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Global Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals) Market Research Report

Fibers are the nutrients in the food which are indigestible and  helps in regulating the bowel functioning.It is mainly found in plant based food. The two main types of fiber are soluble fiber and insoluble fibre. Speciality Carbohydrate is a type of Nutraceutical ingredient that helps in improving gut health and regulate the blood glucose content. 

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North America Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals) North America Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals)
The North America Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals) market has been valued at $1,498.8m in the year 2013, growing at 7.0% annually, and is projected to reach $2,102.4m by the end of year 2018. It is segmented on the basis of applications and geographies.
Apr 2015
Europe Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals) Europe Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals)
The European fibers & specialty carbohydrates (nutraceuticals) market is projected to grow at CAGR of 7.4%from 2014 to 2019. Fibers & specialty carbohydrates (nutraceuticals) play a vital role in providing health and medicinal benefits, which includes the prevention and cure of diseases in addition to the basic nutritional components found in foodstuffs.
Apr 2015
Asia-Pacific Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals) Asia-Pacific Fibers & Speciality Carbohydrates (Nutraceuticals)
The Asia-pacific fibers & specialty carbohydrates (nutraceuticals) market is projected to grow at CAGR of 8.0%, from 2014 to 2019. Dietary fibers constitute a wide range of natural materials, including soluble and insoluble fibers. There are a large number of fibers with varying properties, both in terms of functions and nutrition. Specialty carbohydrates are complex substances made from simple sugars such as glucose, galactose, L-fucose, sialic acid, and glucosamine.
Apr 2015
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