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Asia-Pacific LiDAR Market by Product Type (Airborne LiDAR, Terrestrial LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, Short Range LiDAR), by Application, by Geography - Analysis and Forecast to 2019

  • Report Code: LI 1003
  • Publish Date: Mar 2015
Table of Contents
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The Asia-Pacific LiDAR market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 38.2% during the forecast period of 2014 to 2019. LiDAR systems can be applied in various application sectors where mapping of large areas and digital imaging may be required. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the application sectors in which LiDAR is used, and these segments are further sub-segmented to provide a detailed market analysis of the overall APAC LiDAR market.


The LiDAR market is segmented into major product types, such as airborne LiDAR, terrestrial LiDAR, mobile LiDAR, and short range LiDAR. Airborne LiDAR is a LiDAR system mounted on a fixed wing or rotary wing airborne platform. Airborne LiDARs are mostly used in 3D mapping of topography, forestry mapping, and coastline mapping. A LIDAR system in an airborne platform emits rapid pulses from a focused infrared laser, which are directed towards the ground across the flight path by a scanning mirror.


Besides the government sector, civil engineering; military, defense, and aerospace; corridor mapping; topographic surveys; and volumetric mapping; among others; are the main application verticals in the Asia-Pacific LiDAR market.


The Asia-Pacific LiDAR market is a highly competitive market, wherein Leica Geosystems (Switzerland), Optech Incorporated (Canada), Topcon Corporation (Japan), Trimble Navigation Limited (U.S.), and Velodyne Lidar California) are some of the leading players operational in the market. The report also covers the numerous market strategies adopted by these companies, which includes new product developments, alliances, and acquisitions, to catalyze and sustain their growth in the Asia-Pacific LiDAR market.


Scope of the Report

This research report categorizes the Asia-Pacific LiDAR market into the following segments and sub-segments:


Asia-Pacific LiDAR Market, by Product Type:

  • Airborne LiDAR
  • Terrestrial LiDAR
  • Mobile LiDAR
  • Short Range LiDAR


Asia-Pacific LiDAR Market, by Application:

  • Government
  • Civil Engineering
  • Military, Defense, and Aerospace
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Volumetric Mapping
  • Others


Asia-Pacific LiDAR Market, by Geography:

