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Europe Nutraceuticals Market

  • Report Code: NU 1076
  • Publish Date: 22 May 2014
  • Next Update Date: 22 Aug 2014
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence

The Europe Nutraceuticals market was valued at $6,352.4 million in 2013, and is projected to reach $8,985.9 million by 2018,  at a CAGR of  7.2%. Europe Nutraceuticals constituted 26.7% of the global nutraceuticals market in 2013.


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Product-Type Assessment

  • Thorough analysis of the sub-types of the nutraceutical ingredients along with cross segmentation with its application at the country level
  • Special analysis on opportunity mapping targeting the rapidly growing ingredients and applications
  • Matrix of products and applications


Market Trend analysis

  • Country-level breakdown of nutraceutical ingredients in the European region
  • Investigation of products and process related technologies that will be cost-effective and open up new opportunities
  • Detailed analysis of applications in terms of evolving needs, substitutes available and impact analysis


Supply chain and Regulatory Framework

  • Detailed analysis of the supply chain including distribution channel analysis
  • Analysis on raw material availability, pricing trends and distribution channels
  • Norms related to food safety and hygiene prevalent in this region which directly influence the product development process of the nutraceutical ingredient companies


Competitive Intelligence

  • Benchmarking of companies based on revenues, products and location
  • Scrutiny of the diversification opportunities prevailing in the current business scenario
  • Identification of the new products, concepts and service innovations that are driving the market
  • Business model analysis of the top nutraceutical companies including sales channels and strategic focus
  • Operational inputs and availability analysis
  • Supplier mapping based on extensive distribution channel analysis


Periodic updates

  • Tracking and analyzing real time developments of key players in the market such as expansions, new product launches and other strategic initiatives that help to stay dynamic in the market


Periodic updates on the major trends impacting the market 


Audience for this report

  • Europe Nutraceuticals companies
  • Europe Nutraceuticals manufacturers
  • Europe Nutraceuticals traders, distributors and suppliers
  • Governmental and research organizations
  • Associations and industry bodies
  • Technology providers to Europe Nutraceuticals industries

1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)


2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

4 Nutraceuticals-Europe, By Applications
4.1 Split By Geography
4.2 Nutraceuticals-Functional Food-Europe
4.2.1 Functional Food-Europe, By Types Functional Food-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Functional Food-Phytonutrients-Europe Functional Food-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Functional Food-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Functional Food-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Functional Food-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Functional Food-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe Functional Food-Antioxidants-Europe Functional Food-Proteins-Europe
4.2.2 Functional Food-Europe, By Geographies Functional Food-United Kingdom Functional Food-France Functional Food-Germany Functional Food-Italy Functional Food-Europe - Russia Functional Food-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Functional Food-Europe - Switzerland
4.3 Nutraceuticals-Dietary Supplements-Europe
4.3.1 Dietary Supplements-Europe, By Types Dietary Supplements-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Dietary Supplements-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Dietary Supplements-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Dietary Supplements-Phytonutrients-Europe Dietary Supplements-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Dietary Supplements-Antioxidants-Europe Dietary Supplements-Proteins-Europe Dietary Supplements-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Dietary Supplements-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe
4.3.2 Dietary Supplements-Europe, By Geographies Dietary Supplements-United Kingdom Dietary Supplements-France Dietary Supplements-Germany Dietary Supplements-Italy Dietary Supplements-Europe - Russia Dietary Supplements-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Dietary Supplements-Europe - Switzerland
4.4 Nutraceuticals-Functional Beverages-Europe
4.4.1 Functional Beverages-Europe, By Types Functional Beverages-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Functional Beverages-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Functional Beverages-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Functional Beverages-Phytonutrients-Europe Functional Beverages-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Functional Beverages-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe Functional Beverages-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Functional Beverages-Antioxidants-Europe Functional Beverages-Proteins-Europe
4.4.2 Functional Beverages-Europe, By Geographies Functional Beverages-United Kingdom Functional Beverages-France Functional Beverages-Germany Functional Beverages-Italy Functional Beverages-Europe - Russia Functional Beverages-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Functional Beverages-Europe - Switzerland
4.5 Nutraceuticals-Animal Feed-Europe
4.5.1 Animal Feed-Europe, By Types Animal Feed-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Animal Feed-Phytonutrients-Europe Animal Feed-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Animal Feed-Antioxidants-Europe Animal Feed-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Animal Feed-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Animal Feed-Proteins-Europe Animal Feed-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Animal Feed-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe
4.5.2 Animal Feed-Europe, By Geographies Animal Feed-United Kingdom Animal Feed-France Animal Feed-Germany Animal Feed-Italy Animal Feed-Europe - Russia Animal Feed-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Animal Feed-Europe - Switzerland
4.6 Nutraceuticals-Personal Care (Industry)-Europe
4.6.1 Personal Care (Industry)-Europe, By Types Personal Care (Industry)-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Antioxidants-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Phytonutrients-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Proteins-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe
4.6.2 Personal Care (Industry)-Europe, By Geographies Personal Care (Industry)-United Kingdom Personal Care (Industry)-France Personal Care (Industry)-Germany Personal Care (Industry)-Italy Personal Care (Industry)-Europe - Russia Personal Care (Industry)-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Personal Care (Industry)-Europe - Switzerland


