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North America Bio Fertilizer Market

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  • Publish Date: 02 May 2015
  • Next Update Date: 02 Aug 2015
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The bio fertilizers market in North America can be segmented by company, macroindicator, and application. The major companies include Agri Life, Ajay Bio-Tech (India) Ltd., Antibiotice S.A., Biomax, CBF China BF AG, Growing Power Hairy Hill, Labiofam S.A., and so on.


The macroindicator for the market is agricultural land, which has a huge impact on the usage, and hence, the market for bio fertilizers. The major applications include cereals & grains, fruits & vegetables, oilseeds & pulses, and plantations among others.


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Technical analysis:


The use and effectiveness of bio fertilizers in North America depends upon the climatic conditions in the region and other criteria such as fertility of the soil.

  • A detailed study of nature of the soil and the fertility of soil, which will help to get a deep insight regarding the market size
  • A comprehensive approach towards factors impacting the application of bio fertilizers to the soil such as soil erosion, lack of organic matter in the soil for the area under cultivation in different countries of the region


Product offering analysis:

  • A detailed analysis of the product offering along with the product description and application that are provided by the key players in the market in North America
  • The production capacity of the key players, along with number of manufacturing plants and their presence in different countries of the region
  • An overview of the key market trends and new product development and innovations impacting the growth of the biofertilizers market at country level, in the North America
  • An application analysis of the bio fertilizer products, by types (country-wise)


Just in Time data:

  • Daily updates in terms of price assessments, market analysis of the North American bio fertilizers market that helps in making purchase and sales decision
  • Real time data update in terms of key developments in the market and related agrochemicals market. The key developments such as M&A, new product developments, joint ventures, expansion, and investment plans, at the country level


Related Commodity Market & Regulations:

  • Data and statistics for related commodity markets such as synthetic fertilizers, other organic fertilizers, and biopesticides, and so on, can also be obtained on customization request
  •  A review of the existing regulatory legislations in different countries of North America for fertilizer products, to include and promote the use of bio fertilizers in the different countries of the region


Organic Farming Forum

  • An in-depth analysis of industry experts’ responses to the key developments and trends
  • Users’ opinions about product trends and the acceptance from different key market players
  • Users’ and producers’ key inputs regarding the application patterns

1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.1.1 Overall goal of writing the report
1.2 Market Definition and Scope of the study
1.2.1 Market Definition
1.2.2 Areas covered
1.2.3 Markets Covered
1.3 Stakeholders
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Secondary sources
1.4.2 Primary Sources
1.4.3 Market estimation methodology (Top-down, bottom-up, data triangulation.)
1.4.4 Macro indicators for the study
1.5 Assumptions
1.6 List of Acronyms


2 Market Overview

3 Bio Fertilizer-North America, By Types
3.1 Split By Geography
3.1 Bio Fertilizer-U.S. by Types
3.1 Bio Fertilizer-Canada by Types
3.1 Bio Fertilizer-Mexico by Types
3.2 Potash mobilizing BF-North America
3.2.1 Potash mobilizing BF-North America, By Geographies Potash mobilizing BF-U.S. Potash mobilizing BF-Canada Potash mobilizing BF-Mexico
3.3 Phosphate solubilizing Bf-North America
3.3.1 Phosphate solubilizing Bf-North America, By MacroIndicators Phosphate solubilizing Bf-Agricultural Land-North America
3.3.2 Phosphate solubilizing Bf-North America, By Geographies Phosphate solubilizing Bf-U.S. Phosphate solubilizing Bf-Canada Phosphate solubilizing Bf-Mexico
3.4 Nitrogen fixing BF-North America
3.4.1 Nitrogen fixing BF-North America, By MacroIndicators Nitrogen fixing BF-Agricultural Land-North America
3.4.2 Nitrogen fixing BF-North America, By Geographies Nitrogen fixing BF-U.S. Nitrogen fixing BF-Canada Nitrogen fixing BF-Mexico
3.5 Others (Bio Fertilizer)-North America
3.5.1 Others (Bio Fertilizer)-North America, By MacroIndicators Others (Bio Fertilizer)-Agricultural Land-North America
3.5.2 Others (Bio Fertilizer)-North America, By Geographies Others (Bio Fertilizer)-U.S. Others (Bio Fertilizer)-Canada Others (Bio Fertilizer)-Mexico


4 Bio Fertilizer-North America, By Geographies
4.1 Bio Fertilizer-U.S.
4.1.1 Bio Fertilizer-U.S., By MacroIndicators Bio Fertilizer-Agricultural Land-U.S.
4.1.2 Bio Fertilizer-U.S., By Companies Bio Fertilizer-NOVOZYME BIO BUSINESS-U.S.
4.1.3 Bio Fertilizer-U.S., By Types Nitrogen fixing BF-U.S. Phosphate solubilizing Bf-U.S. Potash mobilizing BF-U.S. Others (Bio Fertilizer)-U.S.
4.2 Bio Fertilizer-Canada
4.2.1 Bio Fertilizer-Canada, By MacroIndicators Bio Fertilizer-Agricultural Land-Canada
4.2.2 Bio Fertilizer-Canada, By Companies Bio Fertilizer-Growing Power Hairy Hill-Canada
4.2.3 Bio Fertilizer-Canada, By Types Nitrogen fixing BF-Canada Phosphate solubilizing Bf-Canada Potash mobilizing BF-Canada Others (Bio Fertilizer)-Canada
4.3 Bio Fertilizer-Mexico
4.3.1 Bio Fertilizer-Mexico, By MacroIndicators Bio Fertilizer-Agricultural Land-Mexico
4.3.2 Bio Fertilizer-Mexico, By Types Nitrogen fixing BF-Mexico Phosphate solubilizing Bf-Mexico Potash mobilizing BF-Mexico Others (Bio Fertilizer)-Mexico


5 Bio Fertilizer-North America, By Companies
5.1 Split By Geography
5.2 Bio Fertilizer-U.S. by Companies
5.1 Bio Fertilizer-Canada by Companies
5.1 Bio Fertilizer-Mexico by Companies
5.2 Bio Fertilizer-NOVOZYME BIO BUSINESS-North America
5.2.1 Bio Fertilizer-NOVOZYME BIO BUSINESS-North America, By Geographies Bio Fertilizer-NOVOZYME BIO BUSINESS-U.S.
5.3 Bio Fertilizer-Rizobacter Argentina S.A.-North America
5.4 Bio Fertilizer-T.Stanes agricultural products-North America
5.5 Bio Fertilizer-Lallemand Plant care-North America
5.6 Bio Fertilizer-Antibiotice S.A.-North America
5.7 Bio Fertilizer-Labiofam S.A.-North America
5.8 Bio Fertilizer-Growing Power Hairy Hill-North America
5.8.1 Bio Fertilizer-Growing Power Hairy Hill-North America, By Geographies Bio Fertilizer-Growing Power Hairy Hill-Canada

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