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Middle East Non-Lethal Weapons Market

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Table of Contents
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Non-lethal weapons are specially designed and employed to incapacitate an individual or a vehicle while reducing injury to personnel and damage to property and surrounding. It acts as an option between verbal warning or psychological operation and using lethal force. They are broadly classified into counter-personnel and counter-material capabilities which are used for controlling crowds and for stopping vehicles respectively.

The purpose of this report is to identify the various products and distribution channel of Middle East non-lethal weapons market. It involves deep dive analysis of market segmentation which comprises of sub-sectors and countries. This market is segmented on the basis of sub-sectors, namely non-lethal electrical devices, directed-energy, blunt impact, disperse, and anti-vehicle non-lethal weapons.

The Middle East non-lethal weapons market had been valued at $45.7 million in the year 2013, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.57%. It is projected to reach $51.9 million by the end of the year 2018. It has been observed that disperse non-lethal weapons have the highest market value compared to the other non-lethal weapons. Israel has the highest market value of non-lethal weapons among the other countries. Arab Spring and civil unrest are the major drivers which are impacting the growth of the market. Training and doctrine limitations are the challenges in the non-lethal weapons market.

Key players in the non-lethal weapons market are Alliant Techsystems, BAE Systems, Boeing Defense space and security, Denel dynamics, Israel Aerospace Industries and general dynamics. It tracks, analyses, and lays out the market size of the major players spending in the Middle East defense sector. The Impact analysis of the market dynamic forces which are currently driving and restraining the growth of the market are covered in the report. Brief information about industry, market, and technology trends that are currently prevailing in the market are provided in the non-lethal weapons report.




1. HISTORICAL DATA for 5 years.

  • Financials
  • Macro indicator data
  • M&A data
  • Budget and defense program information



  • In depth analysis of the company’s product portfolio
  • Competitive landscape (revenue, operating margin, marginal cost, P/E ratio, EPS, Developments/Deals/Events)
  • Ratio analysis



It covers market sizing/mapping, global footprint, operation and financials information, competitive landscape. MMM offering will cover detailed market study of below mentioned bullet points:

  • Country wise International Arms transfer, suppliers and recipients of conventional weapons



  • Product and technological advancements/latest innovation and development
  • Demand and supply analysis
  • Market consolidation (M&A, joint ventures, divestment and spin off)
  • Export/Import data
  • Industrial Production and capacity optimization data


5. GLOBAL FORECAST NUMBERS/OUTLOOK - Historical and Forecasted by Years

  • Milicas (Military Aircraft) and Helicas (Military rotary Wing i.e. Helicopter)



  • Time series
  • Regression analysis


7. DEFENSE PROGRAMS [by Names, Types, Users, Spending by years (in $Million), Prime Contractors, Program Status, etc.]

Programs covered are:

  • Aircraft Programs
  • Ground Vehicle Programs
  • Missile Programs
  • Naval Programs
  • Vehicle Programs



  • Impact of sequestration on defense programs
  • What all programs got impacted due to budget cuts
  • Impact on company’s overall revenue, operation and profitability 



A comprehensive analysis to analyze the potential growth markets based on parameters like

  • GDP Percentage with respect to Military expenditure of particular country
  • Defense review of countries active in this market




  • Usage pattern (in-depth trend analysis) of products (Segment wise)
  • Product Matrix which gives a detailed comparison of product portfolio of each company mapped at country and sub segment level
  • End-user Adoption rate analysis of the products (Segment wise and Country wise)
  • Comprehensive coverage of Product approvals, Pipeline products and Product recalls




Coverage - Vendor analysis, vendor financing, customers/self funding, and distribution network

1 Introduction    
  1.1 Introduction    
  1.2 Objective of the study    
  1.3 Market Definition    
  1.4 Areas covered: Non-lethal weapon market    
      1.4.1 Market Covered    
   On the basis of sub-sector    
   On the basis of major countries
  1.5 Stakeholders    
  1.6 Research Methodology    
      1.6.1 Secondary sources    
   Secondary Research involves    
   Primary Sources & Data Triangulation    
      1.6.2 Market estimation methodology    
  1.7 Assumptions
2 Executive Summary
3 Market snapshot    
  3.1 Market size    
  3.2 Market size forecast    
  3.3 By Sub-sector    
  3.4 By countries    
4 Market Overview    
  4.1 Market dynamics    
  4.2 Drivers and Restrains for Non-lethal weapon market    
      4.2.1 Drivers    
   Usage of non-lethal weapon to reduce collateral damage    
   Rising economic crisis and civil unrest.    
      4.2.2 Restraints    
   Defense Budget Cuts
      4.2.3 Opportunity    
   Increase Spending on homeland security    
  4.3 Military expenditure by countries as % of GDP (2008-13)    
  4.4 Financials of major countries in Middle East region    
  4.5 Manpower of major countries in Middle East region    
  4.6 Non-lethal market size: Middle East region    
  4.7 MIDDLE EAST aviation security market    
  4.8 MIDDLE EAST border security market    
  4.9 MIDDLE EAST CBRN Security Market Size    
  4.10 MIDDLE EAST Counter Terror Intelligence Market Size    
  4.11 MIDDLE EAST Critical Infrastructure Security Market Size    
  4.12 MIDDLE EAST Cyber Security Market Size    
  4.13 MIDDLE EAST First Responders Market Size    
  4.14 MIDDLE EAST IT&C3I Market Size    
  4.15 MIDDLE EAST Maritime Security Market Size    
  4.16 MIDDLE EAST Mass transit security market size    
5 MIDDLE EAST non-lethal weapons: by sub-sector    
  5.1 MIDDLE EAST non-lethal weapon market    
      5.1.1 Anti-Vehicle NLW Market Size    
      5.1.2 Blunt Impact NLW Market Size       
 6. MIDDLE EAST non-lethal weapon market, by country    
  6.1 Saudi Arabia non-lethal weapon market size    
  6.2 UAE non-lethal weapon market size    
7 MIDDLE EAST non-lethal weapon market: Competitive landscape    
  7.1 Developments: By Companies    
8 MIDDLE EAST Non-Lethal Weapon Market, By Companies    
  8.1 Bae Systems    
      8.1.1 Introduction    
      8.1.2 Products and services    
      8.1.3 Financials    
  8.2 Boeing defense space and security    
      8.2.1 Introduction    
      8.2.2 Products & Services    
      8.2.3 Financials    
  8.3 Brugger & Thomet    
      8.3.1 Introduction    
      8.3.2 Product Portfolio    
  8.4 Condor Non-lethal technologies    
      8.4.1 Introduction    
      8.4.2 Products    
  8.5 DRS technologies    
      8.5.1 Introduction    
      8.5.2 Product Portfolio    
  8.6 Fiocchi    
      8.6.1 Introduction    
      8.6.2 Product Portfolio   
  8.7 General Dynamics    
      8.7.1 Introduction    
      8.7.2 Product Portfolio
      8.7.3 Financials    

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