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North America Temperature Sensor Market

  • Report Code: TE 1001
  • Publish Date: 18 Dec 2014
  • Next Update Date: 18 Mar 2015
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence

Temperature sensors are expected to witness tremendous growth in the next five years as they are widely used across different application segments. Currently, the market is dominated by contact type sensors like thermocouples and RTDs but we predict strong competition between contact and noncontact temperature sensing technologies in future. Noncontact temperature sensors are dominated by IR temperature sensors and increasingly used in high-temperature applications. IR sensing is highly recommended in the food and beverage industry, plastic industry, metal industry, etc.

The real penetration of the smart temperature sensors came in nineties when Intel Corporation (U.S.) added the thermal management to the motherboard and microprocessor. Smart temperature sensors can now directly communicate with microcomputers in a standardized digital format. This has helped reduce the complication and thereby raised the modularity of the system in where these sensors are applied. Safety-related mandates in North America are acting as a driver to the growth of temperature sensors.

Technological advancement is opening new doors to the temperature sensors in North America with regards to petrochemicals.

The market size of North America temperature sensors in the year 2013 was $1.02 billion and is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 5.1%. In terms of volume, 697 million temperature sensors were shipped in the year 2013 and the number is expected to reach 1.15 billion by 2018.

Temperature sensor market in North America is triggered due to a lot of factors. For the temperature sensor market, vehicle production in emerging markets, increasing government intervention, availability of strong aftermarket and continuous demand from consumer electronics and computing peripherals are acting as drivers. Competition within the technologies, pricing, and maturity of critical end-user segments are acting as restraints. Technological advancement and emergence of MEMS in temperature sensing are the future opportunities for temperature sensors.

Scope of the report

This temperature sensor market research report categorizes the North America market on the basis of different types of applications for which the sensors are used and regional analysis; forecasting revenue and analyzing trends in the market.

On the basis of product type

In this section, temperature sensor market is divided as per the type of sensor used. Temperature sensor ICs, Thermistor, Resistive Temperature Detectors (RTD), Thermocouple and so on are the prominent sensor types used for various applications.

On the basis of applications

In this section, temperature sensor market is divided as per the applications for which the sensors are used. Automotive and Aerospace, Petrochemicals, Consumer Electronics, Utilities, Industrial segment are the prominent segments that consume the temperature sensor to a greater extent.

On the basis of region

  • North America is subdivided into U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Each section will provide market data, market drivers, trends, and opportunities, key players, and competitive outlook. This report will also provide market tables for covering the sub-segments and micro-markets. In addition, the report also provides company profiles covering all the sub-segments.

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Product Analysis


  • In depth trend analysis of products in competitive scenario
  • Product Matrix which gives a detailed comparison of product portfolio of each company mapped at country level
  • Product Matrix which gives a detailed comparison of product portfolio for temperature sensor market along with the various applications they are used for
  • Comprehensive coverage of  regulations followed in each country (U.S., Canada and Mexico)


Data from Manufacturing Firms


  • Fast turn-around analysis of Manufacturing Firms with response to market events and trends
  • Various firms opinion about different products
  • Qualitative inputs on macro-economic indicators, mergers and acquisition in each country
  • In depth analysis of the market for different applications in temperature sensor market


Shipment/ Volume Data


  • Value of components shipped annually in each country tracked
  • Quantitative input of temperature sensor applications in each country tracked


Trend analysis of Applications


  • Application Matrix which gives a detailed comparison of application portfolio of each company mapped at country level
  • Application Matrix which gives a detailed comparison of application portfolio for temperature sensor market