5 Nutraceuticals-Europe, By Types
5.1 Split By Geography
5.2 Nutraceuticals-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe
5.2.1 Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe, By Applications Dietary Supplements-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Functional Food-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Functional Beverages-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Animal Feed-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe
5.2.2 Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe, By Geographies Speciality Carbohydraytes-United Kingdom Speciality Carbohydraytes-France Speciality Carbohydraytes-Germany Speciality Carbohydraytes-Italy Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe - Russia Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe - Switzerland
5.3 Nutraceuticals-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe
5.3.1 Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe, By Applications Dietary Supplements-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Functional Food-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Functional Beverages-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe Animal Feed-Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe
5.3.2 Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe, By Geographies Vitamins & Derivatives-United Kingdom Vitamins & Derivatives-France Vitamins & Derivatives-Germany Vitamins & Derivatives-Italy Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe - Russia Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe - Switzerland
5.4 Nutraceuticals-Phytonutrients-Europe
5.4.1 Phytonutrients-Europe, By Applications Dietary Supplements-Phytonutrients-Europe Functional Food-Phytonutrients-Europe Animal Feed-Phytonutrients-Europe Functional Beverages-Phytonutrients-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Phytonutrients-Europe
5.4.2 Phytonutrients-Europe, By Geographies Phytonutrients-United Kingdom Phytonutrients-France Phytonutrients-Germany Phytonutrients-Italy Phytonutrients-Europe - Russia Phytonutrients-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Phytonutrients-Europe - Switzerland
5.5 Nutraceuticals-Europe-Omega 3 Fatty Acid
5.6 Nutraceuticals-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe
5.6.1 Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe, By Applications Dietary Supplements-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Functional Food-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Functional Beverages-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Animal Feed-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe
5.6.2 Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe, By Types Other Structured Lipids-Europe
5.6.3 Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe, By Geographies Unsaturated Fatty Acids-United Kingdom Unsaturated Fatty Acids-France Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Germany Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Italy Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe - Russia Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe - Switzerland
5.7 Nutraceuticals-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe
5.7.1 Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe, By Applications Dietary Supplements-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Functional Food-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Functional Beverages-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe Animal Feed-Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe
5.7.2 Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe, By Geographies Food & Beverage Minerals-United Kingdom Food & Beverage Minerals-France Food & Beverage Minerals-Germany Food & Beverage Minerals-Italy Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe - Russia Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe - Switzerland
5.8 Nutraceuticals-Antioxidants-Europe
5.8.1 Antioxidants-Europe, By Applications Dietary Supplements-Antioxidants-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Antioxidants-Europe Animal Feed-Antioxidants-Europe Functional Food-Antioxidants-Europe Functional Beverages-Antioxidants-Europe
5.8.2 Antioxidants-Europe, By Geographies Antioxidants-United Kingdom Antioxidants-France Antioxidants-Germany Antioxidants-Italy Antioxidants-Europe - Russia Antioxidants-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Antioxidants-Europe - Switzerland
5.9 Nutraceuticals-Probiotic Cultures-Europe
5.9.1 Probiotic Cultures-Europe, By Applications Functional Food-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Functional Beverages-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Dietary Supplements-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Animal Feed-Probiotic Cultures-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Probiotic Cultures-Europe
5.9.2 Probiotic Cultures-Europe, By Geographies Probiotic Cultures-United Kingdom Probiotic Cultures-France Probiotic Cultures-Germany Probiotic Cultures-Italy Probiotic Cultures-Europe - Russia Probiotic Cultures-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Probiotic Cultures-Europe - Switzerland
5.10 Nutraceuticals-Proteins-Europe
5.10.1 Proteins-Europe, By Applications Dietary Supplements-Proteins-Europe Functional Food-Proteins-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Proteins-Europe Functional Beverages-Proteins-Europe Animal Feed-Proteins-Europe
5.10.2 Proteins-Europe, By Geographies Proteins-United Kingdom Proteins-France Proteins-Germany Proteins-Italy Proteins-Europe - Russia Proteins-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Proteins-Europe - Switzerland
5.11 Nutraceuticals-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe
5.11.1 Prebiotic Cultures-Europe, By Applications Functional Food-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe Functional Beverages-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe Dietary Supplements-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe Animal Feed-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe Personal Care (Industry)-Prebiotic Cultures-Europe
5.11.2 Prebiotic Cultures-Europe, By Geographies Prebiotic Cultures-United Kingdom Prebiotic Cultures-France Prebiotic Cultures-Germany Prebiotic Cultures-Italy Prebiotic Cultures-Europe - Russia Prebiotic Cultures-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Prebiotic Cultures-Europe - Switzerland


