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Global Processor Market Research Report

Processor and Microcontroller, System on Chip (SoC), Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Application Specific ICs (ASIC) and Controller adds up to total Processors & SOC market.

These reports cover Processor market segmentation on the basis of Sub-markets, Types, Architectures, Products, and Technologies. Sub-market of this market are Microserver. Types of this market are General Purpose Processor, Digital Signal Processor, Physical Processing Unit, Network Processor and Multi-media Processor. Architectures of this market are ARM Based Processor. Products of this market are AMD Processors and Intel Processors. Technologies of this market are Multi-Core Processors and Single-Core Processors.



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Image Processor Image Processor
Image processor or media processor is one of the most important components in image processing. It is widely used in digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets. Some of the major functions of image processors are Bayer transformation, noise reduction, and image sharpening.
Network Processor Network Processor
Network processor is basically a software program that is designed for networking applications. The characteristics of this processor are similar to that of a generic CPU. The report segments the network processor market on the basis of the different types of equipment, applications, and geographies.
General Purpose Processor General Purpose Processor
General Purpose Processor and Digital Signal Processor,
Digital Signal Processor Digital Signal Processor
Digital Signal Processor and General Purpose Processor,
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