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Global Acoustic Wave Sensors in Industrial Manufacturing Market

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Table of Contents
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Acoustic wave sensors are expected to show good growth across different application segments due to their competitive advantages over the other technologies. As of now, temperature, pressure, torque, and viscosity sensors are the only ones to have reached complete commercialization but we predict a healthy growth of the other sensors as well in future as more applications of acoustic wave sensors get realized in the years to come. Acoustic wave temperature and pressure sensors are increasingly used in automotive and industrial applications with some applications of torque sensors as well.

Industrial applications of acoustic wave sensor mainly include utility (Power generation, transmission and distribution), petrochemicals+ oil and gas, metal, plastics, food and beverage and chemical industry. They are increasingly used in extreme temperature applications (below freezing point to 5000°C). Applications include physical parameter measurement for kilns, gas turbine exhaust, diesel engines, and the other industrial processes where the working environment is harsh. The global acoustic sensors’ market for utility segment is larger than other industrial segments in terms of unit shipments as well as in terms of market value. Current commercial applications of SAW sensors are to measure the temperature of bushings and other critical components on transformers and monitoring the temperature of critical components (especially the conductors) within the Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB).

This market was valued at $110 million in 2012 and is expected to reach $300 million in 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 19.4% from 2013 to 2018. Europe commanded the largest share in 2012 with a market size of $55 million. This market is expected to reach $115 million by 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 14.0% from 2013 to 2018. APAC is the fastest growing market for industrial applications during the forecasted period due to high anticipated growth of the industries in China and India. It currently stands at $25 million and is expected to touch $125 million in 2018 at an estimated CAGR of 31.9% from 2013 to 2018.

Low manufacturing cost and further reduction in prices of these sensors throughout the forecasted period will be amongst the strong factors for increasing their consumption in fast growing application like automotives and healthcare. Europe leads in terms of revenue generation with most of the acoustic wave device manufacturers based there. The fastest growth is expected from APAC which offers great potential for acoustic wave sensors for various applications especially automotives and industrial segment.