6 Nutraceuticals-Europe, By Geographies
6.1 Nutraceuticals-Denmark
6.1.1 Nutraceuticals-Denmark, By Companies DuPont Industrial biosciences-Denmark Arla Group Food Ingredients-Denmark
6.2 Nutraceuticals-Germany
6.2.1 Nutraceuticals-Germany, By Types Speciality Carbohydraytes-Germany Vitamins & Derivatives-Germany Phytonutrients-Germany Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Germany Food & Beverage Minerals-Germany Antioxidants-Germany Probiotic Cultures-Germany Proteins-Germany Prebiotic Cultures-Germany
6.2.2 Nutraceuticals-Germany, By Companies BASF Performance Products-Germany ADM Oilseeds Processing-Germany Arla Group Food Ingredients-Germany
6.2.3 Nutraceuticals-Germany, By Applications Functional Food-Germany Functional Beverages-Germany Dietary Supplements-Germany Animal Feed-Germany Personal Care (Industry)-Germany
6.3 Nutraceuticals-France
6.3.1 Nutraceuticals-France, By Types Speciality Carbohydraytes-France Vitamins & Derivatives-France Phytonutrients-France Unsaturated Fatty Acids-France Food & Beverage Minerals-France Antioxidants-France Probiotic Cultures-France Proteins-France Prebiotic Cultures-France
6.3.2 Nutraceuticals-France, By Companies Roquette Pharma & Personal Care-France
6.3.3 Nutraceuticals-France, By Applications Functional Food-France Functional Beverages-France Dietary Supplements-France Animal Feed-France Personal Care (Industry)-France
6.4 Nutraceuticals-The Netherlands
6.4.1 Nutraceuticals-The Netherlands, By Companies Cargill Incorporated-Europe - The Netherlands ADM Oilseeds Processing-Europe - The Netherlands Roquette Pharma & Personal Care-Europe - The Netherlands Royal DSM NV Pharma-Europe - The Netherlands
6.5 Nutraceuticals-Sweden
6.5.1 Nutraceuticals-Sweden, By Companies Royal DSM NV Pharma-Sweden
6.6 Nutraceuticals-Belgium
6.6.1 Nutraceuticals-Belgium, By Companies Cargill Incorporated-Europe - Belgium
6.7 Nutraceuticals-Norway
6.7.1 Nutraceuticals-Norway, By Companies BASF Performance Products-Europe - Norway
6.8 Nutraceuticals-Italy
6.8.1 Nutraceuticals-Italy, By Types Speciality Carbohydraytes-Italy Vitamins & Derivatives-Italy Food & Beverage Minerals-Italy Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Italy Phytonutrients-Italy Antioxidants-Italy Probiotic Cultures-Italy Proteins-Italy Prebiotic Cultures-Italy
6.8.2 Nutraceuticals-Italy, By Companies FMC Specialty Chemicals-Italy
6.8.3 Nutraceuticals-Italy, By Applications Functional Food-Italy Functional Beverages-Italy Dietary Supplements-Italy Animal Feed-Italy Personal Care (Industry)-Italy
6.9 Nutraceuticals-Poland
6.9.1 Nutraceuticals-Poland, By Companies ADM Oilseeds Processing-Europe - Poland
6.10 Nutraceuticals-Russia
6.10.1 Nutraceuticals-Russia, By Types Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe - Russia Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe - Russia Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe - Russia Phytonutrients-Europe - Russia Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe - Russia Antioxidants-Europe - Russia Probiotic Cultures-Europe - Russia Proteins-Europe - Russia Prebiotic Cultures-Europe - Russia
6.10.2 Nutraceuticals-Russia, By Companies Cargill Incorporated-Europe - Russia
6.10.3 Nutraceuticals-Russia, By Applications Functional Food-Europe - Russia Functional Beverages-Europe - Russia Dietary Supplements-Europe - Russia Animal Feed-Europe - Russia Personal Care (Industry)-Europe - Russia
6.11 Nutraceuticals-Europe - Other Geographies
6.11.1 Nutraceuticals-Europe - Other Geographies, By Types Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Phytonutrients-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Antioxidants-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Probiotic Cultures-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Prebiotic Cultures-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Proteins-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies
6.11.2 Nutraceuticals-Europe - Other Geographies, By Companies BASF Performance Products-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies
6.11.3 Nutraceuticals-Europe - Other Geographies, By Applications Functional Food-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Functional Beverages-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Dietary Supplements-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Animal Feed-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Personal Care (Industry)-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies
6.12 Nutraceuticals-Czech Republic
6.12.1 Nutraceuticals-Czech Republic, By Companies ADM Oilseeds Processing-Czech Republic
6.13 Nutraceuticals-United Kingdom
6.13.1 Nutraceuticals-United Kingdom, By Types Speciality Carbohydraytes-United Kingdom Vitamins & Derivatives-United Kingdom Phytonutrients-United Kingdom Unsaturated Fatty Acids-United Kingdom Probiotic Cultures-United Kingdom Food & Beverage Minerals-United Kingdom Antioxidants-United Kingdom Proteins-United Kingdom Prebiotic Cultures-United Kingdom
6.13.2 Nutraceuticals-United Kingdom, By Applications Functional Food-United Kingdom Functional Beverages-United Kingdom Dietary Supplements-United Kingdom Animal Feed-United Kingdom Personal Care (Industry)-United Kingdom
6.14 Nutraceuticals-Switzerland
6.14.1 Nutraceuticals-Switzerland, By Types Speciality Carbohydraytes-Europe - Switzerland Vitamins & Derivatives-Europe - Switzerland Phytonutrients-Europe - Switzerland Antioxidants-Europe - Switzerland Unsaturated Fatty Acids-Europe - Switzerland Food & Beverage Minerals-Europe - Switzerland Probiotic Cultures-Europe - Switzerland Proteins-Europe - Switzerland Prebiotic Cultures-Europe - Switzerland
6.14.2 Nutraceuticals-Switzerland, By Applications Functional Food-Europe - Switzerland Functional Beverages-Europe - Switzerland Dietary Supplements-Europe - Switzerland Animal Feed-Europe - Switzerland Personal Care (Industry)-Europe - Switzerland


