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Asia-Pacific Managed Services (ICT) Market

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Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence
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The Asia-Pacific managed services market is expected to grow from $19.68 billion in 2013 to $70.48 billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 23.3%.


The Asia-Pacific managed services market will continue to expand through 2014. The growing number of enterprises in various countries of this region, such as Australia, India, China, and Japan will necessitate the need to streamline strategic operations. The market is driven by the growing demand among organizations for cheap but enhanced IT technologies, which can reduce their financial expenses. There is a vast market opportunity for investors in the Asia-Pacific managed services market, due to alliances and partnerships, resulting in new and unique services. An attractive feature of these managed services, which complements its popularity in the market, is that it can be customized as per the stated requirements of prospective customers. 


The Asia-Pacific managed services market is segmented on the basis of verticals, namely, public sector and government, banking and financial services, education, retail, contact centers and service industries, hi-tech and telecommunications, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, travel and logistics, manufacturing, and energy and utilities. According to geographical segmentation, this market gets divided into countries, such as India, China, Japan, and South Korea among others.


The MicroMarketMonitor report a comprehensive overview of market trends related to the Asia-Pacific managed services market, market share of top ranked companies, and various market dynamics including drivers, restraints, and upcoming opportunities. 

1 Introduction
  1.1 Objectives of the Study
  1.2 Markets Definition and Scope of Study
  1.3 Markets Covered
  1.4 Stakeholders


2 Research Methodology
  2.1 Integrated Ecosystem of Managed Services Market
  2.2 Arriving at the Managed Services Market
      2.2.1 Top-Down Approach
      2.2.2 Bottom-Up Approach
      2.2.3 Demand-Side Analysis
      2.2.4 Macro Indicators
  2.3 Assumptions


3 Executive Summary


4 Market Overview
  4.1 Introduction
  4.2 Market Evolution
  4.3 Parent Market Comparison
  4.4 Market Dynamics
           4.4.1 Drivers
           Reduction In Operational Costs
           Improved Focus On Core Business
           Procure Or Enhance Workforce Skills
           Flexibility To Match Customized Requirements
           Low Cost Advantages
           Leverage On Technical Competence of MSP
           4.4.2 Restraints
           Doubts In Efficiency of Managed Services Model
           Concerns Over Privacy and Security
           Recurring Expenditures
           4.4.3 Opportunities
           New Business Propositions
           Greater Networking Opportunities
           4.4.4 Challenge
           Need for Dedicated Skilled Manpower To Sustain Services
  4.5 Value Chain


5 Managed Services Market Analysis, By Managed Data Center
     5.1 Introduction
     5.2 Managed Hosting
     5.3 Managed Colocation
     5.4 Managed Storage


6 Managed Services Market Analysis, By Managed Network
     6.1 Introduction
     6.2 Managed Network Monitoring and Maintenance (Remote Monitoring)
     6.3 Managed MPLS IP VPNS
     6.4 Managed Ethernet Access (LAN, WAN, MAN, Etc.)
     6.5 Managed WLAN/WWAN
     6.6 Managed Router and Switch
     6.7 Others


7 Managed Services Market Analysis, By Managed Mobility
     7.1 Introduction
     7.2 Managed Mobile Vas
     7.3 Managed Mobile Security
     7.4 Managed Tablets, Smartphones and Mobiles
     7.5 Others


8 Managed Services Market Analysis, By Managed Infrastructure
     8.1 Introduction
     8.2 Managed Print Services
     8.3 Managed Desktop
     8.4 Managed Backup and Recovery (IT Maintenance)
     8.5 Managed Servers
     8.6 Managed Inventory
     8.7 Others


9 Managed Services Market Analysis, By Managed Communications
     9.1 Introduction
     9.2 Managed Unified Communications
     9.3 Managed Email
     9.4 Managed VOIP
10 Managed Services Market Analysis, By Managed Information
     10.1 Introduction
     10.2 Managed Business Process
     10.3 Managed OSS/BSS
     10.4 Managed Databases
     10.5 Others
11 Managed Services Market Analysis, By Managed Security
     11.1 Introduction
     11.2 Managed Infrastructure Content Security (Antivirus, Software Patches)
     11.3 Managed Internet Security
     11.4 Managed Video Surveillance/Managed Wi-Fi
     11.5 Managed Firewalls and VPN Security
     11.6 Managed IDS/IPS
     11.7 Others


12 Managed Services Market Analysis, By End User
     12.1 Introduction
     12.2 Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
     12.3 Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
     12.4 Large Enterprises


13 Geographic Analysis
     13.1 Introduction
     13.2 Australia
     13.3 Japan
     13.4 Korea
     13.5 Singapore
     13.6 Rest of APAC

14 North America Managed Services, Market Landscape
    14.1 Introduction
    14.2 Competitive Landscape
    14.3 Company Presence in Managed Services Market
    14.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
    14.5 Venture Capital Funding

15 Company Profiles (Overview, Products and Services, Strategies and Insights, Developments, MMM View)
   15.1 Cisco Systems
        15.1.1 Overview
        15.1.2 Products and Services
        15.1.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.1.4 Developments
        15.1.5 MMM View
   15.2 Ericsson
        15.2.1 Overview
        15.2.2 Products and Services
        15.2.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.2.4 Developments
        15.2.5 MMM View
   15.3 Fujitsu
        15.3.1 Overview
        15.3.2 Products and Services
        15.3.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.3.4 Developments
        15.3.5 MMM View
   15.4 Huawei
        15.4.1 Overview
        15.4.2 Products and Services
        15.4.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.4.4 Developments
        15.4.5 MMM View
   15.5 International Business Machines (IBM)
        15.5.1 Overview
        15.5.2 Products and Services
        15.5.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.5.4 Developments
        15.5.5 MMM View
   15.6 Nokia Solutions and Systems (NSN)
        15.6.1 Overview
        15.6.2 Products and Services
        15.6.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.6.4 Developments
        15.6.5 MMM View
   15.7 Alcatel Lucent
        15.7.1 Overview
        15.7.2 Products and Services
        15.7.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.7.4 Developments
        15.7.5 MMM View
   15.8 Hewlett Packard (HP)
        15.8.1 Overview
        15.8.2 Products and Services
        15.8.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.8.4 Developments
        15.8.5 MMM View
   15.9 Computer Services Corporation (CSC)
        15.9.1 Overview
        15.9.2 Products and Services
        15.9.3 Strategies and Insights
        15.9.4 Developments
        15.9.5 MMM View
   15.10 AT&T
         15.10.1 Overview
         15.10.2 Products and Services
         15.10.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.10.4 Developments
         15.10.5 MMM View
   15.11 Accenture
         15.11.1 Overview
         15.11.2 Products and Services
         15.11.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.11.4 Developments
         15.11.5 MMM View
   15.12 To Be Researched
         15.12.1 Overview
         15.12.2 Products and Services
         15.12.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.12.4 Developments
         15.12.5 MMM View
   15.13 To Be Researched
         15.13.1 Overview
         15.13.2 Products and Services
         15.13.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.13.4 Developments
         15.13.5 MMM View
   15.14 To Be Researched
         15.14.1 Overview
         15.14.2 Products and Services
         15.14.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.14.4 Developments
         15.14.5 MMM View
   15.15 To Be Researched
         15.15.1 Overview
         15.15.2 Products and Services
         15.15.3 Strategies and Insights
         15.15.4 Developments
         15.15.5 MMM View


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Venture Capital (VC) Funding Analysis

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Asia-Pacific Managed Services (ICT) Market

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