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definition and Scope of the study
1.3 Markets Covered
1.4 Stakeholders
2 Research Methodology
2.1 INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM OF Acoustic Wave Sensors-Industrial Manufacturing
2.2 ARRIVING AT Acoustic Wave Sensors-Industrial Manufacturing MARKET SIZE
2.2.4 Macro indicators
2.3 Assumptions
5 Acoustic Wave Sensors-Industrial Manufacturing, By Geography
5.9 SNEAK VIEW: Industrial Sensors & Sensor Systems (Parent) Market, By Geography
6 Acoustic Wave Sensors-Industrial Manufacturing, By Company
6.1 Competitive Landscape
6.1.1 Merger & Acquisition
6.1.2 Other Expansion
6.1.3 New Synergies
7 Acoustic Wave Sensors-Industrial Manufacturing, By Customer
7.1 Customers By Applications
7.2 Automotive
7.2.1 Merger & Acquisition
7.2.2 Other Expansion
7.2.3 New Synergies
7.3 Military
7.3.1 Merger & Acquisition
7.3.2 Other Expansion
7.3.3 New Synergies
7.4 Consumer Electronics
7.4.1 Merger & Acquisition
7.4.2 Other Expansion
7.4.3 New Synergies
7.5 Medical
7.5.1 Merger & Acquisition
7.5.2 Other Expansion
7.5.3 New Synergies
7.6 Industrial Manufacturing
7.6.1 Merger & Acquisition
7.6.2 Other Expansion
7.6.3 New Synergies
7.7 Other Endusers
7.7.1 Merger & Acquisition
7.7.2 Other Expansion
7.7.3 New Synergies
7.8 Volkswagen
7.8.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.8.2 Past Revenue Data
7.8.3 Contribution of Volkswagen to Company’s overall revenues
7.8.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.8.5 Key Developments
7.8.6 MMM Analysis
7.9 Daimler Ag
7.9.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.9.2 Past Revenue Data
7.9.3 Contribution of Daimler Ag to Company’s overall revenues
7.9.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.9.5 Key Developments
7.9.6 MMM Analysis
7.10 Renault S.A
7.10.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.10.2 Past Revenue Data
7.10.3 Contribution of Renault S.A to Company’s overall revenues
7.10.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.10.5 Key Developments
7.10.6 MMM Analysis
7.11 Fiat S.P.A
7.11.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.11.2 Past Revenue Data
7.11.3 Contribution of Fiat S.P.A to Company’s overall revenues
7.11.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.11.5 Key Developments
7.11.6 MMM Analysis
7.12 Toyota Motor Corporation
7.12.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.12.2 Past Revenue Data
7.12.3 Contribution of Toyota Motor Corporation to Company’s overall revenues
7.12.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.12.5 Key Developments
7.12.6 MMM Analysis
7.13 Lockheed Martin
7.13.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.13.2 Past Revenue Data
7.13.3 Contribution of Lockheed Martin to Company’s overall revenues
7.13.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.13.5 Key Developments
7.13.6 MMM Analysis
7.14 Boeing Company
7.14.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.14.2 Past Revenue Data
7.14.3 Contribution of Boeing Company to Company’s overall revenues
7.14.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.14.5 Key Developments
7.14.6 MMM Analysis
7.15 BAE Systems
7.15.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.15.2 Past Revenue Data
7.15.3 Contribution of BAE Systems to Company’s overall revenues
7.15.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.15.5 Key Developments
7.15.6 MMM Analysis
7.16 The Raytheon
7.16.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.16.2 Past Revenue Data
7.16.3 Contribution of The Raytheon to Company’s overall revenues
7.16.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.16.5 Key Developments
7.16.6 MMM Analysis
7.17 Airbus
7.17.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.17.2 Past Revenue Data
7.17.3 Contribution of Airbus to Company’s overall revenues
7.17.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.17.5 Key Developments
7.17.6 MMM Analysis
7.18 Apple Inc.
7.18.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.18.2 Past Revenue Data
7.18.3 Contribution of Apple Inc. to Company’s overall revenues
7.18.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.18.5 Key Developments
7.18.6 MMM Analysis
7.19.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.19.2 Past Revenue Data
7.19.3 Contribution of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO LTD to Company’s overall revenues
7.19.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.19.5 Key Developments
7.19.6 MMM Analysis
7.20 Hitachi
7.20.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.20.2 Past Revenue Data
7.20.3 Contribution of Hitachi to Company’s overall revenues
7.20.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.20.5 Key Developments
7.20.6 MMM Analysis
7.21 SONY
7.21.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.21.2 Past Revenue Data
7.21.3 Contribution of SONY to Company’s overall revenues
7.21.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.21.5 Key Developments
7.21.6 MMM Analysis
7.22 NIKON Corporation
7.22.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.22.2 Past Revenue Data
7.22.3 Contribution of NIKON Corporation to Company’s overall revenues
7.22.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.22.5 Key Developments
7.22.6 MMM Analysis
7.23 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
7.23.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.23.2 Past Revenue Data
7.23.3 Contribution of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. to Company’s overall revenues
7.23.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.23.5 Key Developments
7.23.6 MMM Analysis
7.24 Abbott Laboratories
7.24.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.24.2 Past Revenue Data
7.24.3 Contribution of Abbott Laboratories to Company’s overall revenues
7.24.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.24.5 Key Developments
7.24.6 MMM Analysis
7.25 Novartis AG
7.25.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.25.2 Past Revenue Data
7.25.3 Contribution of Novartis AG to Company’s overall revenues
7.25.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.25.5 Key Developments
7.25.6 MMM Analysis
7.26 Covidien Plc
7.26.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.26.2 Past Revenue Data
7.26.3 Contribution of Covidien Plc to Company’s overall revenues
7.26.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.26.5 Key Developments
7.26.6 MMM Analysis
7.27 Johnson & Johnson
7.27.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.27.2 Past Revenue Data
7.27.3 Contribution of Johnson & Johnson to Company’s overall revenues
7.27.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.27.5 Key Developments
7.27.6 MMM Analysis
7.28 ABB LTD
7.28.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.28.2 Past Revenue Data
7.28.3 Contribution of ABB LTD to Company’s overall revenues
7.28.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.28.5 Key Developments
7.28.6 MMM Analysis
7.29 Emerson Electric
7.29.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.29.2 Past Revenue Data
7.29.3 Contribution of Emerson Electric to Company’s overall revenues
7.29.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.29.5 Key Developments
7.29.6 MMM Analysis
7.30 General Electric Company
7.30.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.30.2 Past Revenue Data
7.30.3 Contribution of General Electric Company to Company’s overall revenues
7.30.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.30.5 Key Developments
7.30.6 MMM Analysis
7.31 Honeywell International,Inc
7.31.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.31.2 Past Revenue Data
7.31.3 Contribution of Honeywell International,Inc to Company’s overall revenues
7.31.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.31.5 Key Developments
7.31.6 MMM Analysis
7.32 Rockwell Automation
7.32.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.32.2 Past Revenue Data
7.32.3 Contribution of Rockwell Automation to Company’s overall revenues
7.32.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.32.5 Key Developments
7.32.6 MMM Analysis
7.33 Life Technologies
7.33.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.33.2 Past Revenue Data
7.33.3 Contribution of Life Technologies to Company’s overall revenues
7.33.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.33.5 Key Developments
7.33.6 MMM Analysis
7.34 Thermo Fisher Scientific
7.34.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.34.2 Past Revenue Data
7.34.3 Contribution of Thermo Fisher Scientific to Company’s overall revenues
7.34.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.34.5 Key Developments
7.34.6 MMM Analysis
7.35 Sigma-Aldrich
7.35.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.35.2 Past Revenue Data
7.35.3 Contribution of Sigma-Aldrich to Company’s overall revenues
7.35.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.35.5 Key Developments
7.35.6 MMM Analysis
7.36 Promega Corporation
7.36.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.36.2 Past Revenue Data
7.36.3 Contribution of Promega Corporation to Company’s overall revenues
7.36.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.36.5 Key Developments
7.36.6 MMM Analysis
7.37.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.37.2 Past Revenue Data
7.37.3 Contribution of TAKARA BIO INC to Company’s overall revenues
7.37.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.37.5 Key Developments
7.37.6 MMM Analysis
7.38 Merck KGaA
7.38.1 Revenue Mix for 2013
7.38.2 Past Revenue Data
7.38.3 Contribution of Merck Millipore to Company’s overall revenues
7.38.4 Product and Service Offerings
7.38.5 Key Developments
7.38.6 MMM Analysis

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