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Europe Chlor-Alkali Market

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Chlor-alkali is considered as an industrial process that is widely utilized for the production of caustic soda, chlorine, and other sodium based/derived products, such as chlorosulphonic acid, bleaching powder, polyaluminium chloride, and chlorinated paraffin among others. This process requires electrolysis of sodium chloride in order to produce the aforementioned chemicals, which are commonly termed as chlor-alkali market products. The European chlor-alkali market is segmented on the basis of type, geography, and application. According to type, this market is categorized into caustic soda, chlorine, and sodium carbonate. With respect to application, the Europe chlor-alkali market is classified into chemical manufacturing, pulp & papers, detergent & soaps, food products, and water treatment.


Europe, being a well-developed nation has a wide scope of chlor-alkali application in its chemical industry segment. The rapid growth observed in the end-user industries of this market, has resulted in fueling the market demand of chlor-alkali products in the European regions. In addition to this, high production capacities have given the leverage to chlor-alkali compound developers to expand their manufacturing base, thereby satisfying the growing demand of these products, especially in chemical industries.


Chlor-alkani market in Europe is majorly driven by the chlorine industry. It is observed that around 99% of water purification techniques in the European region involve the usage of chlorine. Also, its demand is witnessed in the pharmaceutical industry, wherein chlorinated compounds are utilized in the synthesis of various active substances. Such proliferated usage of chlor-alkali process in varied end-user applications has stimulated the rapid growth of European chlor-alkali market.


Prominent key players that have established their position in this market are Mitsui, Nirma Limited, Novacarb, OCI Chemical Corporation, Olin Corporation, PPG Industries Inc., SABIC, Dow Chemical, Formosa Plastics Group, Sahara Petrochemicals, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Shintech Inc., Solvay S.A., AkzoNobel N.V., Bayer MaterialScience, Tata Chemicals Limited, Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co. Ltd., LEUNA-Harze GmbH, Asahi Kasei Group, Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co. Ltd., Yunus Brothers Group, Gujarat Alkalis Chemicals, Canexu Corporation, Ceich SA, and FMC Corporation among others.  


The European chlor-alkali market report provides a comprehensive overview of market share, value chain analysis, and market metrics, such as drivers, restraints, and upcoming opportunities. It also presents a competitive landscape of key players in the market, along with their product portfolio, company financials, recent developments, and significant growth strategies adopted by them to sustain their position in the chlor-alkali market.

1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Overview
4 Chlor-Alkali-Europe, By Types
4.1 Split By Geography
4.1 Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom by Types
4.1 Chlor-Alkali-France by Types
4.1 Chlor-Alkali-Germany by Types
4.1 Chlor-Alkali-Italy by Types
4.1 Chlor-Alkali-Europe - Turkey by Types
4.2 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda
4.2.1 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda, By Geographies Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda Chlor-Alkali-France-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda Chlor-Alkali-Germany-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda Chlor-Alkali-Italy-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda
4.2.2 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda, By Types Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda-Pulp & Papers Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda-Detergent & Soaps Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda-Water Treatment & Management Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda-Chemical Manufacturing & Processing Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda-aluminum oxide Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda-Food & beverages Manufacturing
4.3 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Chlorine
4.3.1 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Chlorine, By Geographies Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom-Chlorine Chlor-Alkali-France-Chlorine Chlor-Alkali-Germany-Chlorine Chlor-Alkali-Italy-Chlorine
4.3.2 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Chlorine, By Types Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Chlorine-Pulp & Papers Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Chlorine-Water Treatment & Management Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Chlorine-Chemical Manufacturing & Processing Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Chlorine-Polyvinyl Chloride
4.4 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate
4.4.1 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate, By Geographies Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-France-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-Germany-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-Italy-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-Europe - Turkey-Sodium Carbonate
4.4.2 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate, By Types Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate-Chemicals Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate-Detergent & Soaps Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate-Water Treatment & Management Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate-Pulp & Papers Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate-Metallurgy Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Sodium Carbonate-Glass Manufacturing
5 Chlor-Alkali-Europe, By Geographies
5.1 Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom
5.1.1 Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom, By Types Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom-Chlorine Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda
5.2 Chlor-Alkali-France
5.2.1 Chlor-Alkali-France, By Types Chlor-Alkali-France-Chlorine Chlor-Alkali-France-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-France-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda
5.3 Chlor-Alkali-Germany
5.3.1 Chlor-Alkali-Germany, By Types Chlor-Alkali-Germany-Chlorine Chlor-Alkali-Germany-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-Germany-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda
5.4 Chlor-Alkali-Italy
5.4.1 Chlor-Alkali-Italy, By Types Chlor-Alkali-Italy-Chlorine Chlor-Alkali-Italy-Sodium Carbonate Chlor-Alkali-Italy-Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic soda
5.5 Chlor-Alkali-Europe - Turkey
5.5.1 Chlor-Alkali-Europe - Turkey, By Types Chlor-Alkali-Europe - Turkey-Sodium Carbonate
6 Chlor-Alkali-Europe, By Companies
6.1 Competitive landscape
6.2 Split By Geography
6.2 Chlor-Alkali-United Kingdom by Companies
6.1 Chlor-Alkali-France by Companies
6.1 Chlor-Alkali-Germany by Companies
6.1 Chlor-Alkali-Italy by Companies
6.1 Chlor-Alkali-Europe - Turkey by Companies
6.3 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-INEOS ChlorVinyls Limited
6.4 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Bayer AG
6.5 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Ciech SA
6.6 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-AkzoNobel N.V.
6.7 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Solvay S.A.
6.8 Chlor-Alkali-Europe-Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Ltd.

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