  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Overview
4 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Applications
4.1 Split By Geography
4.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific Others by Applications
4.1 LiDAR-China by Applications
4.1 LiDAR-India by Applications
4.1 LiDAR-Japan by Applications
4.1 LiDAR-South Korea by Applications
4.1 LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China) by Applications
4.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping
4.2.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-India-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-Japan-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-South Korea-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Volumetric Mapping
4.2.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping, By Products Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping
4.3 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys
4.3.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Topographic surveys LiDAR-India-Topographic surveys LiDAR-Japan-Topographic surveys LiDAR-South Korea-Topographic surveys LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Topographic surveys
4.3.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys, By Products Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys
4.4 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping
4.4.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-India-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-Japan-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-South Korea-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Corridor Mapping
4.4.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping, By Products Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping
4.5 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
4.5.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Other Applications LiDAR-India-Other Applications LiDAR-Japan-Other Applications LiDAR-South Korea-Other Applications LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Other Applications
4.5.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications, By Products Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
4.6 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure
4.6.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-India-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-Japan-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-South Korea-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Building/Infrastructure
4.6.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure, By Products Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure
4.7 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military
4.7.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Military LiDAR-India-Military LiDAR-Japan-Military LiDAR-South Korea-Military LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Military
4.7.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military, By Products Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military
4.8 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service
4.8.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-India-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-Japan-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-South Korea-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Public Sector/Service
4.8.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service, By Products Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service
5 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Products
5.1 Split By Geography
5.2 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific Others by Products
5.1 LiDAR-China by Products
5.1 LiDAR-India by Products
5.1 LiDAR-Japan by Products
5.1 LiDAR-South Korea by Products
5.1 LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China) by Products
5.2 Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific
5.2.1 Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping
5.2.2 Short Range LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Short Range LiDAR-China Short Range LiDAR-India Short Range LiDAR-Japan Short Range LiDAR-South Korea Short Range LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)
5.3 Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific
5.3.1 Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service
5.3.2 Mobile LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Mobile LiDAR-China Mobile LiDAR-India Mobile LiDAR-Japan Mobile LiDAR-South Korea Mobile LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)
5.4 Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific
5.4.1 Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
5.4.2 Airborne LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Airborne LiDAR-China Airborne LiDAR-India Airborne LiDAR-Japan Airborne LiDAR-South Korea Airborne LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)
5.5 Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific
5.5.1 Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Volumetric Mapping Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Corridor Mapping Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Building/Infrastructure Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Military Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Public Sector/Service Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topographic surveys
5.5.2 Terrestrial LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Terrestrial LiDAR-China Terrestrial LiDAR-India Terrestrial LiDAR-Japan Terrestrial LiDAR-South Korea Terrestrial LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)
6 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies
6.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific Others
6.2 LiDAR-China
6.2.1 LiDAR-China, By Applications LiDAR-China-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-China-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-China-Military LiDAR-China-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-China-Topographic surveys LiDAR-China-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-China-Other Applications
6.2.2 LiDAR-China, By Companies LiDAR-China-Optech Inc. LiDAR-China-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-China-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-China-Topcon corporation LiDAR-China-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-China-AeroMetric LiDAR-China-Raymetrics LiDAR-China-Pix4D LiDAR-China-IGI mBH LiDAR-China-Riegl USA LiDAR-China-Faro Technology LiDAR-China-Intermap Technologies
6.2.3 LiDAR-China, By Products Short Range LiDAR-China Mobile LiDAR-China Airborne LiDAR-China Terrestrial LiDAR-China
6.3 LiDAR-India
6.3.1 LiDAR-India, By Applications LiDAR-India-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-India-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-India-Military LiDAR-India-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-India-Topographic surveys LiDAR-India-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-India-Other Applications
6.3.2 LiDAR-India, By Companies LiDAR-India-Optech Inc. LiDAR-India-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-India-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-India-Topcon corporation LiDAR-India-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-India-AeroMetric LiDAR-India-Raymetrics LiDAR-India-Pix4D LiDAR-India-IGI mBH LiDAR-India-Riegl USA LiDAR-India-Faro Technology LiDAR-India-Intermap Technologies
6.3.3 LiDAR-India, By Products Short Range LiDAR-India Mobile LiDAR-India Airborne LiDAR-India Terrestrial LiDAR-India
6.4 LiDAR-Japan
6.4.1 LiDAR-Japan, By Applications LiDAR-Japan-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-Japan-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-Japan-Military LiDAR-Japan-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-Japan-Topographic surveys LiDAR-Japan-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-Japan-Other Applications
6.4.2 LiDAR-Japan, By Companies LiDAR-Japan-Optech Inc. LiDAR-Japan-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-Japan-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-Japan-Topcon corporation LiDAR-Japan-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-Japan-AeroMetric LiDAR-Japan-Raymetrics LiDAR-Japan-Pix4D LiDAR-Japan-IGI mBH LiDAR-Japan-Riegl USA LiDAR-Japan-Faro Technology LiDAR-Japan-Intermap Technologies
6.4.3 LiDAR-Japan, By Products Short Range LiDAR-Japan Mobile LiDAR-Japan Airborne LiDAR-Japan Terrestrial LiDAR-Japan
6.5 LiDAR-South Korea
6.5.1 LiDAR-South Korea, By Applications LiDAR-South Korea-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-South Korea-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-South Korea-Military LiDAR-South Korea-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-South Korea-Topographic surveys LiDAR-South Korea-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-South Korea-Other Applications
6.5.2 LiDAR-South Korea, By Companies LiDAR-South Korea-Optech Inc. LiDAR-South Korea-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-South Korea-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-South Korea-Topcon corporation LiDAR-South Korea-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-South Korea-AeroMetric LiDAR-South Korea-Raymetrics LiDAR-South Korea-Pix4D LiDAR-South Korea-IGI mBH LiDAR-South Korea-Riegl USA LiDAR-South Korea-Faro Technology LiDAR-South Korea-Intermap Technologies
6.5.3 LiDAR-South Korea, By Products Short Range LiDAR-South Korea Mobile LiDAR-South Korea Airborne LiDAR-South Korea Terrestrial LiDAR-South Korea
6.6 LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)
6.6.1 LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China), By Applications LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Building/Infrastructure LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Volumetric Mapping LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Military LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Public Sector/Service LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Topographic surveys LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Corridor Mapping LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Other Applications
6.6.2 LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China), By Companies LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Optech Inc. LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Topcon corporation LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Velodyne Lidar INC.
6.6.3 LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China), By Products Short Range LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China) Mobile LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China) Airborne LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China) Terrestrial LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)
7 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific, By Companies
7.1 Competitive landscape
7.2 Split By Geography
7.3 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific Others by Companies
7.1 LiDAR-China by Companies
7.1 LiDAR-India by Companies
7.1 LiDAR-Japan by Companies
7.1 LiDAR-South Korea by Companies
7.1 LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China) by Companies
7.3 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Optech Inc.
7.3.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Optech Inc., By Geographies LiDAR-China-Optech Inc. LiDAR-India-Optech Inc. LiDAR-Japan-Optech Inc. LiDAR-South Korea-Optech Inc. LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Optech Inc.
7.4 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Leica Geosystems
7.4.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Leica Geosystems, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-India-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-Japan-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-South Korea-Leica Geosystems LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Leica Geosystems
7.5 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Trimble Navigation Limited
7.5.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Trimble Navigation Limited , By Geographies LiDAR-China-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-India-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-Japan-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-South Korea-Trimble Navigation Limited LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Trimble Navigation Limited
7.6 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topcon corporation
7.6.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Topcon corporation, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Topcon corporation LiDAR-India-Topcon corporation LiDAR-Japan-Topcon corporation LiDAR-South Korea-Topcon corporation LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Topcon corporation
7.7 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Velodyne Lidar INC.
7.7.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Velodyne Lidar INC., By Geographies LiDAR-China-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-India-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-Japan-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-South Korea-Velodyne Lidar INC. LiDAR-Taiwan (Republic of China)-Velodyne Lidar INC.
7.8 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Faro Technology
7.8.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Faro Technology , By Geographies LiDAR-China-Faro Technology LiDAR-India-Faro Technology LiDAR-Japan-Faro Technology LiDAR-South Korea-Faro Technology
7.9 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Intermap Technologies
7.9.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Intermap Technologies , By Geographies LiDAR-China-Intermap Technologies LiDAR-India-Intermap Technologies LiDAR-Japan-Intermap Technologies LiDAR-South Korea-Intermap Technologies
7.10 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Saab
7.11 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-AeroMetric
7.11.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-AeroMetric, By Geographies LiDAR-China-AeroMetric LiDAR-India-AeroMetric LiDAR-Japan-AeroMetric LiDAR-South Korea-AeroMetric
7.12 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-IGI mBH
7.12.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-IGI mBH, By Geographies LiDAR-China-IGI mBH LiDAR-India-IGI mBH LiDAR-Japan-IGI mBH LiDAR-South Korea-IGI mBH
7.13 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Pix4D
7.13.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Pix4D, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Pix4D LiDAR-India-Pix4D LiDAR-Japan-Pix4D LiDAR-South Korea-Pix4D
7.14 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Raymetrics
7.14.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Raymetrics, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Raymetrics LiDAR-India-Raymetrics LiDAR-Japan-Raymetrics LiDAR-South Korea-Raymetrics
7.15 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Riegl USA
7.15.1 LiDAR-Asia-Pacific-Riegl USA, By Geographies LiDAR-China-Riegl USA LiDAR-India-Riegl USA LiDAR-Japan-Riegl USA LiDAR-South Korea-Riegl USA

