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Asia-Pacific In Situ Hybridization Market

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Nucleic acid hybridization is the process of combining two complimentary strands of DNA. In situ hybridization is a type of hybridization that uses the labeled probes to locate the specific DNA/RNA. The Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) is a technique which uses fluorescently labeled DNA probes to detect or confirm gene or chromosome abnormalities. In this technique, the sample DNA is first denatured and then fluorescently labeled probe of interest is added to hybridize the DNA. The probe signal is then observed through a fluorescent microscope and the sample DNA is scored for the presence or absence of the signal.

The hybridization technique is employed to diagnose infectious diseases for ordering genes or DNA markers. It is also used in clinical research for prenatal diagnosis of inherited chromosomal aberrations and postnatal diagnosis of carriers of genetic diseases.

Asia accounted for 24.2% share of the Hybridization market globally in 2013. The market value was pegged at $200 million in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% from 2013 to 2018. Significant advancements with the use of automated data collection techniques and the employment of high-sensitivity detection are driving the technology market.

This market is segmented and forecasted on the basis of different types namely - Hybridization Instruments, Hybridization Reagents, Hybridization Services, FISH, CGH. Hybridization Reagents accounts for the largest market share of Asia Hybridization and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2013 to 2018. On the basis of applications the market is segmented into In Vitro diagnostics, Drug discovery, Academics, Agrigenomics, and Personalized medicine. The market is further segmented and forecasted on the basis of major countries, such as India, China, and Japan.

The report provides an extensive competitive landscaping of companies operating in this market. The key players of the market covered in the report are Applied Spectral Imaging, Agilent Technologies, Abbott Laboratories, Life Technologies, Affymetrix. This report also includes the market share, value chain analysis, and market metrics such as drivers, restraints and upcoming opportunities in the market. 