7 Nutraceuticals-Europe, By Companies
7.1 Split By Geography
7.2 Nutraceuticals-Cargill Incorporated-Europe
7.2.1 Nutraceuticals-Cargill Incorporated-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-Cargill Incorporated-Europe - The Netherlands Nutraceuticals-Cargill Incorporated-Europe - Russia Nutraceuticals-Cargill Incorporated-Europe - Belgium
7.3 Nutraceuticals-ADM Oilseeds Processing-Europe
7.3.1 Nutraceuticals-ADM Oilseeds Processing-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-ADM Oilseeds Processing-Europe - Poland Nutraceuticals-ADM Oilseeds Processing-Czech Republic Nutraceuticals-ADM Oilseeds Processing-Europe - The Netherlands Nutraceuticals-ADM Oilseeds Processing-Germany
7.4 Nutraceuticals-BASF Performance Products-Europe
7.4.1 Nutraceuticals-BASF Performance Products-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-BASF Performance Products-Europe - Norway Nutraceuticals-BASF Performance Products-Europe - Europe - Other Geographies Nutraceuticals-BASF Performance Products-Germany
7.5 Nutraceuticals-DuPont Industrial biosciences-Europe
7.5.1 Nutraceuticals-DuPont Industrial biosciences-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-DuPont Industrial biosciences-Denmark
7.6 Nutraceuticals-FMC Specialty Chemicals-Europe
7.6.1 Nutraceuticals-FMC Specialty Chemicals-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-FMC Specialty Chemicals-Italy
7.7 Nutraceuticals-Roquette Pharma & Personal Care-Europe
7.7.1 Nutraceuticals-Roquette Pharma & Personal Care-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-Roquette Pharma & Personal Care-France Nutraceuticals-Roquette Pharma & Personal Care-Europe - The Netherlands
7.8 Nutraceuticals-Arla Group Food Ingredients-Europe
7.8.1 Nutraceuticals-Arla Group Food Ingredients-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-Arla Group Food Ingredients-Denmark Nutraceuticals-Arla Group Food Ingredients-Germany
7.9 Nutraceuticals-Royal DSM NV Pharma-Europe
7.9.1 Nutraceuticals-Royal DSM NV Pharma-Europe, By Geographies Nutraceuticals-Royal DSM NV Pharma-Sweden Nutraceuticals-Royal DSM NV Pharma-Europe - The Netherlands1 Introduction