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Asia-Pacific Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Market

  • Report Code: SO 1000
  • Publish Date: 17 Aug 2014
  • Next Update Date: 17 Nov 2014
Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence

Solar PV Market By GeographyAsia Pacific Trends and Forecasts To 2018.


Solar PV is used to convert solar energy into usable electrical energy. Solar PV market is growing due to initiatives to move from fossil fuels towards renewable sources of energy. Many governments have set clean energy targets, and are trying to achieve them by switching over to renewable energies such as solar. The solar PV market in Asia Pacific is estimated to grow approximately $7849 million in 2018 at a CAGR of almost 11% from 2013 to 2018.


The report covers major countries within Asia Pacific with respect to the solar PV marketviz, China, Japan, Australia, and others.


Asia Pacific is one of the growing markets in solar PV which will grow further in the coming years.


Market share analysis of top companies is validated based on key facts, annual financial information, and interviews with key experts such as CEO’s, directors, and marketing executives.


In order to present an in depth understanding of the competitive landscape, thesolar PV report consists of profiles of some major participants in the market which combines manufactures as well as service providers, such as Sharp,Yingli, Jinko solar, Canadian Solar,and others.


Scope of the report


On the basis of geography (includes countries)

  • China
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Others

1 Introduction

1.1 Objective of the study

1.2 Market Definitions

1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered

1.4 Research Methodology

1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

4 Asia-Pacific, By Segments

4.1 Split By Geography

4.1 Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies by Markets

4.1 China by Markets

4.1 Japan by Markets

4.1 Australia by Markets

4.1 India by Markets

4.1 Israel by Markets

4.1 Singapore by Markets

4.1 South Korea by Markets

4.1 Taiwan by Markets

4.1 Malaysia by Markets

4.2 Asia-Pacific

4.2.1 Asia-Pacific, By MacroIndicators E&P Spending-Asia-Pacific

4.2.2 Asia-Pacific, By Companies Suncore Photovoltaic Technology company Limited-Asia-Pacific Asia-Pacific-Other Companies Asia-Pacific-SunPower corporation Soitec-Asia-Pacific SolarSystem-Asia-Pacific

4.2.3 Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Japan Israel Australia Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies China Taiwan

4.2.4 Asia-Pacific, By Segments High Concentration CPV -Asia-Pacific Low Concentration CPV-Asia-Pacific


4.2.6 Asia-Pacific, By Applications Utility - CPV-Asia-Pacific Commercial - CPV-Asia-Pacific Others - CPV-Asia-Pacific

5 Asia-Pacific, By Geographies

5.1 Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies

5.1.1 Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies, By Segments Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies

5.2 China

5.2.1 China, By Companies Borrego Solar System Inc. Canadian Solar Inc. ESOLAR INC. Evergreen Solar Inc. FIRST SOLAR, INC. Gintech Energy Corporation Kyocera Solar Inc.

5.2.2 China, By Segments China

5.3 Japan

5.3.1 Japan, By Companies Abengoa Solar SA ACCIONA energy Borrego Solar System Inc. Canadian Solar Inc. Gintech Energy Corporation Kyocera Solar Inc.

5.3.2 Japan, By Segments Japan

5.4 Australia

5.4.1 Australia, By Companies ACCIONA energy Areva Renewable Energy Kyocera Solar Inc.

5.4.2 Australia, By Segments Australia

5.5 India

5.5.1 India, By Companies Abengoa Solar SA Areva Renewable Energy ESOLAR INC. FIRST SOLAR, INC.

5.6 Israel

5.6.1 Israel, By Companies Abengoa Solar SA

5.6.2 Israel, By Segments Israel

5.7 Singapore

5.7.1 Singapore, By Companies ESOLAR INC.

5.8 South Korea

5.8.1 South Korea, By Companies Gintech Energy Corporation

5.9 Taiwan

5.9.1 Taiwan, By Companies Gintech Energy Corporation

5.9.2 Taiwan, By Segments Taiwan

5.10 Malaysia

5.10.1 Malaysia, By Companies FIRST SOLAR, INC.

6 Asia-Pacific, By Companies

6.1 Split By Geography

6.2 Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies by Companies

6.1 China by Companies

6.1 Japan by Companies

6.1 Australia by Companies

6.1 India by Companies

6.1 Israel by Companies

6.1 Singapore by Companies

6.1 South Korea by Companies

6.1 Taiwan by Companies

6.1 Malaysia by Companies

6.2 Asia-Pacific-Canadian Solar Inc.

6.2.1 Asia-Pacific-Canadian Solar Inc., By Geographies Japan-Canadian Solar Inc. China-Canadian Solar Inc.

6.3 SHARP Corporation

6.4 Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd.

6.5 Trina Solar

6.6 Jinko Solar

6.7 Other Companies

6.7.1 Other Companies, By Segments Asia-Pacific-Other Companies

6.8 Abengoa Solar SA-Asia-Pacific

6.9 Asia-Pacific-Areva Renewable Energy

6.9.1 Asia-Pacific-Areva Renewable Energy, By Geographies India-Areva Renewable Energy Australia-Areva Renewable Energy

6.10 ACCIONA energy-Asia-Pacific

6.11 Borrego Solar System Inc.-Asia-Pacific

6.12 ESOLAR INC.-Asia-Pacific

6.13 Evergreen Solar Inc.-Asia-Pacific

6.14 Asia-Pacific-FIRST SOLAR, INC.

6.14.1 Asia-Pacific-FIRST SOLAR, INC., By Geographies India-FIRST SOLAR, INC. China-FIRST SOLAR, INC. Malaysia-FIRST SOLAR, INC.

6.15 Asia-Pacific-Gintech Energy Corporation

6.15.1 Asia-Pacific-Gintech Energy Corporation, By Geographies Taiwan-Gintech Energy Corporation Japan-Gintech Energy Corporation South Korea-Gintech Energy Corporation China-Gintech Energy Corporation

6.16 Kyocera Solar Inc.-Asia-Pacific