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Global Weather Mapping Radar Market Research Report

Weather Mapping radar systems are used to locate precipitation, calculate and identify the type of the motion (hail, rain snow) etc. This market can be segmented into components, technology and geographies. The geographies covered in the avionics market report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East. The components classified in this report are transmitter, antenna, feed horn, receiver, and randome. 

These market research reports helps in identifying drivers and restraints of the weather mapping radar market. The high rotational speeds and the possibility of making accumulation maps are the drivers which are responsible for growth in this market. The restraints and challenges of this market are high dependence on drop size due to which accuracy is limited and reliance on transponders for height information. GE Aviation, Honeywell International Inc, Rockwell Collins are some of the leading players covered in this report. Apart from the general overview of the companies, it also provides financial analysis, products, services, and the key developments of the major players in the industry. The Market share analysis by companies and geographies are mentioned are also emphaised in these reports. 

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