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Global IT Training and Education Market Research Report

  • Report Code: IN 1236
  • Publish Date: Upcoming
Table of Contents
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In this technologically driven world, the significance of IT training and education has become evident in both academic and corporate sectors. The concept of training and education has flourished with recent developments made in the IT industry. E-leaning and online training materials are some of the innovative technologies adopted by industries worldwide, thereby causing a rapid growth in their demand. Considering these advantages, the IT training and education market is expected to flourish in the coming years.


This MicroMarketMonitor report provides in-depth, region-specific data for the global IT training and education market. The market dynamics, along with the factors that drive the growth of and restrain this market, have been elaborated upon. These market dynamics shed light upon current and future trends that define the growth of the market.


On the basis of secondary research, the emerging opportunities in this particular market have been identified in the report, thus giving its user an edge over the competition. The report also provides a comprehensive description of the challenges faced by this market. The research study involves the usage of extensive secondary sources: press releases, investment reports, industry white papers, case studies, client testimonials, success cases, presentation, and other publicly available sources, to identify and collect information useful for building this extensive database of the IT training and education market.


Primary sources are mainly several industry experts/key opinion leaders such as CEOs, directors, ex-employees, channel partners, and marketing professionals from core (solutions and services) and related industries. These also include preferred suppliers, manufacturers, system packagers, rental companies, EPC contractors, end-users, standards & certification organizations, and other organizations related to all the segments of this industry’s value chain. The survey and interviews are confined not just to the Tier 1 players, but also include start-ups and prominent players. Primary sources are interviewed to obtain and verify critical qualitative and quantitative inputs on their operations, performance, strategies, revenues, and views on the overall market, including key developments, adoption trends, as well as assessment of current projects and future prospects.


Collated information, analyses, and insights are shared, discussed and validated by market players to ensure accuracy and authenticity. In order to ensure consistency and accuracy, corresponding demand side primary interviews are conducted.


The market has been segmented by geography, application, type, end user, and vertical. The report estimates and analyzes market revenues for the mentioned forecast period, for each segment, and provides a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for this period. Historical data, which includes market shares and market revenues, for the mentioned period has also been included.

Lastly, key players in this market have been identified, and an extensive competitive landscape has been presented in this report. Along with a general overview of the company, the report also presents its product portfolio, recent developments, growth strategies, financials, growth trends, and market share, and helps the user of this report to determine competition and devise business strategy. Region-specific data enables the identification of saturated markets and those that can be entered to develop a strong foothold.


MicroMarketMonitor also provides report customization based on the specific requirement of the user.

1 Introduction
  1.1 Objectives of the Study
  1.2 Markets Definition and Scope of Study
  1.3 Markets Covered
  1.4 Stakeholders


2 Research Methodology
  2.1 Integrated Ecosystem of IT Training and Education Market
  2.2 Arriving at the IT Training and Education Market
      2.2.1 Top-Down Approach
      2.2.2 Bottom-Up Approach
      2.2.3 Demand-Side Analysis
      2.2.4 Macro Indicators
  2.3 Assumptions


3 Executive Summary


4 Market Overview
  4.1 Introduction
  4.2 Market Evolution
  4.3 Parent Market Comparison
  4.4 Market Dynamics
    4.4.1 Drivers
   Replacement of Traditional IT Systems with New IT Systems
   Start-ups/Emerging Markets/Emerging Technologies/Emerging Applications
   Mobility, Cloud, Connected devices and BYOD
   Emergence of Online and Collaborative Learning
   Personalization of Learning Platforms
    4.4.2 Restraints and Challenges
   Mismatch between demand and supply
   Increased Cost of Training
   Decreased Training Investments
    4.4.3 Opportunities
   Training in the New Technology Developments
   Strategic Alliance and Partnerships
   Ease of Deployment
  4.5 Value Chain


5 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Training Subjects
  5.1 Introduction
  5.2 Advanced Technology Training
  5.3 Business Intelligence (BI) Training
  5.4 Middleware Training
  5.5 Operating Systems Training
  5.6 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Training
  5.7 Databases and Storage Solutions Training
  5.8 ERP Applications Training
  5.9 IS/Technical Training
  5.10 Application Software Training
  5.11 Programming/Development Tools and Languages Training
  5.12 System Infrastructure Software Training
  5.13 Security Software Training
  5.14 Desktop Application Training
  5.15 Firmware and Hardware Training

  5.16 Others


6 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Training Software Tools
  6.1 Introduction
  6.2 Learning Management Systems (LMS)/Learning Content Management Systems
  6.3 Open Source Software
  6.4 M-Education Apps
  6.5 Learning Content Development Systems (LCDS)
  6.6 Student Response Systems (SRS)

  6.7 Training Assessment Systems
  6.8 Training Collaboration Systems

  6.9 Training Management Systems
  6.10 Document Management Systems
  6.11 Others


7 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Hardware
  7.1 Introduction
  7.2 Interactive White-Boards
  7.3 Simulation-Based Learning Hardware (SBL)
  7.4 Projectors
  7.5 Interactive Displays
  7.6 Printers
  7.7 Interactive Tables
  7.8 Audio Systems


