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European Biomaterials Market Research Report

  • Report Code: BI 1002
  • Publish Date: Upcoming
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence
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The European biomaterials market has witnessed dynamic market conditions, and is mainly driven by increased investments, funds & grants by government bodies worldwide, precipitous growth anticipated for plastic surgery and wound healing applications, inflated usage of polymers, growing number of elderly people, technological advancements, and changing lifestyles of the population.


The report ‘The European Biomaterials market forecast 2012-2014’ analyzes the market by technology devices into four segments, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and natural biomaterial.


Incessant rise in the number of collaborations, conferences, and research-related activities, technological advancements, and increasing applications of biomaterials are the major factors propelling the growth of the biomaterial market in this region. Immunological and inflammatory reactions, stringent regulatory systems, issue of fatigue fracture & wear, and reimbursement concerns are the major restraints curbing the biomaterial market.


The European biomaterials market has witnessed a plethora of growth opportunities. Developments of novel biomaterials for healing wounds, plastic surgery, tissue engineering, ophthalmology, and neurology fuel the growth of this market. The burning issues affecting the growth of biomaterial market are challenges to tissue engineering and effect on suppliers by Biomaterials Access Assurance Act.


The European market growth will be driven by increasing government investments in the biomaterial sector, reimbursements offered by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and rising aging population who are the main consumers of biomaterials. The European biomaterial market is expected to receive a significant push due to phenomenal increase in new products such as botox, botulinum toxins, and hyaluronic-based injectables.


Some of the key players in the European biomaterials market include Medtronic, Inc., Biomet, Inc., Stryker Corporation, Synthes, Inc., and others. The segment and country-specific company shares, news & deals, M&A, segment-specific pipeline products, product approvals, and product recalls of the major companies have been detailed in this report.


Customization Options

Along with the market data, you can also customize the MMM assessments to meet your company’s specific needs. Customize to get a comprehensive summary of the industry standards and a deep-dive analysis of the following parameters:


Product Analysis

  • Usage pattern (in-depth trend analysis) of products (segment-wise)
  • Product matrix which gives a detailed comparison of product portfolio of each company mapped at country and sub-segment levels
  • End-user adoption rate analysis of the products (segment-wise and country-wise)
  • A comprehensive coverage of product approvals, pipeline products, and product recalls


Epidemiology Data

  • Country-specific prevalence of plastic surgery and wound healing applications
  • Country-specific patient pool of plastic surgery and wound healing applications disease (pattern analysis)


Procedure Volume Data

  • Plastic surgery and wound healing  procedures performed annually in each country tracked till sub-segment level
  • The number of plastic surgery and wound healing procedures performed in each country


Surgeons/Physicians Perception Analysis

  • Fast turn-around analysis of surgeons’ responses to market events and trends
  • Pattern analysis of usage of biomaterials by physicians
  • Surgeons’ opinions about products from different companies
  • Surgeons’ qualitative inputs on plastic surgery data


Brand/Product Perception Matrix

  • Comprehensive study of customers’ perception and behavior through our in-built social connect tool checking the virality and tonality of blogs
  • Analysis of overall brand usage and familiarity and brand advocacy distribution (detractor/neutral/familiar)


Alternative Products: Impact analysis

MMM’s healthcare decision making quadrant is an innovative and useful quadrant for vendors who wish to analyze the potential growth markets based on parameters like patient dynamics (patient pool, epidemiology of disease, and preference towards surgeries/alternative therapies) and macroeconomic indicators (number of hospitals and orthopedic clinics, reimbursement scenario, diagnosis rate, treatment rate, and healthcare expenditure).