1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Overview
4 Temperature Sensor-North America, By Applications
4.1 Split By Geography
4.1 Temperature Sensor-USA by Applications
4.1 Temperature Sensor-Canada by Applications
4.1 Temperature Sensor-Mexico by Applications
4.2 Temperature Sensor-North America-Petrochemicals
4.2.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Petrochemicals, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-Petrochemicals-USA Temperature Sensor-Petrochemicals-Canada Temperature Sensor-Petrochemicals-Mexico
4.2.2 Temperature Sensor-North America-Petrochemicals, By Types Temperature sensor IC-Petrochemicals-North America Thermistor-Petrochemicals-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Petrochemicals-North America Thermocouple-Petrochemicals-North America
4.3 Temperature Sensor-North America-Consumer Electronics
4.3.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Consumer Electronics, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-Consumer Electronics-USA Temperature Sensor-Consumer Electronics-Canada Temperature Sensor-Consumer Electronics-Mexico
4.3.2 Temperature Sensor-North America-Consumer Electronics, By Types Temperature sensor IC-Consumer Electronics-North America Thermistor-Consumer Electronics-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Consumer Electronics-North America Thermocouple-Consumer Electronics-North America
4.4 Temperature Sensor-North America-Industrial Manufacturing
4.4.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Industrial Manufacturing, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-Industrial Manufacturing-USA Temperature Sensor-Industrial Manufacturing-Canada Temperature Sensor-Industrial Manufacturing-Mexico
4.4.2 Temperature Sensor-North America-Industrial Manufacturing, By Types Temperature sensor IC-Industrial Manufacturing-North America Thermistor-Industrial Manufacturing-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Industrial Manufacturing-North America Thermocouple-Industrial Manufacturing-North America
4.5 Temperature Sensor-North America-Automotive
4.5.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Automotive, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-Automotive-USA Temperature Sensor-Automotive-Canada Temperature Sensor-Automotive-Mexico
4.5.2 Temperature Sensor-North America-Automotive, By Types Temperature sensor IC-Automotive-North America Thermistor-Automotive-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Automotive-North America Thermocouple-Automotive-North America
4.6 Temperature Sensor-North America-Utilities (ICT)
4.6.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Utilities (ICT), By Geographies Temperature Sensor-Utilities (ICT)-USA Temperature Sensor-Utilities (ICT)-Canada Temperature Sensor-Utilities (ICT)-Mexico
4.6.2 Temperature Sensor-North America-Utilities (ICT), By Types Temperature sensor IC-Utilities (ICT)-North America Thermistor-Utilities (ICT)-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Utilities (ICT)-North America Thermocouple-Utilities (ICT)-North America
5 Temperature Sensor-North America, By Types
5.1 Split By Geography
5.2 Temperature Sensor-USA by Types
5.1 Temperature Sensor-Canada by Types
5.1 Temperature Sensor-Mexico by Types
5.2 Temperature sensor IC-North America
5.2.1 Temperature sensor IC-North America, By Applications Temperature sensor IC-Consumer Electronics-North America Temperature sensor IC-Automotive-North America Temperature sensor IC-Petrochemicals-North America Temperature sensor IC-Industrial Manufacturing-North America Temperature sensor IC-Utilities (ICT)-North America
5.2.2 Temperature sensor IC-North America, By Geographies Temperature sensor IC-USA Temperature sensor IC-Canada Temperature sensor IC-Mexico
5.3 Thermistor-North America
5.3.1 Thermistor-North America, By Applications Thermistor-Automotive-North America Thermistor-Consumer Electronics-North America Thermistor-Petrochemicals-North America Thermistor-Industrial Manufacturing-North America Thermistor-Utilities (ICT)-North America
5.3.2 Thermistor-North America, By Geographies Thermistor-USA Thermistor-Canada Thermistor-Mexico
5.4 Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-North America
5.4.1 Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-North America, By Applications Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Petrochemicals-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Industrial Manufacturing-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Utilities (ICT)-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Consumer Electronics-North America Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Automotive-North America