The market research report on the Asia-Pacific LiDAR market covers government, military, and commercial applications of light detection and ranging systems. Some of the major applications of LiDAR are corridor mapping, forestry, mining, topographic surveying, and volumetric mapping. The extensive research study conducted resulted in identifying civil engineering and planning application as one of the top revenue grossing applications for LiDAR systems in Asia-Pacific.


The report segments the Asia-Pacific LiDAR market on the basis of different types of products, applications, and geographies. Each classification of the Asia-Pacific market comprises an extensive segmentation with market estimates and forecasts for each sub-market. The report analyzes the entire LiDAR market industry’s value chain.


The Asia-Pacific LiDAR Market report also covers the market drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the market. The major driving factor for the market is the drastically reducing prices of LiDAR systems, which are finding new applications across various verticals. The research study identifies the burning issues and market winning imperatives currently affecting the market.


In broader terms, the total LiDAR market has been segmented according to the type of LiDAR, applications, and the major countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The main applications of this market include civil engineering; government; and military, defense, and aerospace; among others. The major companies operational in the Asia-Pacific LiDAR market are Leica Geosystems (Switzerland), Velodyne Lidar (U.S.), Trimble Navigation Limited (U.S.), Optech (Canada), and Topcon Corporation (Japan), among others.


The Asia-Pacific LiDAR market was valued at $46.6 million in 2014 and is projected to reach $235.2 million by 2019, at a CAGR of 38.2% during the forecast period of 2014 to 2019.

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