1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

4 Biomaterials-Europe, By Applications
4.1 Split By Geography
4.1 Biomaterials-Spain by Applications
4.1 Biomaterials-United Kingdom by Applications
4.1 Biomaterials-France by Applications
4.1 Biomaterials-Germany by Applications
4.1 Biomaterials-Italy by Applications
4.1 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe by Applications
4.2 Other Biomaterial Applications-Europe
4.2.1 Other Biomaterial Applications-Europe, By Geographies Other Biomaterial Applications-Spain Other Biomaterial Applications-United Kingdom Other Biomaterial Applications-France Other Biomaterial Applications-Germany Other Biomaterial Applications-Italy Other Biomaterial Applications-Rest of Europe
4.2.2 Other Biomaterial Applications-Europe, By Types Drug Delivery Systems Applications-Europe Urinary Applications-Europe Bariatric Surgery Applications-Europe Gastrointestinal Applications-Europe
4.3 Opthalmology-Europe
4.3.1 Opthalmology-Europe, By Companies Opthalmology-Europe-Other Companies Opthalmology-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Opthalmology-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Opthalmology-Europe-Stryker Corporation Opthalmology-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.3.2 Opthalmology-Europe, By MacroIndicators Opthalmology-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.3.3 Opthalmology-Europe, By Geographies Opthalmology-Spain Opthalmology-United Kingdom Opthalmology-France Opthalmology-Germany Opthalmology-Italy Opthalmology-Rest of Europe
4.4 Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe
4.4.1 Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe, By Companies Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Other Companies Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Stryker Corporation Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.4.2 Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe, By MacroIndicators Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.4.3 Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe, By Geographies Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Spain Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-United Kingdom Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-France Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Germany Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Italy Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Rest of Europe
4.4.4 Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe, By Products Hydrogel Scaffolds For CNS Repair-Europe Cortical Neural Prosthetics (CNP)-Europe Shunting Systems-Europe Neural Stem Cell Encapsulation-Europe
4.5 Wound Healing-Europe
4.5.1 Wound Healing-Europe, By Companies Wound Healing-Europe-Other Companies Wound Healing-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Wound Healing-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Wound Healing-Europe-Stryker Corporation Wound Healing-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.5.2 Wound Healing-Europe, By MacroIndicators Wound Healing-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.5.3 Wound Healing-Europe, By Geographies Wound Healing-Spain Wound Healing-United Kingdom Wound Healing-France Wound Healing-Germany Wound Healing-Italy Wound Healing-Rest of Europe
4.5.4 Wound Healing-Europe, By Types Adhesion Barrier-Europe Fracture Fixation Devices-Europe Skin Substitutes-Europe Surgical Hemostats-Europe Internal Tissue Sealant-Europe
4.6 Tissue Regeneration-Europe
4.6.1 Tissue Regeneration-Europe, By Companies Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Other Companies Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Stryker Corporation Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.6.2 Tissue Regeneration-Europe, By MacroIndicators Tissue Regeneration-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.6.3 Tissue Regeneration-Europe, By Geographies Tissue Regeneration-Spain Tissue Regeneration-United Kingdom Tissue Regeneration-France Tissue Regeneration-Germany Tissue Regeneration-Italy Tissue Regeneration-Rest of Europe
4.6.4 Tissue Regeneration-Europe, By Products Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine-Europe Tailoring of Inorganic Nano-particles (gold and quantum dots with bio-active pep tides)-Europe Self-assembled Bio-mimetic Co-polymers-Europe Nano-materials for Bio-sensing Applications-Europe Cell-materials Interface Engineering-Europe
4.7 Orthopedic-Europe
4.7.1 Orthopedic-Europe, By Companies Orthopedic-Europe-Other Companies Orthopedic-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Orthopedic-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Orthopedic-Europe-Stryker Corporation Orthopedic-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.7.2 Orthopedic-Europe, By MacroIndicators Orthopedic-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.7.3 Orthopedic-Europe, By Geographies Orthopedic-Spain Orthopedic-United Kingdom Orthopedic-France Orthopedic-Germany Orthopedic-Italy Orthopedic-Rest of Europe
4.7.4 Orthopedic-Europe, By Types Spine Biomaterial-Europe Orthobiologics biomaterials-Europe Viscosupplementation-Europe Bioresorbable Tissue Fixation Products-Europe Joint Replacement/Reconstruction-Europe
4.8 Dental-Europe
4.8.1 Dental-Europe, By Companies Dental-Europe-Other Companies Dental-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Dental-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Dental-Europe-Stryker Corporation Dental-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.8.2 Dental-Europe, By MacroIndicators Dental-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.8.3 Dental-Europe, By Geographies Dental-Spain Dental-United Kingdom Dental-France Dental-Germany Dental-Italy Dental-Rest of Europe
4.8.4 Dental-Europe, By Products Dental Bone Graft & Substitutes-Europe Dental Membranes-Europe Dental Implants-Europe Tissue Regeneration Materials-Europe
4.9 Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe
4.9.1 Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe, By Companies Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Other Companies Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Stryker Corporation Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.9.2 Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe, By MacroIndicators Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.9.3 Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe, By Geographies Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Spain Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-United Kingdom Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-France Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Germany Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Italy Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Rest of Europe
4.9.4 Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe, By Products Craniofacial Surgery-Europe Soft Tissue Fillers-Europe Acellular Dermal Matrices-Europe Peripheral Nerve Repair-Europe Facial Wrinkle Treatment (Hyaluronic Acid Based)-Europe Bio engineered Skins-Europe
4.10 Cardiovascular applications-Europe
4.10.1 Cardiovascular applications-Europe, By Companies Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Other Companies Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Stryker Corporation Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
4.10.2 Cardiovascular applications-Europe, By MacroIndicators Cardiovascular applications-Healthcare Expenditure-Europe
4.10.3 Cardiovascular applications-Europe, By Geographies Cardiovascular applications-Spain Cardiovascular applications-United Kingdom Cardiovascular applications-France Cardiovascular applications-Germany Cardiovascular applications-Italy Cardiovascular applications-Rest of Europe
4.10.4 Cardiovascular applications-Europe, By Products Cardiac Sensors-Europe Cardiac Catheters-Europe Others-Extracorporeal Oxygenation, Artificial Kidney (hemodialyzer), Ventricular Assist Device (VAD), Sternum Closure Devices, Introducer Sheaths-Europe Cardiac Stents-Europe Cardiac Guidewires-Europe Cardiac Vascular Grafts-Europe Heart Valves-Europe Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators-Europe Cardiac Pacemakers-Europe