5.4.2 Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-North America, By Geographies Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-USA Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Canada Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Mexico
5.5 Thermocouple-North America
5.5.1 Thermocouple-North America, By Applications Thermocouple-Petrochemicals-North America Thermocouple-Industrial Manufacturing-North America Thermocouple-Utilities (ICT)-North America Thermocouple-Consumer Electronics-North America Thermocouple-Automotive-North America
5.5.2 Thermocouple-North America, By Geographies Thermocouple-USA Thermocouple-Canada Thermocouple-Mexico
6 Temperature Sensor-North America, By Geographies
6.1 Temperature Sensor-USA
6.1.1 Temperature Sensor-USA, By Applications Temperature Sensor-Petrochemicals-USA Temperature Sensor-Consumer Electronics-USA Temperature Sensor-Industrial Manufacturing-USA Temperature Sensor-Automotive-USA Temperature Sensor-Utilities (ICT)-USA
6.1.2 Temperature Sensor-USA, By Companies Temperature Sensor-USA-Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor-USA-Analog Device Temperature Sensor-USA-Maxim Temperature Sensor-USA-National Semiconductors Temperature Sensor-USA-STMicroelectronics
6.1.3 Temperature Sensor-USA, By Types Temperature sensor IC-USA Thermistor-USA Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-USA Thermocouple-USA
6.2 Temperature Sensor-Canada
6.2.1 Temperature Sensor-Canada, By Applications Temperature Sensor-Petrochemicals-Canada Temperature Sensor-Consumer Electronics-Canada Temperature Sensor-Industrial Manufacturing-Canada Temperature Sensor-Automotive-Canada Temperature Sensor-Utilities (ICT)-Canada
6.2.2 Temperature Sensor-Canada, By Companies Temperature Sensor-Canada-Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor-Canada-Analog Device Temperature Sensor-Canada-Maxim Temperature Sensor-Canada-National Semiconductors Temperature Sensor-Canada-STMicroelectronics
6.2.3 Temperature Sensor-Canada, By Types Temperature sensor IC-Canada Thermistor-Canada Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Canada Thermocouple-Canada
6.3 Temperature Sensor-Mexico
6.3.1 Temperature Sensor-Mexico, By Applications Temperature Sensor-Petrochemicals-Mexico Temperature Sensor-Consumer Electronics-Mexico Temperature Sensor-Industrial Manufacturing-Mexico Temperature Sensor-Automotive-Mexico Temperature Sensor-Utilities (ICT)-Mexico
6.3.2 Temperature Sensor-Mexico, By Companies Temperature Sensor-Mexico-Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor-Mexico-Analog Device Temperature Sensor-Mexico-Maxim Temperature Sensor-Mexico-National Semiconductors Temperature Sensor-Mexico-STMicroelectronics
6.3.3 Temperature Sensor-Mexico, By Types Temperature sensor IC-Mexico Thermistor-Mexico Resistive temperature detectors (RTD)-Mexico Thermocouple-Mexico
7 Temperature Sensor-North America, By Companies
7.1 Competitive landscape
7.2 Split By Geography
7.3 Temperature Sensor-USA by Companies
7.1 Temperature Sensor-Canada by Companies
7.1 Temperature Sensor-Mexico by Companies
7.3 Temperature Sensor-North America-Texas Instruments
7.3.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Texas Instruments, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-USA-Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor-Canada-Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor-Mexico-Texas Instruments
7.4 Temperature Sensor-North America-Analog Device
7.4.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Analog Device, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-USA-Analog Device Temperature Sensor-Canada-Analog Device Temperature Sensor-Mexico-Analog Device
7.5 Temperature Sensor-North America-Maxim
7.5.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-Maxim, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-USA-Maxim Temperature Sensor-Canada-Maxim Temperature Sensor-Mexico-Maxim
7.6 Temperature Sensor-North America-National Semiconductors
7.6.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-National Semiconductors, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-USA-National Semiconductors Temperature Sensor-Canada-National Semiconductors Temperature Sensor-Mexico-National Semiconductors
7.7 Temperature Sensor-North America-STMicroelectronics
7.7.1 Temperature Sensor-North America-STMicroelectronics, By Geographies Temperature Sensor-USA-STMicroelectronics Temperature Sensor-Canada-STMicroelectronics Temperature Sensor-Mexico-STMicroelectronics