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Global Bio-fuel Market Research Report

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Table of Contents
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Bio-fuels are liquid fuels that have been derived from biological materials, such as animal matter and household waste. Bioethanol and biodiesel are the two main forms of bio-fuels. With the rising population across the world, and the resultant increase in demand for fuel, there is a growing need to preserve the non-renewable fuel sources and increase the use of alternative fuels. This has led to the rise in demand for bio-fuels worldwide.


The global bio-fuels market is one of the most important constituent of the global fuels industry, and is projected to grow significantly in the coming years. In recent years, the environmental impacts of energy use have been studied, and various regulations have been implemented to ensure a move towards sustainable development across the world. With the rising population, the need for transportation has increased manyfold. Nearly 25% of the demand for energy and approximately 60% of the oil demand is from the transportation sector, globally. Other important applications of fuels include power generation and heat, which are growing in demand currently. Stringent environmental regulations have been maintained against the excessive use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources for energy. Thus, the rapidly growing demand and the stringent regulations are expected to drive the growth of the global bio-fuels market.


North America has contributed heavily to the global energy market with the introduction of shale gas, which acts as an alternative source of energy for power generation. The Asia-Pacific region is also a significant contributor to the global bio-fuels market, in terms of the research & development and innovative actions taken towards minimizing the use of non-renewable energy sources and maximizing the use of alternative sources. The Middle East & Africa region is one of the fastest-growing segments of the global bio-fuels market as a result of a revolution that has driven the countries in the region towards utilizing solar and wind energy for power generation, heat, transportation, and other such needs. Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and South Africa are among the main countries to have taken steps towards replacing traditional energy sources with alternative sources.


The global bio-fuels market report provides insights into the segmentation of this market. The global market has been segmented by applications, types, and the main geographic regions across the world. The types of bio-fuels are biodiesel and bioethanol. On the basis of the applications, the market report has covered transportation, power generation, and heat. North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa are the main regions that have been considered for the extensive and technical market analysis. The report also provides details of the opportunities & prospects offered by the market for market participants, the competitive scenario, and the strategies & developments undertaken by the leading players in the global bio-fuels market.

1.    Introduction
1.1.    Objectives of the Study
1.2.    Report Description
1.3.    Markets Covered By
1.3.1.    Fuel Type
1.3.2.    Feedstock
1.3.3.    Geographies
1.4.    Stakeholders
1.5.    Research Methodology
1.6.    Assumptions

2.    Market Snapshot

3.    Market Overview
3.1.    Introduction
3.1.1.    Average Selling Price
3.1.2.    Regional Market Summary
3.2.    Market Dynamics
3.2.1.     Drivers
3.2.2.     Restraints
3.2.3.    Opportunities
3.3.    Supporting Data
3.3.1.    Trade Data
3.3.2.    Economic Indicators

4.    Global Biofuels Market -By Fuel type
4.1.    Bioethanol
4.2.    Biodiesel
4.3.    Other Fuel Types

5.    Global Biofuels Market -By Feedstock
5.2.1    Bioethanol Feedstock    Maize    Sugarcane    Cane Molasses    Wheat    Sugarcane Molasses    Beet    Beet Molasses    Cassava
5.2.2     Biodiesel Feedstock    Soybean    Rapeseed    Palm oil    Jatropa    Algae    Castor Beans    Vegetable Oil

6.    Global Biofuels Market -By Geography

6.1.    North America
6.1.1.    U.S.
6.1.2.    Canada

6.2.    Europe
6.2.1.    U.K.
6.2.2.    Germany
6.2.3.    France
6.2.4.    Spain
6.2.5.    Others

6.3.    Asia-Pacific
6.3.1.    China
6.3.2.    India
6.3.3.    Indonesia
6.3.4.    Others

6.4.    Rest of World
6.4.1.    Brazil
6.4.2.    Others

7.    Global Biofuels Market -Competitive Landscape
7.1.    Biofuels -Market Share Analysis
7.2.    Biofuels -Market Developments
7.2.1.    Mergers and acquisitions
7.2.2.    New product launches
7.2.3.    Agreements and collaborations
7.2.4.    Strategic expansions

8.    Global Biofuels Market -Company Profiles
8.1.    Archer Daniels Midland
8.2.    COIMEX
8.3.    Growth Energy
8.4.    Aventine
8.5.    Cosan
8.6.    Crop Energies AG
8.7.    POET
8.8.    Valero
8.9.    Abengoa
8.10.    Shree Renuka
8.11.    GPRE
8.12.    ETH Bioenergia
8.13.    Tereos
8.14.    COFCO
8.15.    Neste Oil
8.16.    Eco Energia
8.17.    SE Energy
8.18.    Agri Source Fuels
8.19.    Louis Dreyfus
8.20.    Renewable Energy Group Inc.
8.21.    Du Pont
8.22.    Cargill Inc.
8.23.    Imperium Renewables
8.24.    Australian Renewable Fuels Ltd.
8.25.    Grease Brothers
8.26.    Bently Biofuels
8.27.    The Biodiesel Company

9.    Technological Advancements


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