5 Biomaterials-Europe, By Ingredients
5.1 Split By Geography
5.2 Biomaterials-Spain by Ingredients
5.1 Biomaterials-United Kingdom by Ingredients
5.1 Biomaterials-France by Ingredients
5.1 Biomaterials-Germany by Ingredients
5.1 Biomaterials-Italy by Ingredients
5.1 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe by Ingredients
5.2 Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Europe
5.2.1 Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Europe, By Geographies Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Spain Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-France Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Germany Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Italy Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Rest of Europe
5.3 Biomaterials-Silicone-Europe
5.3.1 Biomaterials-Silicone-Europe, By Geographies Biomaterials-Silicone-Spain Biomaterials-Silicone-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Silicone-France Biomaterials-Silicone-Germany Biomaterials-Silicone-Italy Biomaterials-Silicone-Rest of Europe
5.4 Biomaterials-Silicones-Europe
5.4.1 Biomaterials-Silicones-Europe, By Ingredients Biomaterials-Silicone-Europe
5.4.2 Biomaterials-Silicones-Europe, By Geographies Biomaterials-Silicones-Spain Biomaterials-Silicones-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Silicones-France Biomaterials-Silicones-Germany Biomaterials-Silicones-Italy Biomaterials-Silicones-Rest of Europe
5.5 Biomaterials-Dispersants-Europe
5.5.1 Biomaterials-Dispersants-Europe, By Geographies Biomaterials-Dispersants-Spain Biomaterials-Dispersants-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Dispersants-France Biomaterials-Dispersants-Germany Biomaterials-Dispersants-Italy Biomaterials-Dispersants-Rest of Europe
5.6 Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Europe
5.6.1 Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Europe, By Geographies Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Spain Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-France Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Germany Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Italy Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Rest of Europe
5.7 Biomaterials-Microsphere-Europe
5.7.1 Biomaterials-Microsphere-Europe, By Geographies Biomaterials-Microsphere-Spain Biomaterials-Microsphere-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Microsphere-France Biomaterials-Microsphere-Germany Biomaterials-Microsphere-Italy Biomaterials-Microsphere-Rest of Europe

