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Asia Agricultural Adjuvants Market

  • Report Code: AG 1002
  • Publish Date: 07 Jan 2015
  • Next Update Date: 07 Apr 2015
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence

The market for agricultural adjuvants in Asia had been valued at $404.1 million in 2013, expected to grow at a rate of 5.7% annually. It is expected to reach $533.5 million by 2018. This market accounts for 17.0% of the global adjuvants market share and is estimated to be 17.8% by 2018.


The segmentation of the agricultural market is on the basis of regions, applications, and end-users. In terms of type, the market is segmented into herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and others, with a share of 50.0%, 17.0%, 26.0%, and 7.0% respectively, of the global market.


What makes our report unique?

  • You can request a 10% customization in the research that matches your requirement. For example, you could request a deep dive research in any specific region, technology, or application.
  • This report provides a competitive landscape of the top players. Under the strategic benchmarking section, we will provide you with their key developments along with the impacts that include new product developments, M&A, a strategic focus on any specific application, technology, and geography. Under the Financials section, we will provide you with details that span Capex (Investments), revenues, EBITDA, and so on. Under the operational insights section, we will provide you with the new capacities added, new centers, and new key employments. Under the sales and marketing section, we will provide you with insights on new contracts (available on the public domain), new distribution channels added, new marketing initiatives, and so on.


Key questions answered

  • What are the market estimates and forecasts based on which the markets are doing well, and which are not?
  • What is the competitive landscape; who are the main players in each segment; what are their strategic directives, operational strengths, key selling products, and product pipelines? Who is doing what?


Audience for this report

  • Asian Agricultural Adjuvants Companies


Customization Options


Along with the market data, you can also customize MMM assessment that meets your company’s specific needs. Customize to get comprehensive industry standards and deep-dive analysis of the following parameters.


Technical Analysis


The expansion of the Asia-Pacific region has made the market very diverse and differential in terms of agricultural sector. The use and efficiency of adjuvants depend upon the type of plant and other geographical factors. Various types of agricultural adjuvants deliver different results for similar conditions.

  • A geographical analysis on the basis of region and its suitability for particular type of agriculutural adjuvants product will be done.
  • To increase the utility of fertilizers, it is necessary to understand the nature of the soil as the salinity of the soil will not support acidic fertilizer and vice-versa. This will help in deeper understanding of market size.
  • Regions with high precipitation tend to drain away the components of adjuvants. The analysis of climate of the Asia-Pacific region will help to understand such pockets where adjuvants market will be affected due to climatic reasons.


Product Analysis

  • Deep-dive market intelligence for upstream and downstream adjuvants products
  • Product matrix which gives a detailed comparison of product portfolio of each company mapped at country and sub-segment level
  • Application analysis of the adjuvants by formulation


Usage Pattern of Adjuvants

  • Study the usage pattern of agricultural adjuvants (crop protection for chemicals and fertilizers) which is often applied
  • Study the most suitable crops for various type of agricultural adjuvants applications


Low-cost Sourcing Locations

  • With the rising cost of raw material,prices have been increasing. Cost optimization is taking place at every value addition process. But a good percentage of reduction in cost can be achieved the input level itself.
  • Various raw material sourcing locations can be studied and a comparative analysis of low-cost raw material sourcing locations can be provided.
  • Locations with good logistics and connectivity, along with low cost of inputs can be discovered.


Competitive Intelligence

  • The advantage that the competitor is enjoying over others
  • The companies operating in the segment with a similar product portfolio or targeting the similar markets
  • Arriving at a competitive benchmarking by taking into account the top industry players in the same category.


Regulatory Framework

  • To study if the regulatory issues in import policies of the countries are adversely affecting the business.
  • To study whether the government is offering any agricultural subsidies or non-tariff barriers for agricultural inputs.

1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives of the study
1.1.1 Overall goal of writing the report
1.2 Market Definition and Scope of the study
1.2.1 Market Definition
1.2.2 Areas covered
1.2.3 Markets Covered
1.3 Stakeholders
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Secondary sources
1.4.2 Primary Sources
1.4.3 Market estimation methodology (Top-down, bottom-up, data triangulation.)
1.4.4 Macro indicators for the study
1.5 Assumptions
1.6 List of Acronyms


2 Market Overview

3 Agricultural Adjuvants-Asia, By Segments
3.1 Split By Geography
3.1 India by Markets
3.1 Singapore by Markets
3.1 Australia by Markets
3.1 Japan by Markets
3.1 China by Markets
3.1 Asia - Other Geographies by Markets
3.2 Activator Adjuvants-Asia
3.2.1 Activator Adjuvants-Asia, By Geographies Activator Adjuvants-Australia Activator Adjuvants-China Activator Adjuvants-Japan Activator Adjuvants-Asia - Other Geographies
3.2.2 Activator Adjuvants-Asia, By Segments Oil Adjuvants-Asia Surfactants-Asia Ammonium Fertilizer-Asia
3.3 Utility Adjuvants-Asia
3.3.1 Utility Adjuvants-Asia, By Geographies Utility Adjuvants-Japan Utility Adjuvants-Australia Utility Adjuvants-China Utility Adjuvants-Asia - Other Geographies
3.3.2 Utility Adjuvants-Asia, By Segments Buffers (Adjuvants)-Asia Drift Control Agents-Asia Wetting Agents-Asia Antifoam Agent-Asia Stickers-Asia others (Utility Adjuvants)-Asia


