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APAC Commercial Aviation Aircraft Cabin Lighting Market

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With the increase in global air travel and growth in passenger investments, and to fight rising fuel prices, airlines are continuously improvising and focusing on enhancing aircraft efficiency, luxury, and comfort for air travelers. Aircraft cabin lighting is one of the key focus areas in this regard.


The Asia-Pacific commercial aviation aircraft cabin lighting market report provides an in-depth analysis of this market for the next five years. It has been analyzed on the basis of aircraft type, i.e., Very Light Aircraft (VLA), Wide Body (WB) aircraft, Narrow Body (NB) aircraft, and Business General Aviation (BGA). The current market value of the aircraft cabin lighting market for Asia-Pacific is $335.0 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% to reach $484.0 million by 2019.


The Asia-Pacific market has been segmented on the basis of aircraft type and product class.  The aircraft type includes narrow body, wide body, very large aircraft, and regional transport aircraft. The product class includes reading lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, lavatory lights, signage lights, and floor-path lighting strips. The product market is segmented into seat, windows, lights, IFEC, galleys, and lavatories.


The major drivers of the Asia-Pacific commercial aviation aircraft cabin lighting market are increase in air travel, increase in the demand for very large aircraft and wide body aircraft, and the need to enhance the experience of the passenger. The market is restrained by airline order backlogs, alternative modes of transport, and economic downturns. The major challenge faced by airlines is the rising fuel price and the airlines are trying to tackle the rising fuel price by enhancing the efficiency in their lighting system.


Apart from a general overview of the key players in aircraft cabin lighting market, the report also provides their financial analysis, products, services, and key developments. It includes the market segment, regional trend, and distribution channel within the market.


Key players in this market include UTC Aerospace Systems, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell International, Inc., Safran, GE Aviation, Bombardier Inc., Ikusi, Diehl Aerosystem, Nordam, Zodiac Aerospace, B/E Aerospace, Inc., Thales Group, and Panasonic Corporation.





  • Financials
  • Orders/Delivery/Backlog data
  • Macro Indicator Data
  • M&A Data
  • Budget and Defense Program Information



  • In-depth analysis of the company’s product portfolio
  • Competitive landscape(revenue, operating margin, marginal cost, P/E ratio, EPS)
  • Ratio analysis


3. REGION-SPECIFIC INFORMATION (Europe, South America, North America)


This covers market sizing/mapping, global footprint, operation and financials information, and the competitive landscape. The MMM offering will cover a detailed market study of the points mentioned below:

  • Reading Lights
  • Wall Lights
  • Signage Lights
  • Ceiling  Lights
  • Floor-Path Light Strips
  • Lavatory Lights



  • Product and technological advancements/Latest innovations and developments
  • Demand and supply analysis
  • Market consolidation (M&A, joint ventures, divestments, and spin-offs)
  • Air traffic data
  • Export/Import data (aerospace product and parts)
  • Industrial production and capacity optimization data
  • Deliveries and orders


5. GLOBAL FORECAST NUMBERS/OUTLOOK (Historical and Forecast by Year)

  • Aircraft delivery (NB,WB, VLA)
  • Orders and backlogs (NB, WB, VLA)
  • Comparative analysis (for example, Boeing vs. Airbus)



  • Time Series
  • Regression Analysis


7. PROGRAM DETAILS (By Aircraft Type, Aircraft Model, Manufacturer Detail)

  • Narrow Body Aircraft
  • Wide Body Aircraft
  • Very Large Aircraft
  • Regional Transport Aircraft




A comprehensive analysis to help understand the potential growth markets based on parameters such as:

  • GDP percentage with respect to military expenditure of a particular country
  • Contracts and modernization programs
  • Defense review of countries active in this market



  • Usage pattern (in-depth trend analysis) of products (segment wise)
  • Product matrix which gives a detailed comparison of the product portfolio of each company mapped at country and sub segment level
  • End user adoption rate analysis of the products (segment wise and country wise)
  • Comprehensive coverage of product approvals, pipeline products, and product recalls




Coverage - Vendor analysis, vendor financing, customer/self funding, and distribution network



  • Airline/Operator route map analysis on a regional and global level
  • Passenger and freight load factor, revenue passenger kilometer, available seat kilometer analysis

1 Executive Summary


2 Introduction
2.1 Objective Of The Study
2.2 Market Definition
2.3 Market Coverage
2.4 Stakeholders
2.5 Research Methodology
2.5.1 Market Size
2.5.2 Key Secondary Sources
2.5.3 Key Primary Sources
2.5.4 Macro Indicators Affecting The Market
2.6 Assumptions
2.7 Acronyms


3 Market Dynamics
3.1 Drivers And Restrains For Commercial Aviation Aircraft Cabin LightingMarket
3.1.1 Drivers Increase In Air Travel Increase In Aircraft Orders Increasing Existing Aircraft Efficiency By Retrofitting Future Aircrafts & Emerging Aircraft Manufacturers Impact Analysis Of The Drivers
3.1.2 Restraints Economic Fierce Alternative Modes Of Transportation Impact Analysis For The Restraints
3.1.3 Challenges Existing Backlogs In Aircraft Deliveries Increase In Fuel Price
3.2 Auxilary Factors
3.2.1 Demand And Supply Scenario Of Aircrafts
3.2.2 Gdp Growth
3.2.3 Increase In Rpk & Ask


4 Apac Aircraft Cabin Lighting, By Fitting
4.1 Apac-Line Fit
4.1.1 Apac-Line Fit, By Aircraft Type Apac-Narrow Body-Line Fit Apac-Wide Body-Line Fit Apac-Very Large Aircraft-Line Fit Apac-Business General Aviation-Line Fit
4.2 Apac-Retro Fit
4.2.1 Apac-Retro Fit, By Aircraft Type Apac-Narrow Body-Retro Fit Apac-Wide Body-Retro Fit Apac-Very Large Aircraft-Retro Fit Apac-Business General Aviation-Retro Fit
4.3 Apac, By Aircraft Type
4.3.1 Apac-Narrow Body
4.3.2 Apac-Wide Body
4.3.3 Apac-Very Large Aircraft
4.3.4 Apac-Business General Aviation
4.4 Apac, By Fitting
4.4.1 Apac-Line Fit
4.4.2 Apac-Retro Fit
4.5 Apac, By Technology
4.5.1 Apac-Led
4.5.2 Apac -Fluorescent


5 Apac Aircraft Cabin Lighting: Competitive Landscape


6 Developments: Apac Region, By Companies


7 Commercial Aviation Aircraft Cabin Lighting-Apac, By Companies
7.1 Diehl Aerosystems Holding Gmbh
7.1.1 Introduction
7.1.2 Product Portfolio
7.1.3 Financials
7.2 B/E Aerospace
7.2.1 Introduction
7.2.2 Product Portfolio
7.2.3 Financials
7.3 Zodiac Aerospace
7.3.1 Introduction
7.3.2 Product Portfolio
7.3.3 Financials
7.4 Emteq
7.4.1 Introduction
7.4.2 Product Portfolio
7.4.3 Financials
7.5 Luminator
7.5.1 Introduction
7.5.2 Product Portfolio
7.5.3 Financials

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APAC Commercial Aviation Aircraft Cabin Lighting Market

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