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European Inactivated vaccines Market Research Report

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Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence
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The European inactivated animal vaccine market, mainly driven by the growing prevalence of animal diseases and increasing incidences of zoonotic diseases in humans, was valued at $744 million in 2013, and is projected to reach $1,026 million by 2018, at a CAGR of 6.6% during the period, 2013 to 2018.


The market report analyzes the market in terms of 6 products, namely, aquaculture, companion animal vaccines, equine, livestock, porcine, and poultry. The major types of this market include preventive and therapeutic. All these products are expected to experience a positive growth till 2018. Some important examples of inactivated vaccines are Nobivac rabies vaccine, Biomune Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine, Nobilis COR4+IB+ND+EDS, Nobilis Corvac, and Nobilis Coryza.

Europe is the largest & fastest-growing market, globally. This high share is attributed to its highly organized livestock farms and the huge demand for livestock products, such as food (meat, egg, milk, and its byproducts) and non-food items from the European population.


The report also provides an extensive competitive landscaping of the leading companies operating in this market. The main companies include Sanofi Aventis, Merck, Pfizer, Bayer, and Virbac. Furthermore, the segment and country-specific company shares, news & deals, M&A, segment-specific pipeline products, product approvals, and product recalls of the major companies have been detailed in this report.


Customization Options

Along with the market data, customize the MMM assessments to meet your company’s specific needs. Customize to get a comprehensive summary of the industry standards and a deep-dive analysis of the following parameters:


Product Analysis:

  • Usage pattern (in-depth trend analysis) of products (segment-wise)
  • Product matrix, which gives a detailed comparison of product portfolio of each company mapped at country and sub-segment level
  • End-user adoption rate analysis of the products (segment and country-wise)
  • A comprehensive coverage of product approvals, pipeline products, and product recalls


Epidemiology Data:

  • Country-specific prevalence of infectious Coryza, infectious bronchitis, Gumboro disease, Newcastle disease, foot & mouth diseases
  •  Country-specific patient infectious Coryza, infectious Bronchitis, Gumboro disease, Newcastle disease, foot & mouth diseases
  • Disease progression (pattern analysis)


Surgeons/Physicians Perception Matrix:

  • Fast turn-around analysis of surgeons’ responses to market events and trends
  • Pattern analysis of usage of inactivated vaccines by physicians
  • Surgeons’ opinions about products from different companies
  • Surgeons’ qualitative inputs on epidemiology data


Brand/Product Perception Matrix:

  • A comprehensive study of customers’ perception and behavior through our inbuilt social connect tool checking the virality and tonality of blogs
  • An analysis of overall brand usage and familiarity and brand advocacy distribution (Detractor/Neutral/Familiar)

Competitive Intelligence:

  • The company share analysis of the top players of the market in the region
  • The crucial developments and strategies that companies inculcate in their portfolio


Alternative Products: Impact analysis

MMM’s Healthcare Decision Making Quadrant: It is an innovative and useful quadrant for vendors who wish to analyze the potential growth markets based on parameters such as patient dynamics (patient pool, epidemiology of disease, preference towards surgeries/alternative therapies) and macroeconomic indicators (number of hospitals and clinics, diagnosis rate, treatment rate and healthcare expenditure)

1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Overview
4 Inactivated vaccines-Europe, By Types
4.1 Split By Geography
4.1 Inactivated vaccines-Germany by Types
4.1 Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom by Types
4.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies by Types
4.1 Inactivated vaccines-France by Types
4.1 Inactivated vaccines-Italy by Types
4.1 Inactivated vaccines-Spain by Types
4.2 Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe
4.2.1 Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe, By Products Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Aquaculture
4.2.2 Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-United Kingdom Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-France Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Germany Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Italy Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Spain Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe - Other Geographies
4.3 Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe
4.3.1 Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe, By Products Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Aquaculture
4.3.2 Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-United Kingdom Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-France Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Germany Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Italy Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Spain Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe - Other Geographies
5 Inactivated vaccines-Europe, By Products
5.1 Split By Geography
5.2 Inactivated vaccines-Germany by Products
5.1 Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom by Products
5.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies by Products
5.1 Inactivated vaccines-France by Products
5.1 Inactivated vaccines-Italy by Products
5.1 Inactivated vaccines-Spain by Products
5.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Livestock
5.2.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Livestock, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Livestock
5.2.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Livestock, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-France-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Livestock
5.3 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Porcine
5.3.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Porcine, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Porcine
5.3.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Porcine, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-France-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Porcine
5.4 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Poultry
5.4.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Poultry, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Poultry
5.4.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Poultry, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-France-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Poultry
5.5 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Companion animal vaccines
5.5.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Companion animal vaccines, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Companion animal vaccines
5.5.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Companion animal vaccines, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-France-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Companion animal vaccines
5.6 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Equine
5.6.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Equine, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Equine
5.6.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Equine, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Equine Inactivated vaccines-France-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Equine
5.7 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Aquaculture
5.7.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Aquaculture, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe-Aquaculture Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe-Aquaculture
5.7.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe-Aquaculture, By Geographies Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Aquaculture Inactivated vaccines-France-Aquaculture Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Aquaculture Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Aquaculture Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Aquaculture Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Aquaculture
6 Inactivated vaccines-Europe, By Geographies
6.1 Inactivated vaccines-Germany
6.1.1 Inactivated vaccines-Germany, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Germany Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Germany
6.1.2 Inactivated vaccines-Germany, By Products Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Germany-Aquaculture
6.2 Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom
6.2.1 Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-United Kingdom Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-United Kingdom
6.2.2 Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom, By Products Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Equine Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-United Kingdom-Aquaculture
6.3 Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies
6.3.1 Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Europe - Other Geographies Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Europe - Other Geographies
6.3.2 Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies, By Products Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Europe - Other Geographies-Aquaculture
6.4 Inactivated vaccines-France
6.4.1 Inactivated vaccines-France, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-France Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-France
6.4.2 Inactivated vaccines-France, By Products Inactivated vaccines-France-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-France-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-France-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-France-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-France-Equine Inactivated vaccines-France-Aquaculture
6.5 Inactivated vaccines-Italy
6.5.1 Inactivated vaccines-Italy, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Italy Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Italy
6.5.2 Inactivated vaccines-Italy, By Products Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Italy-Aquaculture
6.6 Inactivated vaccines-Spain
6.6.1 Inactivated vaccines-Spain, By Types Inactivated vaccines-Preventive-Spain Inactivated vaccines-Therapeutic-Spain
6.6.2 Inactivated vaccines-Spain, By Products Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Livestock Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Porcine Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Poultry Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Companion animal vaccines Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Equine Inactivated vaccines-Spain-Aquaculture

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