6 Biomaterials-Europe, By Types
6.1 Split By Geography
6.3 Biomaterials-Spain by Types
6.1 Biomaterials-United Kingdom by Types
6.1 Biomaterials-France by Types
6.1 Biomaterials-Germany by Types
6.1 Biomaterials-Italy by Types
6.1 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe by Types
6.2 Metallic Biomaterials-Europe
6.2.1 Metallic Biomaterials-Europe, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Stainless Steel-Europe Metallic Biomaterials-Titanium Alloys-Europe Metallic Biomaterials-Silver-Europe Metallic Biomaterials-Cobalt-Chrome Alloys-Europe Metallic Biomaterials-Gold-Europe Metallic Biomaterials-Platinum-Europe
6.2.2 Metallic Biomaterials-Europe, By Geographies Metallic Biomaterials-Spain Metallic Biomaterials-United Kingdom Metallic Biomaterials-France Metallic Biomaterials-Germany Metallic Biomaterials-Italy Metallic Biomaterials-Rest of Europe
6.2.3 Metallic Biomaterials-Europe, By Materials Cobalt-Chrome Alloys-Europe Gold-Europe Stainless Steel-Europe Titanium & Titanium Alloys-Europe Platinum-Europe Silver-Europe
6.3 Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe
6.3.1 Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe, By Types Ceramics Biomaterials-Calcium Phosphate-Europe Ceramics Biomaterials-Zirconium Dioxide OR Zirconia-Europe Ceramics Biomaterials-Aluminium Hydroxide OR Aluminum Trihydrate (ATH)-Europe Ceramics Biomaterials-Carbon-Europe Ceramics Biomaterials-Calcium Sulphate-Europe Ceramics Biomaterials-Glass-Europe
6.3.2 Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe, By Geographies Ceramics Biomaterials-Spain Ceramics Biomaterials-United Kingdom Ceramics Biomaterials-France Ceramics Biomaterials-Germany Ceramics Biomaterials-Italy Ceramics Biomaterials-Rest of Europe
6.3.3 Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe, By Materials Carbon-Europe Calcium Sulfate-Europe Calcium Phosphate-Europe Zirconia-Europe Aluminium Oxide-Europe Glass-Europe
6.4 Polymer Biomaterials-Europe
6.4.1 Polymer Biomaterials-Europe, By Types Polymer Biomaterials-Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)-Europe Polymer Biomaterials-Polyethylene (PE)-Europe Polymer Biomaterials-Polyester-Europe Polymer Biomaterials-Silicone Rubber-Europe Polymer Biomaterials-Polyvinyl Chloride Resins-Europe Polymer Biomaterials-Nylon-Europe
6.4.2 Polymer Biomaterials-Europe, By Geographies Polymer Biomaterials-Spain Polymer Biomaterials-United Kingdom Polymer Biomaterials-France Polymer Biomaterials-Germany Polymer Biomaterials-Italy Polymer Biomaterials-Rest of Europe
6.4.3 Polymer Biomaterials-Europe, By Materials Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)-Europe Polyvinyl Chloride-Europe Silicone Rubber-Europe Polyethylene-Europe Nylon-Europe Polyester-Europe
6.5 Natural Biomaterials-Europe
6.5.1 Natural Biomaterials-Europe, By Types Natural Biomaterials-Hyaluronic Acid-Europe Natural Biomaterials-Cellulose-Europe Natural Biomaterials-Chitin-Europe Natural Biomaterials-Alginates-Europe
6.5.2 Natural Biomaterials-Europe, By Geographies Natural Biomaterials-Spain Natural Biomaterials-United Kingdom Natural Biomaterials-France Natural Biomaterials-Germany Natural Biomaterials-Italy Natural Biomaterials-Rest of Europe
6.5.3 Natural Biomaterials-Europe, By Materials Collagen & Gelatin-Europe Hyaluronic Acid-Europe Alginate-Europe Chitin-Europe Cellulose-Europe

