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Global Cod Liver Oil Market Research Report

  • Report Code: FO 1087
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Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence
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Cod liver oil is the nutritional supplement derived from the liver of Atlantic cod and fish from the species of Gadidae. It consists of high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), vitamin A and D. Its various ranges of therapeutic uses like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory tract infections, diabetes, and others create the demand for the product. The value of the cod liver oil has been widely recognized by almost all the regions of the world. The cod liver oil market has been segmented in terms of its forms as liquid supplements which are available in tonic forms and pill supplements which are available in the encapsulated forms. The European and the Asia-Pacific regions are high in the production of cod liver oil. The chief countries involved in the production are Norway, Iceland, Poland, and Japan. It is manufactured both for the industrial and traditional purposes. The report is focused on applications that include traditional and industrial purposes. The geographic analysis of the market is focused on regions that include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. The information contained in the report includes market size, forecast, trends and competitive strategies preferred by the key market players.


Customization Options

Along with the market data, you can also customize MMM assessments to meet your company’s specific needs. Customize to get comprehensive industry standard and deep-dive analysis of the following parameters:

Product Analysis

  • Study of the product differentiation achieved by major players in the market through product innovations
  • Research & development to modify existing recipes and create health-conscious products. 
  • Analysis of the products having a stronger effect on weight gain

Market Trend analysis

  • Current innovations in flavors  such as salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, and others
  • Consumer’s health concerns which has started the trend for healthier products with low unsaturated fats
  • Studying the growth factors in the emerging global countries which drive the market for chips and crisps
  • Reviewing the stringent regulations in Europe related to the nutritional value of junk foods such as potato chips
  • Changes in size, texture, oil content, and more flavors


Supply chain analysis

  • Analyzing the change in prices of raw materials (oil, vegetables) and transportation cost
  • Study of the dynamic competition existing in the market due to price changes and material sourcing
  • Technological barriers in manufacturing chips sold in or scooped out of storefront glass bins

Competitive Intelligence

  • Potential growth opportunities existing in the global countries for chips and crisps manufacturers
  • Tracking the new products such as Pringles made from rice and others launched by the key players (beer chips, kettle foods, uncle chips, Lays, and others)


Audience for this report

  • Cod Liver Oil companies
  • Cod Liver Oil manufacturers
  • Cod Liver Oil traders, distributors and suppliers
  • Governmental and research organizations
  • Associations and industry bodies
  • Technology providers to Cod Liver Oil industries


1   Introduction

2   Executive Summary

3   Industrial Analysis

3.1     Supply Chain analysis

3.2     Market share Analysis

4   Market Overview

     4.1     Introduction

     4.2     Market Evolution

     4.3     Related Market

4.4     Market Insights

5   Market Analysis

     5.1     Introduction

     5.2     Winning imperative

     5.3     Burning issues

     5.4     Market Dynamics

          5.4.1   Drivers

          5.4.2   Restraints

          5.4.3   Opportunities

     5.6     Porter’s five forces

6   Cod Liver oil market, by forms

     6.1 Liquid supplements

     6.2 Pill supplements

7   Cod liver oil market, by types

     7.1 Cod liver oil, Type A

     7.2 Cod liver oil, Type B

8.  Cod liver oil market, by application

     8.1 Industrial

     8.2 Traditional

9   Cod liver oil market, by geography

     9.1     North America

               9.1.1   U.S.

               9.1.2   Canada

               9.1.3   Mexico

     9.2     Europe

               9.2.1   Italy

               9.2.2   Spain

               9.2.3   Germany

               9.2.4   France

               9.2.5   U.K.

               9.2.6   Other European countries

     9.3     Asia-Pacific

               9.3.1   China

               9.3.2   India

               9.3.3   Japan

               9.3.4   Australia

               9.3.5   Other Asia-Pacific countries

     9.4     ROW

               9.4.1   Brazil

               9.4.2   Argentina

               9.4.3   South Africa

               9.4.4   Other ROW countries

10. Competitive Landscape

11. Company profiles

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Global Cod Liver Oil Market Research Report

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