3.3 Buyer’s Power.
      3.3.4 supplier’s power.
      3.3.5 Degree of competition.


4 Drilling and Completion Fluids-Asia-Pacific market by Types 
  4.1 Introduction.. 29
  4.2 APAC Drilling and completion fluids market by type.
  4.3 APAC Water based system market.
  4.4 APAC oil based system market.
  4.5 APAC synthetic  based system market.
  4.6 APAC other system market.
  4.7 Support tables.
      4.7.1  Introduction..


5 Drilling and Completion Fluidsmarket, by Geography.
  5.1 Introduction.
  5.2 APAC Drilling and completion fluids, by geography.
  5.3 China Drilling and completion fluids market.
  5.4 Australia Drilling and completion fluids market.
  5.5 Thailand Drilling and completion fluids market.
  5.6 India Drilling and completion fluids market.
  5.7 Indonesia Drilling and completion fluids market.
  5.8 Other contries Drilling and completion fluids market.


6 Drilling and Completion Fluids market by Application.
  6.1 Introduction.
  6.2 Drilling and completion application market.
  6.3 Technological developments and exploration activities for shale gas, CBM 
      6.3.1 Impact of drilling fluids on the environment and surrounding eco system   
      6.3.2 Demand and supply scenario of natural gas.


7 Drilling fluids and completion fluids: Competitive landscape  
  7.1 Asia-pacific: major players.


8 Drilling fluids- apac region, By Companies.
  8.1 M-I swaco.
      8.1.1  INTRODUCTION.
      8.1.2  PRODUCTS & SERVICES.
  8.2 Halliburton co.
      8.2.1 Introduction..
      8.2.2 Product and services.
      8.2.3 Financials.
  8.3 Baker huges.
      8.3.1 Introduction.
      8.3.2 Product and services.
      8.3.3 Financials.
  8.4 Newpark resources inc.
      8.4.1 Introduction.
      8.4.2 PRODUCTS & SERVICES.
      8.4.3 Financials.


9 Drilling fluids & completion fluids: macroeconomic indicators


10 Drilling & Completion Fluids.
  10.1 Introduction.
  10.2 Overview.
  10.3 Market Segments.
  10.4 Drilling and completion fluids applications.
  10.5 Technical Restraints:
  10.6 TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN drilling and completion fluids.


List of Tables


1 Global Drilling activities, by geography, 2011 – 2012 (Million feet)
2  Onshore drilling activities, by geography (million feet)2011 – 2012
3  Offshore drilling activities, by geography (Million feet)2011 – 2012
4  Classification of drilling and completion fluids base
5  Drilling and completion Fluids-Asia-pacific market values, byTypes, 2013 - 2018($ Million)
6  Asia-PacificWater based systems Market, by Country, 2011-2018($million)
7  asia-pacificoil based systems market by country, 2011-2018($million)
8  Asia-Pacificsynthetic based systemsmarket by country, 2011-2018($million)
9  Asia-PacificOthersBAsed systemsmarket by country, 2011-2018($million)
10 Composition of water-based Drilling Fluids
11 Composition of oil &synthetic-based drilling fluids
12 Functions of drilling and completion fluids
13 Drilling and Completion Fluids-Asia-Pacific market values,  by Geography, 2013 – 2018 ($ Million) 3
14 Drilling and Completion Fluids–China market values, byTypes, 2012 - 2018($ Million)
15 Drilling and Completion Fluids–Australia market values, by Types, 2013 - 2018($ Million)
16 Drilling and Completion Fluids–thailand market values, by Types, 2012– 2018($ Million)
17 Drilling and Completion Fluids-INDIAmarket values, by Types, 2013 - 2018($ Million)
18 Drilling and Completion Fluids - Indonesiamarket values, by Types, 2013 - 2018($ Million)
19 Drilling and Completion Fluids -Others market values, by Types, 2013 - 2018($ Million)
21 Technically recoverable shale oil reserves, by major countries, (Billion bbl)
22 Technically recoverable shale gas reserves, by major countries, (TCF)
23 Governmental drilling and completion fluids Discharge regulations, by countries
24 Demand of crude oil, By geography, 2007 - 2012 (‘000 bbl/day)
25 Percentage change in crude oil consumption, by geography,2009 – 2012
26 Supply of crude oil, By geography, 2007 – 2012 (‘000 bbl/day)
27 Percentage change in crude oil production, by regions, 2009 – 2012
28 Demand of natural gas, by geography, 2007 – 2012 (bcm)
29 Percentage change in NATURAL GAS consumption, by geography,2009 – 2012
30 Supply of natural gas, by geography, 2007 – 2012 (bcm)
31 Change in NATURAL GAS production, by geography, 2009 – 2012
32 Total offshore wells drilled, 2011 – 2012
34 M-I swaco- PRODUCTS & services
35 Halliburton co :PRODUCTS & SERVICES
36 Halliburton co:Financials,2009-2013 ($million)
37 Baker hughes:PRODUCTS & SERVICES
38 Baker huges financials,2009-2013 ($million)
39 Newpark resources inc.: PRODUCTS & SERVICES
40 Newpark resources inc.: Financials, 2009-2013 ($million)
41 Macro indicator Drilled footage (million feet)


List of Figures


1 Market Segmentation
2 Drilling fluids & completion fluids-Asia-Pacific Ecosystem
3 Porter’s five forces analysis
4 Top Growingdrilling fluids & completion fluids-Asia-Pacific Market, By 2013 – 2018
5 Market Share: 2013
6 Market Share: 2018
7 Halliburton Co.: ecosystems
8 Baker Hughes inc.: ecosystem