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Global Embedded Systems Market Research Report

  • Report Code: SE 1033
  • Publish Date: Upcoming
Table of Contents
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Embedded system is the system which has a dedicated function to perform. This computer system is often a subsystem of a large mechanical or electrical system with real-time computing constraints. This system is comprised of both hardware and software. High reliability and optimized performance are the key characteristics of an embedded system.


This report has segmented the embedded systems market on the basis of the different types of products, applications, and geographies. Furthermore, it contains revenue forecast, and analyses the trends in the market. The geographical analysis contains the in-depth classification of Americas, Europe, and APAC, which contains the major countries in the market. Further, the Middle-East and Africa have been classified under the RoW region. Each of these geographies has been further split by the major countries existing in this market.


This report has divided embedded system market into two segments: hardware and software. Embedded market for hardware system is divided mainly into processors, peripheral devices, special purpose sensors, and processor intellectual property. Software market for embedded system is divided into two categories namely: application software and real time operating systems. Furthermore, this report gives detail analysis and forecast of various applications of the embedded system, which includes consumer electronics, automotive, robotics, industrial automation, telecommunications, aerospace and defense, and healthcare sector.


This report also looks into the whole value chain of the embedded system market. It also focuses on the parent markets and the sub-markets of this industry and thus, identifies the total potential market that can be tapped by embedded system.


This report gives detailed description of driver, restraints, opportunities, and burning issue for the global embedded systems market. The competitive analysis, market analysis, and geographical analysis is also elaborated in the report. Some of the key players are profiled into company profile section of the report includeing Atmel Corporation (U.S.), Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (U.S.), Freescale semiconductor Inc., (U.S.), and Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan).

  1. Introduction
    1. Key Take-Aways
    2. Analyst Insights
    3. Report Description
    4. Report Scope
    5. Markets Covered
    6. Stakeholders
    7. Report Assumptions
    8. Research Methodology
      1. Market Size
      2. Market Crackdown & Data Triangulation
      3. Market Forecasting Model
      4. Key Data Points Taken from Secondary Sources
      5. Key Data Points Taken from Primary Sources
      6. Key Companies of Primary Research


  1. Executive Summary


  1. Market Overview
    1. Introduction
    2. Market Definition
    3. Market Segmentation
    4. History & Evolution
      1. Embedded Systems Technologies
      2. Embedded Systems Market
    5. Design Architecture Trends
      1. Integrated Chips (based on various technologies)
      2. Embedded-devices & products
    6.  Industry Segments and Value Chain Analysis
      1. Intellectual Property & Technology Platform Vendors
      2. Embedded Systems Manufacturers
      3. OEM Vendors
      4. Technology & Solution Providers
    7. Embedded Systems Industry Lifecycle


  1. Embedded Systems Market Analysis
    1. Introduction
    2. Market Dynamics
      1. Drivers
      2. Restraints
      3. Opportunities
    3. Burning Issues
    4. Winning Imperatives
    5. Porter’s Analysis
      1. Threat from New Entrants
      2. Threat from Substitutes
      3. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
      4. Bargaining Power of Customers
      5. Degree of Competition


  1. Embedded Systems Market by Types
    1. Introduction
    2. Small scale Embedded system
      1. 8/16 bit CPU
    3. Medium scale Embedded system
      1. 16/32 bit CPU
      2. DSP’s
    4. Sophisticated Embedded system
  2. Embedded Systems Market, By Hardware
    1. Introduction
    2. Processors
      1. General Purpose Processor (GPU)
        1. Microprocessors (MPU) /Microcontrollers (MPC)
        2. Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
      2. Application Specific System Processors
        1. Application-specific integrated circuit  (ASIC)
        2. Field processing gate arrays (FPGA)
      3. Embedded Boards/PCBs
    3. Peripheral Devices
      1. RAM/ROM
      2. Signal Converters
      3. Timers
      4. Actuators
    4. Special purpose sensors
      1. Accelerometers
      2. Temperature probes
      3. Magnetometers
      4. Tachometers
      5. Proximity sensors
  3. Processor IP (Intellectual Property)
  4. Embedded Systems Market, By Software
    1. Introduction
    2. Application Software
      1. IDE tools
      2. Software Development & Testing Tools (Assembly, C , C++, Java)
    3. Real Time Operating System
      1. Operating System (Windows CE, Vxworks, RT Linux)


  1. Embedded Systems Market, By Application
    1. Consumer Electronics
    2. Automotive Sector
    3. Robotics Sector
    4. Industrial Automation Sector
    5. Telecommunications Sector
    6. Aerospace & Defense Sector
    7. Healthcare/Medical Equipment Sector
    8. Sector
    9. Other Sector


  1. Embedded Systems Market, By Geography
    1. North America
    2. Europe
    3. APAC
    4. Rest of the World


  1. Competitive Landscape
    1. Overview
    2. Key Embedded Systems Manufacturers
    3. Market Share Analysis
      1. Market Shares
      2. Market Rankings
    4. Competitive Situation and Trends
      1. New Product Developments & Announcements
      2. Agreements, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Collaborations
      3. Mergers and Acquisitions


  1. Company Profiles
    1. Atmel Corporation
    2. Cirrus Logic, Inc.
    3. Cogent computer systems, Inc.
    4. Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
    5. Denso Corporation
    6. Freescale semiconductor, Inc.
    7. Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd.
    8. Gumstix, Inc.
    9. Infineon Technologies AG
    10. Microchip Technology, Inc.
    11. NXP Semiconductors
    12. Qualcomm, Inc.
    13. Renesas Electronics Corporation
    14. ST Microelectronics
    15. Texas Instruments, Inc.
    16. Toshiba Corporation

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