7 Biomaterials-Europe, By Geographies
7.1 Biomaterials-Spain
7.1.1 Biomaterials-Spain, By Companies Biomaterials-Spain-Other Companies Biomaterials-Spain-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-Spain-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-Spain-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-Spain-Synthes, Inc.
7.1.2 Biomaterials-Spain, By Ingredients Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Spain Biomaterials-Silicone-Spain Biomaterials-Silicones-Spain Biomaterials-Dispersants-Spain Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Spain Biomaterials-Microsphere-Spain
7.1.3 Biomaterials-Spain, By Applications Other Biomaterial Applications-Spain Opthalmology-Spain Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Spain Wound Healing-Spain Tissue Regeneration-Spain Orthopedic-Spain Dental-Spain Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Spain Cardiovascular applications-Spain
7.1.4 Biomaterials-Spain, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Spain Ceramics Biomaterials-Spain Polymer Biomaterials-Spain Natural Biomaterials-Spain
7.2 Biomaterials-United Kingdom
7.2.1 Biomaterials-United Kingdom, By Companies Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Other Companies Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Synthes, Inc.
7.2.2 Biomaterials-United Kingdom, By Ingredients Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Silicone-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Silicones-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Dispersants-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-United Kingdom Biomaterials-Microsphere-United Kingdom
7.2.3 Biomaterials-United Kingdom, By Applications Other Biomaterial Applications-United Kingdom Opthalmology-United Kingdom Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-United Kingdom Wound Healing-United Kingdom Tissue Regeneration-United Kingdom Orthopedic-United Kingdom Dental-United Kingdom Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-United Kingdom Cardiovascular applications-United Kingdom
7.2.4 Biomaterials-United Kingdom, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-United Kingdom Ceramics Biomaterials-United Kingdom Polymer Biomaterials-United Kingdom Natural Biomaterials-United Kingdom
7.3 Biomaterials-France
7.3.1 Biomaterials-France, By Companies Biomaterials-France-Other Companies Biomaterials-France-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-France-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-France-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-France-Synthes, Inc.
7.3.2 Biomaterials-France, By Ingredients Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-France Biomaterials-Silicone-France Biomaterials-Silicones-France Biomaterials-Dispersants-France Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-France Biomaterials-Microsphere-France
7.3.3 Biomaterials-France, By Applications Other Biomaterial Applications-France Opthalmology-France Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-France Wound Healing-France Tissue Regeneration-France Orthopedic-France Dental-France Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-France Cardiovascular applications-France
7.3.4 Biomaterials-France, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-France Ceramics Biomaterials-France Polymer Biomaterials-France Natural Biomaterials-France
7.4 Biomaterials-Germany
7.4.1 Biomaterials-Germany, By Companies Biomaterials-Germany-Other Companies Biomaterials-Germany-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-Germany-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-Germany-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-Germany-Synthes, Inc.
7.4.2 Biomaterials-Germany, By Ingredients Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Germany Biomaterials-Silicone-Germany Biomaterials-Silicones-Germany Biomaterials-Dispersants-Germany Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Germany Biomaterials-Microsphere-Germany
7.4.3 Biomaterials-Germany, By Applications Other Biomaterial Applications-Germany Opthalmology-Germany Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Germany Wound Healing-Germany Tissue Regeneration-Germany Orthopedic-Germany Dental-Germany Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Germany Cardiovascular applications-Germany
7.4.4 Biomaterials-Germany, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Germany Ceramics Biomaterials-Germany Polymer Biomaterials-Germany Natural Biomaterials-Germany
7.5 Biomaterials-Italy
7.5.1 Biomaterials-Italy, By Companies Biomaterials-Italy-Other Companies Biomaterials-Italy-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-Italy-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-Italy-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-Italy-Synthes, Inc.
7.5.2 Biomaterials-Italy, By Ingredients Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Italy Biomaterials-Silicone-Italy Biomaterials-Silicones-Italy Biomaterials-Dispersants-Italy Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Italy Biomaterials-Microsphere-Italy
7.5.3 Biomaterials-Italy, By Applications Other Biomaterial Applications-Italy Opthalmology-Italy Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Italy Wound Healing-Italy Tissue Regeneration-Italy Orthopedic-Italy Dental-Italy Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Italy Cardiovascular applications-Italy
7.5.4 Biomaterials-Italy, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Italy Ceramics Biomaterials-Italy Polymer Biomaterials-Italy Natural Biomaterials-Italy
7.6 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe
7.6.1 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe, By Companies Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Other Companies Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Synthes, Inc.
7.6.2 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe, By Ingredients Biomaterials-Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-Rest of Europe Biomaterials-Silicone-Rest of Europe Biomaterials-Silicones-Rest of Europe Biomaterials-Dispersants-Rest of Europe Biomaterials-Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)-Rest of Europe Biomaterials-Microsphere-Rest of Europe
7.6.3 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe, By Applications Other Biomaterial Applications-Rest of Europe Opthalmology-Rest of Europe Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Rest of Europe Wound Healing-Rest of Europe Tissue Regeneration-Rest of Europe Orthopedic-Rest of Europe Dental-Rest of Europe Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Rest of Europe Cardiovascular applications-Rest of Europe
7.6.4 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Rest of Europe Ceramics Biomaterials-Rest of Europe Polymer Biomaterials-Rest of Europe Natural Biomaterials-Rest of Europe

