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Europe Sports Drinks Market

  • Report Code: SP 1026
  • Publish Date: 18 Dec 2014
  • Next Update Date: 18 Mar 2015
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence

The sports drinks market in Europe can be segmented by companies, sales channels, and macro indicators. The companies operational in the sports drinks market in Europe are AJEGROUP, Britvic Plc, Champion Nutrition Inc., Cloud 9, D-Angelo, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Suntory Holdings Limited, Abbott Nutritionals, Extreme Drinks Company, Fraser and Neave Food & Beverage, Glanbia Global Performance Nutrition, Glaxosmithkline Nutrition, Kraft Foods Beverages, Monarch Beverage Company Inc, Hansen’s Natural Corporation Direct Store Delivery, Otsuka Holdings Neutraceutical Business, Pacific Health Laboratories, Inc, PepsiCo, Provexis PLC, Arctico Beverage Company International Inc., Red Bull GmbH, ROCKSTAR INC, Nutrition & Sante, Nutrim, Vindija, Agrokor, Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, The Coca-Cola Company, Asahi Kasei Group, Danone, Other Companies, Steric Pvt. Ltd., Tiger Foods, Ultimate Sports Nutrition, Cerveceria Centromericana, and Sqwincher Corporation. The Sales channels for the sports drinks market in Europe comprises convenience stores, drug store, hyper-markets & supermarkets, mass merchandiser and sports chain. Macro indicator of the sports drinks market in Europe population projection in this region.


Customization Options


Along with the market data, you can also customize MMM assessments to meet your company’s specific needs. Customize to get comprehensive industry standard and deep dive analysis of the following parameters:


  1. Market Trends
  • Analysis of health conscious consumers that are aware of their sugar intake level, which has a strong impact on the Europe sports and energy drinks market
  • Detail classification of sports and energy drinks products according to the needs of athletes such as muscle building and boosting workouts


  1. Regulatory frameworks
  • List of guidelines developed by international non-governmental organizations for the non-alcoholic beverages industry
  • Detail analysis of the European Union regulations regarding use of caffeine as a major component  in energy drinks


  1. End-use application analysis
  • Detail study of the launch of new energy drink product which is specific to countries in the European region
  • Detailed analysis of beverages that contain stimulatory herb guarana and the amino acid taurine used to improve athletic performance


  1. Location analysis
  • Analysis of marketing efforts of major products, like Red Bull, to increase their demand
  • Discover locations with good connectivity along with low investment costs
  • Studying the various raw material sourcing locations, and provide a comparative analysis of low cost raw material sourcing locations


Audience for this report

  • Global sports drinks-Europe companies
  • Sports drinks-Europe manufacturers
  • Sports drinks-Europe traders, distributors, and suppliers
  • Governmental and research organizations
  • Associations and industry bodies
  • Technology providers to sports drinks-Europe companies 

1 Introduction
1.1 Introduce the Market
1.2 Objective of the study
1.3 Market Definition and Scope of the study
1.3.1 Market Definition
1.3.2 Areas covered
1.3.3 Markets Covered
1.4 Stakeholders
1.5 Research Methodology
1.5.1 Secondary sources
1.5.2 Primary Sources
1.5.3 Market estimation methodology (Top-down, bottom-up, data triangulation.)
1.5.4 Macro indicators for the study
1.6 Assumptions
1.7 List of Acronyms


2 Market Overview

3 Sports Drinks-Europe, By Brands
3.1 Split By Geography
3.1 Sports Drinks-United Kingdom by Brands
3.1 Sports Drinks-Greece by Brands
3.1 Sports Drinks-Germany by Brands
3.1 Sports Drinks-Spain by Brands
3.1 Sports Drinks-France by Brands
3.2 Vitamin Water (U.K.)-Europe
3.2.1 Vitamin Water (U.K.)-Europe, By MacroIndicators Vitamin Water (U.K.)-Population Projection-Europe
3.2.2 Vitamin Water (U.K.)-Europe, By Geographies Vitamin Water (U.K.)-United Kingdom
3.3 Lucozade (U.K.)-Europe
3.3.1 Lucozade (U.K.)-Europe, By MacroIndicators Lucozade (U.K.)-Population Projection-Europe
3.3.2 Lucozade (U.K.)-Europe, By Geographies Lucozade (U.K.)-United Kingdom


4 Sports Drinks-Europe, By Geographies
4.1 Sports Drinks-United Kingdom
4.1.1 Sports Drinks-United Kingdom, By Companies Sports Drinks-Britvic Plc-United Kingdom Sports Drinks-United Kingdom-Glaxosmithkline Nutrition
4.1.2 Sports Drinks-United Kingdom, By MacroIndicators Sports Drinks-Population Projection-United Kingdom
4.1.3 Sports Drinks-United Kingdom, By Brands Lucozade (U.K.)-United Kingdom Vitamin Water (U.K.)-United Kingdom
4.2 Sports Drinks-Greece
4.2.1 Sports Drinks-Greece, By Companies Sports Drinks-Greece-Glaxosmithkline Nutrition
4.3 Sports Drinks-Germany
4.3.1 Sports Drinks-Germany, By MacroIndicators Sports Drinks-Population Projection-Germany
4.4 Sports Drinks-Spain
4.4.1 Sports Drinks-Spain, By MacroIndicators Sports Drinks-Population Projection-Spain
4.5 Sports Drinks-France
4.5.1 Sports Drinks-France, By MacroIndicators Sports Drinks-Population Projection-France


5 Sports Drinks-Europe, By Companies
5.1 Competitive landscape
5.2 Split By Geography
5.2 Sports Drinks-United Kingdom by Companies
5.1 Sports Drinks-Greece by Companies
5.1 Sports Drinks-Germany by Companies
5.1 Sports Drinks-Spain by Companies
5.1 Sports Drinks-France by Companies
5.3 Sports Drinks-Europe-The Coca-Cola Company
5.4 Sports Drinks-Europe-Nutrition & Sante
5.5 Sports Drinks-Europe-Vindija
5.6 Sports Drinks-Europe-PepsiCo
5.7 Sports Drinks-Glaxosmithkline Nutrition-Europe
5.8 Sports Drinks-Europe-Agrokor
5.9 Sports Drinks-Europe-Nutrim
5.10 Sports Drinks-Europe-Other Companies
5.11 Sports Drinks-Britvic Plc-Europe
5.11.1 Sports Drinks-Britvic Plc-Europe, By Geographies Sports Drinks-Britvic Plc-United Kingdom