4 Agricultural Adjuvants-Asia, By Applications
4.1 Split By Geography
4.2 India by Applications
4.1 Singapore by Applications
4.1 Australia by Applications
4.1 Japan by Applications
4.1 China by Applications
4.1 Asia - Other Geographies by Applications
4.2 Herbicides-Asia
4.2.1 Herbicides-Asia, By MacroIndicators Herbicides-Agricultural Land-Asia
4.2.2 Herbicides-Asia, By Geographies Herbicides-China Herbicides-Australia Herbicides-Japan Herbicides-Asia - Other Geographies
4.3 Fungicides-Asia
4.3.1 Fungicides-Asia, By MacroIndicators Fungicides-Agricultural Land-Asia
4.3.2 Fungicides-Asia, By Geographies Fungicides-Japan Fungicides-China Fungicides-Australia Fungicides-Asia - Other Geographies
4.4 Insecticides-Asia
4.4.1 Insecticides-Asia, By MacroIndicators Insecticides-Agricultural Land-Asia
4.4.2 Insecticides-Asia, By Geographies Insecticides-Australia Insecticides-China Insecticides-Japan Insecticides-Asia - Other Geographies
4.5 Others (Application)-Asia
4.5.1 Others (Application)-Asia, By MacroIndicators Others (Application)-Agricultural Land-Asia
4.5.2 Others (Application)-Asia, By Geographies Others (Application)-Japan Others (Application)-China Others (Application)-Australia Others (Application)-Asia - Other Geographies


5 Agricultural Adjuvants-Asia, By Endusers
5.1 Split By Geography
5.3 India by Endusers
5.1 Singapore by Endusers
5.1 Australia by Endusers
5.1 Japan by Endusers
5.1 China by Endusers
5.1 Asia - Other Geographies by Endusers
5.2 Grains & Oilseeds-Asia
5.2.1 Grains & Oilseeds-Asia, By MacroIndicators Grains & Oilseeds-Agricultural Land-Asia
5.2.2 Grains & Oilseeds-Asia, By Geographies Grains & Oilseeds-Australia Grains & Oilseeds-China Grains & Oilseeds-Japan
5.3 Fruits & Vegetables-Asia
5.3.1 Fruits & Vegetables-Asia, By MacroIndicators Fruits & Vegetables-Agricultural Land-Asia
5.3.2 Fruits & Vegetables-Asia, By Geographies Fruits & Vegetables-China Fruits & Vegetables-Australia Fruits & Vegetables-Japan
5.4 Rest (Crops)-Asia
5.4.1 Rest (Crops)-Asia, By MacroIndicators Rest (Crops)-Agricultural Land-Asia
5.4.2 Rest (Crops)-Asia, By Geographies Rest (Crops)-China Rest (Crops)-Australia Rest (Crops)-Japan


6 Agricultural Adjuvants-Asia, By Geographies
6.1 Agricultural Adjuvants-India
6.1.1 India, By Companies Clariant Industrial & Consumer-India
6.2 Agricultural Adjuvants-Singapore
6.2.1 Singapore, By Companies Solvay S.A.-Singapore
6.3 Agricultural Adjuvants-Australia
6.3.1 Australia, By MacroIndicators Agricultural Land-Australia
6.3.2 Australia, By Applications Others (Application)-Australia
6.3.3 Australia, By Segments Activator Adjuvants-Australia Utility Adjuvants-Australia
6.4 Agricultural Adjuvants-Japan
6.4.1 Japan, By MacroIndicators Agricultural Land-Japan
6.4.2 Japan, By Segments Activator Adjuvants-Japan Utility Adjuvants-Japan
6.5 Agricultural Adjuvants-China
6.5.1 China, By MacroIndicators Agricultural Land-China
6.5.2 China, By Applications Others (Application)-China
6.5.3 China, By Segments Activator Adjuvants-China Utility Adjuvants-China
6.6 Agricultural Adjuvants-Asia - Other Geographies
6.6.1 Asia - Other Geographies, By Applications Herbicides-Asia - Other Geographies Fungicides-Asia - Other Geographies Insecticides-Asia - Other Geographies Others (Application)-Asia - Other Geographies
6.6.2 Asia - Other Geographies, By Endusers Asia - Other Geographies-Grains & Oilseeds Asia - Other Geographies-Fruits & Vegetables Asia - Other Geographies-Rest (Crops)
6.6.3 Asia - Other Geographies, By Segments Activator Adjuvants-Asia - Other Geographies Utility Adjuvants-Asia - Other Geographies


7 Agricultural Adjuvants-Asia, By Companies
7.1 Split By Geography
7.4 Agricultural Adjuvants-India by Companies
7.1 Agricultural Adjuvants-Singapore by Companies
7.1 Agricultural Adjuvants-Australia by Companies
7.1 Agricultural Adjuvants-Japan by Companies
7.1 Agricultural Adjuvants-China by Companies
7.1 Agricultural Adjuvants-Asia - Other Geographies by Companies
7.2 Nufarm Crop protection-Asia
7.3 Momentive Performance Materials Inc. -Asia
7.4 Clariant Industrial & Consumer-Asia
7.4.1 Clariant Industrial & Consumer-Asia, By Geographies Clariant Industrial & Consumer-India
7.5 Solvay S.A.-Asia
7.5.1 Solvay S.A.-Asia, By Geographies Solvay S.A.-Singapore
7.6 Evonik Industries-Asia
7.7 Huntsman Corporation-Asia
7.8 Croda International Plc-Asia
7.9 AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals-Asia