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Europe Ceramic Coating Market

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Table of Contents
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Ceramic coatings are electrically nonconductive (making them excellent insulators), have a significantly higher level of abrasion resistance than most metals, and are capable of maintaining their integrity under severely elevated temperatures, sometimes up to 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Ceramic coatings generally provide wear resistance, high temperature, and corrosion resistant applications. All ceramic coatings deliver some level of performance in each of these three major areas.


The Europe Ceramic Coating market was valued at $1,763.94 million in 2013 and is expected to reach $2447.7 million by 2019, at a CAGR of 6.1%. The rapid increase in industrialization, growth of automotive and aerospace industries has lead to the growth of European ceramic coatings market.


Ceramic coatings are inorganic materials that are processed and used at high temperatures. These are usually applied on metallic surfaces in automobiles, aerospace, industrial equipment to protect the metallic surfaces from corrosion, high temperature, and wear and tear.


The Western Europe is a matured market and Central and Eastern Europe is an emerging market. Germany is the largest market for ceramic coatings in Europe, estimated at a market volume of 16.02 KT in 2013, followed by France and UK.


The key countries covered in Europe Ceramic Coating Market are Germany, France, UK, Russia and others. The various applications include Transportation & Automotives, Energy, Aerospace & defense, Industrial Goods, healthcare and others. The various types studied include oxide coatings, carbide coatings and nitride coatings. Moreover, the technologies studied are Thermal Spray, PVD, CVD and others. Furthermore, as part of qualitative analysis, the European Ceramic Coating Market research report provides a comprehensive review of the important drivers, restraints, opportunities, and issues in the ceramic coating market.


The Europe Ceramic Coating Market report also provides an extensive competitive landscape of the companies operating in this market. It also includes the company profiles of and competitive strategies adopted by various market players, such as, Bodycote plc, Kurt J. Lesker Company Ltd., Morgan Technical Cermamics , Saint Gobain Coating Solutions and Keronite Group Ltd.


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Country Level Market Data

  • Europe (Italy and Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (Australia & New Zealand and Taiwan)
  • Rest of the World (the Middle East Africa and Turkey)


Cell-based assays market–Regional market share analysis, by key players

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Additional 5 companies can be profiled apart from those already profiled in the report.
  • Detailed analysis of Competitive Strategies especially new technology trends adopted by various companies and their impact on Europe Ceramic Coating Market
  • Issues, Opportunities and information on the market under consideration
  • Comparison with Global Ceramic Coating Market


1.1 Objective of the Study

1.2 Market Segmentation & Coverage

1.3 Stakeholders


2.1 Integrated Ecosystem of Ceramic Coating Market

2.2 Arriving At the Ceramic Coating Market Size

2.2.1 Top-Down Approach

2.2.2 Bottom-Up Approach

2.2.3 Demand Side Approach

2.2.4 Macro Indicator-Based Approach

2.3 Assumptions



4.1 Introduction

4.2 Europe Ceramic Coating Market: Comparison with Parent Market

4.3 Market Drivers and Inhibitors

4.4 Key Market Dynamics

4.5 Demand Side Analysis

4.6 Vendor Side Analysis


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Demand Side Analysis

5.3 Vendor Side Analysis

5.4 Ceramic Coating in Transportation Industry, By Geography

5.5 Ceramic Coating in Power & Energy Industry, By Geography

5.6 Ceramic Coating in Aerospace & Defense Industry, By Geography

5.7 Ceramic Coating in Industrial Machinery, By Geography

5.8 Ceramic Coating in Medical Devices, By Geography

5.9 Ceramic Coating in Other Applications, By Geography

5.10 Sneak View: Europe Paints & Coatings Market, By Application


6.1 Research Methodology

6.2 Introduction

6.3 Europe Ceramic Coating Market, Type Comparison with Paints & Coatings Market

6.4 Europe Carbide Ceramic Coatings Market, By Geography

6.5 Europe Oxide Ceramic Coatings Market, By Geography

6.6 Europe Nitride Ceramic Coatings Market, By Geography

6.7 Europe Other Ceramic Coatings Market, By Geography

6.8 Sneak View: Europe Paints & Coatings Market, By Type


7.1 Introduction

7.2 Vendor Side Analysis

7.3 Germany Ceramic Coating Market

7.3.1 Germany Ceramic Coating Market, By Application

7.3.2 Germany Ceramic Coating Market, By Type

7.4 France Ceramic Coating Market

7.4.1 France Ceramic Coating Market, By Application

7.4.2 France Ceramic Coating Market, By Type

7.5 United Kingdom Ceramic Coating Market

7.5.1 United Kingdom Ceramic Coating Market, By Application

7.5.2 United Kingdom Ceramic Coating Market, By Type

7.6 Europe - Russia Ceramic Coating Market

7.6.1 Europe - Russia Ceramic Coating Market, By Application

7.6.2 Europe - Russia Ceramic Coating Market, By Type

7.7 Sneak View: Europe Paints & Coatings Market, By Geography


8.1 Ceramic Coating Market Concentration Analysis

8.2 Company Presence in Ceramic Coating Market, By Type

8.3 Mergers & Acquisitions

8.4 Other Expansions

8.5 New Synergies


9.1 Bodycote PLC

9.1.1 Overview

9.1.2 Key Financials

9.1.3 Product and Service Offerings

9.1.4 Related Developments

9.1.5 MMM Analysis

9.2 Praxair, Inc.

9.2.1 Overview

9.2.2 Key Financials

9.2.3 Product and Service Offerings

9.2.4 Related Developments

9.2.5 MMM Analysis

9.3 The Kurt J. Lesker Company

9.3.1 Overview

9.3.2 Key Financials

9.3.3 Product and Service Offerings

9.3.4 Related Developments

9.3.5 MMM Analysis

9.4 E.I. DU Pont DE Nemours

9.4.1 Overview

9.4.2 Key Financials

9.4.3 Product and Service Offerings

9.4.4 Related Developments

9.4.5 MMM Analysis

9.5 APS Materials, Inc.

9.5.1 Overview

9.5.2 Key Financials

9.5.3 Product and Service Offerings

9.5.4 Related Developments

9.5.5 MMM Analysis


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Europe Ceramic Coating Market

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