8 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Services
  8.1 Introduction
  8.2 Web Portals
  8.3 Learning Service Providers (LSP)
  8.4 Certification and Test Delivery
  8.5 Support Services (Online Tutoring and PD)
  8.6 Others


9 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Training and Educational Content
  9.1 Introduction
  9.2 Digital Content
  9.3 Test and Assessment
  9.4 Digital Textbook
  9.5 Others


10 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Enabling Technologies
  10.1 Introduction
  10.2 Training and Educational Gaming
  10.3 Training and Educational Analytics
  10.4 Training and Educational ERP
  10.5 Training and Educational Security
  10.6 Training and Educational Technology-Market Dashboard
11 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Learning Modes
  11.1 Introduction
  11.2 Self-Paced E-Learning
  11.3 Mobile Learning (M-Learning)
  11.4 Virtual Classrooms and Webinars
  11.5 Collaboration-based Learning
  11.6 Social Learning
  11.7 Simulation-based Learning
  11.8 Games-based Learning
12 Global IT Training and Education Market Analysis, By Applications
  12.1 Introduction
  12.2 Academic
            12.2.1 K12
            12.2.2 Higher Education
  12.3 Corporate/Business Education
            12.3.1 Small and Medium Business (SMB)
            12.3.2 Enterprises
  12.4 Verticals
            12.4.1 Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)
            12.4.2 Consulting Services
            12.4.3 Retail
            12.4.4 Manufacturing
            12.4.5 Telecom, IT, and Media
            12.4.6 Government
            12.4.7 Healthcare
            12.4.8 Others


13 Global IT Training and Education, Geographic Analysis
  13.1 Introduction
  13.2 Global (NA)
            13.2.1 U.S.
            13.2.2 Canada
            13.2.3 Mexico
            13.2.4 Rest of NA
  13.3 Europe (EU)
            13.3.1 U.K.
            13.3.2 Germany
            13.3.3 Spain
            13.3.4 Rest of EU
  13.4 Asia-Pacific (APAC)
            13.4.1 Australia
            13.4.2 Japan
            13.4.3 Singapore
            13.4.4 Rest of APAC
  13.5 Middle East and Africa (MEA)
            13.5.1 UAE
            13.5.2 KSA
            13.5.3 Qatar
            13.5.4 Rest of MEA
  13.6 Latin America (LA)
            13.6.1 Brazil
            13.6.2 Columbia
            13.6.3 Argentina
            13.6.4 Rest of LA

14 Global IT Training and Education, Market Landscape
  14.1 Introduction
  14.2 Competitive Landscape
  14.3 Company Presence in IT Training and Education Market
  14.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
  14.5 Venture Capital Funding

15 Company Profiles (Overview, Products and Services, Strategies and Insights, Developments, MMM View)
  15.1 Aptech
        15.1.1 Overview
        15.1.2 Products and Services
        15.1.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.1.4 Developments
        15.1.5 MMM View
  15.2 Dell Training and Certification
        15.2.1 Overview
        15.2.2 Products and Services
        15.2.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.2.4 Developments
        15.2.5 MMM View
  15.3 Global Knowlege
        15.3.1 Overview
        15.3.2 Products and Services
        15.3.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.3.4 Developments
        15.3.5 MMM View
  15.4 IBM
        15.4.1 Overview
        15.4.2 Products and Services
        15.4.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.4.4 Developments
        15.4.5 MMM View
  15.5 Microsoft
        15.5.1 Overview
        15.5.2 Products and Services
        15.5.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.5.4 Developments
        15.5.5 MMM View
  15.6 NIIT
        15.6.1 Overview
        15.6.2 Products and Services
        15.6.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.6.4 Developments
        15.6.5 MMM View
  15.7 RedHat
        15.7.1 Overview
        15.7.2 Products and Services
        15.7.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.7.4 Developments
        15.7.5 MMM View
  15.8 SAP Education
        15.8.1 Overview
        15.8.2 Products and Services
        15.8.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.8.4 Developments
        15.8.5 MMM View
  15.9 TekSystems
        15.9.1 Overview
        15.9.2 Products and Services
        15.9.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.9.4 Developments
        15.9.5 MMM View
  15.10 To Be Researched
         15.10.1 Overview
         15.10.2 Products and Services
         15.10.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.10.4 Developments
         15.10.5 MMM View
  15.11 To Be Researched
         15.11.1 Overview
         15.11.2 Products and Services
         15.11.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.11.4 Developments
         15.11.5 MMM View
  15.12 To Be Researched
         15.12.1 Overview
         15.12.2 Products and Services
         15.12.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.12.4 Developments
         15.12.5 MMM View
  15.13 To Be Researched
         15.13.1 Overview
         15.13.2 Products and Services
         15.13.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.13.4 Developments
         15.13.5 MMM View
  15.14 To Be Researched
         15.14.1 Overview
         15.14.2 Products and Services
         15.14.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.14.4 Developments
         15.14.5 MMM View
  15.15 To Be Researched
         15.15.1 Overview
         15.15.2 Products and Services
         15.15.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.15.4 Developments
         15.15.5 MMM View


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Venture Capital (VC) Funding Analysis

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