1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definition and Scope of the study
1.3 Markets Covered
1.4 Stakeholders
2 Research Methodology
2.6 Macro indicators
2.7 Assumptions
5 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific, By Applications
5.1 Split By Geography
5.1 Hybridization-India by Applications
5.1 Hybridization-China by Applications
5.1 Hybridization-Japan by Applications
5.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies by Applications
5.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics
5.2.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics, By Geographies Hybridization-India-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization-China-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization-Japan-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-In Vitro Diagnostics
5.2.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics, By Products Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics
5.2.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics, By Technologies FISH-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics CGH-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics
5.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery
5.3.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery, By Geographies Hybridization-India-Drug Discovery Hybridization-China-Drug Discovery Hybridization-Japan-Drug Discovery Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Drug Discovery
5.3.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery, By Products Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery
5.3.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery, By Technologies FISH-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery CGH-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery
5.4 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Academics
5.4.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Academics, By Geographies Hybridization-India-Academics Hybridization-China-Academics Hybridization-Japan-Academics Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Academics
5.4.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Academics, By Products Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Academics Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Academics Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Academics
5.4.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Academics, By Technologies FISH-Asia-Pacific-Academics CGH-Asia-Pacific-Academics Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Academics
5.5 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics
5.5.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics, By Geographies Hybridization-India-Agrigenomics Hybridization-China-Agrigenomics Hybridization-Japan-Agrigenomics Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Agrigenomics
5.5.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics, By Products Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics
5.5.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics, By Technologies FISH-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics CGH-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics
5.6 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine
5.6.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine, By Geographies Hybridization-India-Personalized Medicine Hybridization-China-Personalized Medicine Hybridization-Japan-Personalized Medicine Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Personalized Medicine
5.6.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine, By Products Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine
5.6.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine, By Technologies FISH-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine CGH-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine
5.7 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
5.7.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications, By Geographies Hybridization-India-Other Applications Hybridization-China-Other Applications Hybridization-Japan-Other Applications Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Other Applications
5.7.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications, By Products Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
5.7.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications, By Technologies FISH-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications CGH-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
6 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific, By Products
6.1 Split By Geography
6.2 Hybridization-India by Products
6.1 Hybridization-China by Products
6.1 Hybridization-Japan by Products
6.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies by Products
6.2 Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific
6.2.1 Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Academics Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
6.2.2 Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Hybridization Reagents-India Hybridization Reagents-China Hybridization Reagents-Japan Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
6.3 Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific
6.3.1 Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Academics Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
6.3.2 Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Hybridization Instruments-India Hybridization Instruments-China Hybridization Instruments-Japan Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
6.4 Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific
6.4.1 Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Academics Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
6.4.2 Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Hybridization Services-India Hybridization Services-China Hybridization Services-Japan Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
7 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific, By Technologies
7.1 Split By Geography
7.3 Hybridization-India by Technologies
7.1 Hybridization-China by Technologies
7.1 Hybridization-Japan by Technologies
7.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies by Technologies
7.2 FISH-Asia-Pacific
7.2.1 FISH-Asia-Pacific, By Applications FISH-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics FISH-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery FISH-Asia-Pacific-Academics FISH-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics FISH-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine FISH-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
7.2.2 FISH-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies FISH-India FISH-China FISH-Japan FISH-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
7.3 CGH-Asia-Pacific
7.3.1 CGH-Asia-Pacific, By Applications CGH-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics CGH-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery CGH-Asia-Pacific-Academics CGH-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics CGH-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine CGH-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
7.3.2 CGH-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies CGH-India CGH-China CGH-Japan CGH-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
7.4 Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific
7.4.1 Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific, By Applications Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-In Vitro Diagnostics Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Drug Discovery Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Academics Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Agrigenomics Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Personalized Medicine Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
7.4.2 Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Other Hybridization Technologies-India Other Hybridization Technologies-China Other Hybridization Technologies-Japan Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
8 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies
8.1 Hybridization-India
8.1.1 Hybridization-India, By Applications Hybridization-India-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization-India-Drug Discovery Hybridization-India-Academics Hybridization-India-Agrigenomics Hybridization-India-Personalized Medicine Hybridization-India-Other Applications
8.1.2 Hybridization-India, By Technologies FISH-India CGH-India Other Hybridization Technologies-India
8.1.3 Hybridization-India, By Products Hybridization Reagents-India Hybridization Instruments-India Hybridization Services-India
8.2 Hybridization-China
8.2.1 Hybridization-China, By Applications Hybridization-China-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization-China-Drug Discovery Hybridization-China-Academics Hybridization-China-Agrigenomics Hybridization-China-Personalized Medicine Hybridization-China-Other Applications
8.2.2 Hybridization-China, By Technologies FISH-China CGH-China Other Hybridization Technologies-China
8.2.3 Hybridization-China, By Products Hybridization Reagents-China Hybridization Instruments-China Hybridization Services-China
8.3 Hybridization-Japan
8.3.1 Hybridization-Japan, By Applications Hybridization-Japan-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization-Japan-Drug Discovery Hybridization-Japan-Academics Hybridization-Japan-Agrigenomics Hybridization-Japan-Personalized Medicine Hybridization-Japan-Other Applications
8.3.2 Hybridization-Japan, By Technologies FISH-Japan CGH-Japan Other Hybridization Technologies-Japan
8.3.3 Hybridization-Japan, By Products Hybridization Reagents-Japan Hybridization Instruments-Japan Hybridization Services-Japan
8.4 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
8.4.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies, By Applications Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-In Vitro Diagnostics Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Drug Discovery Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Academics Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Agrigenomics Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Personalized Medicine Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies-Other Applications
8.4.2 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies, By Technologies FISH-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies CGH-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies Other Hybridization Technologies-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
8.4.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies, By Products Hybridization Reagents-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies Hybridization Instruments-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies Hybridization Services-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies
9 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific, By Companies
9.1 Competitive landscape
9.2 Split By Geography
9.4 Hybridization-India by Companies
9.1 Hybridization-China by Companies
9.1 Hybridization-Japan by Companies
9.1 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific - Asia - Other Geographies by Companies
9.3 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Other Companies
9.4 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Agilent Technologies
9.5 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Life Technologies
9.6 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Affymetrix
9.7 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Abbott Laboratories
9.8 Hybridization-Asia-Pacific-Applied Spectral Imaging
10 Macro Indicator
11 Global Sub Markets

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