8 Biomaterials-Europe, By Companies
8.1 Competitive landscape
8.2 Split By Geography
8.4 Biomaterials-Spain by Companies
8.1 Biomaterials-United Kingdom by Companies
8.1 Biomaterials-France by Companies
8.1 Biomaterials-Germany by Companies
8.1 Biomaterials-Italy by Companies
8.1 Biomaterials-Rest of Europe by Companies
8.3 Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies
8.3.1 Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies, By Geographies Biomaterials-Spain-Other Companies Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Other Companies Biomaterials-France-Other Companies Biomaterials-Germany-Other Companies Biomaterials-Italy-Other Companies Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Other Companies
8.3.2 Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies, By Applications Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Other Companies Wound Healing-Europe-Other Companies Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Other Companies Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Other Companies Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Other Companies Orthopedic-Europe-Other Companies Dental-Europe-Other Companies Opthalmology-Europe-Other Companies
8.3.3 Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies Polymer Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies Natural Biomaterials-Europe-Other Companies
8.4 Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc.
8.4.1 Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc., By Geographies Biomaterials-Spain-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-France-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-Germany-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-Italy-Medtronic, Inc. Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Medtronic, Inc.
8.4.2 Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc., By Applications Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Wound Healing-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Orthopedic-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Dental-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Opthalmology-Europe-Medtronic, Inc.
8.4.3 Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc., By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Polymer Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc. Natural Biomaterials-Europe-Medtronic, Inc.
8.5 Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc.
8.5.1 Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc., By Geographies Biomaterials-Spain-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-France-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-Germany-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-Italy-Biomet, Inc. Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Biomet, Inc.
8.5.2 Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc., By Applications Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Wound Healing-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Orthopedic-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Dental-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Opthalmology-Europe-Biomet, Inc.
8.5.3 Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc., By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Polymer Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc. Natural Biomaterials-Europe-Biomet, Inc.
8.6 Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation
8.6.1 Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation, By Geographies Biomaterials-Spain-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-France-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-Germany-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-Italy-Stryker Corporation Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Stryker Corporation
8.6.2 Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation, By Applications Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Stryker Corporation Wound Healing-Europe-Stryker Corporation Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Stryker Corporation Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Stryker Corporation Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Stryker Corporation Orthopedic-Europe-Stryker Corporation Dental-Europe-Stryker Corporation Opthalmology-Europe-Stryker Corporation
8.6.3 Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation, By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation Polymer Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation Natural Biomaterials-Europe-Stryker Corporation
8.7 Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
8.7.1 Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc., By Geographies Biomaterials-Spain-Synthes, Inc. Biomaterials-United Kingdom-Synthes, Inc. Biomaterials-France-Synthes, Inc. Biomaterials-Germany-Synthes, Inc. Biomaterials-Italy-Synthes, Inc. Biomaterials-Rest of Europe-Synthes, Inc.
8.7.2 Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc., By Applications Neurological disorders/Central nervous system-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Wound Healing-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Plastic Surgery (biomaterials)-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Cardiovascular applications-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Tissue Regeneration-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Orthopedic-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Dental-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Opthalmology-Europe-Synthes, Inc.
8.7.3 Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc., By Types Metallic Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Ceramics Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Polymer Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc. Natural Biomaterials-Europe-Synthes, Inc.

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