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Asia-Pacific Phenolic Resins Market

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Phenolic resin is formed from the reaction of heat-based alcohol, commonly known as aldehyde. In simple terms, phenolic resins are considered as heat-cured plastic, which is primarily made up of the raw material – formaldehyde. As phenolic resins are hard, heat resistant, and mixed with a wide range of materials, it has a huge scope of application in the industrial and residential sectors. Apart from such special properties of phenolic resins, they also offer outstanding durability, good thermal insulation, low density, and better flexibility to effectively bend at complex contours. Phenolic resins are utilized in the production of circuit boards, and other molded products such as laboratory countertops, pool balls, and coatings & adhesives.

The Asia-Pacific phenolic resins market report provides a comprehensive overview of market share, value chain analysis, and market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and upcoming opportunities. It also presents a competitive landscape of key market players, insights on their product portfolio, financials, recent developments, and growth strategies adopted by these companies.

The Asia-pacific region has dominated the phenolic resins market, and it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2012 to 2018. This growth is attributed to a wide range of factors, which includes increased growth observed in the automotive and construction industries, along with elevated consumption of molding compounds in countries, such as India and China. Among all countries in this region, China is considered to have the largest market share of phenolic resins. Also, legislations issued in several countries of the Asia-Pacific region to construct energy efficient buildings has complimented the overall demand of phenolic resins, thereby resulting in the rapid progression of the phenolic resins market. The phenolic resin market is expected to rise further due to its increased usage of composites in aerospace, marine, and mass transit.

The Asia Pacific phenolic resins market is segmented according to geography, type, ingredient, application, and group. On the basis of type, the market is classified into novolac and resol. With respect to ingredients, the market gets sub-divided into formaldehyde, phenol, and other ingredients. As per application, this market is categorized into adhesives & sealants, insulation, lamination, molding, and other applications. Prominent companies in this market include BASF SE, Momentive Performance Materials Inc., Dynea AS, Georgia-Pacific LLC., Jinan Shengquan Group Co. Ltd., Kolon Industries, Inc., SI Group, and Sumitomo Bakelite. 

1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Overview
4 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific, By Applications
4.1 Split By Geography
4.1 Phenolic Resins-India by Applications
4.1 Phenolic Resins-China by Applications
4.1 Phenolic Resins-Japan by Applications
4.1 Phenolic Resins-South Korea by Applications
4.1 Phenolic Resins-Taiwan by Applications
4.1 Phenolic Resins-Singapore by Applications
4.1 Phenolic Resins-Malaysia by Applications
4.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies by Applications
4.2 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Molding
4.2.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Molding, By Geographies Phenolic Resins-India-Molding Phenolic Resins-China-Molding Phenolic Resins-Japan-Molding Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Molding Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Molding Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Molding Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Molding
4.3 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Adhesives & Sealants
4.3.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Adhesives & Sealants, By Geographies Phenolic Resins-India-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-China-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Japan-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Adhesives & Sealants
4.4 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Lamination
4.4.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Lamination, By Geographies Phenolic Resins-India-Lamination Phenolic Resins-China-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Japan-Lamination Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Lamination
4.5 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications
4.5.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Other Applications, By Geographies Phenolic Resins-India-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-China-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Japan-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Other Applications
4.6 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Insulation
4.6.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Insulation, By Geographies Phenolic Resins-India-Insulation Phenolic Resins-China-Insulation Phenolic Resins-Japan-Insulation Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Insulation Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Insulation Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Insulation Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Insulation
5 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific, By Types
5.1 Split By Geography
5.2 Phenolic Resins-India by Types
5.1 Phenolic Resins-China by Types
5.1 Phenolic Resins-Japan by Types
5.1 Phenolic Resins-South Korea by Types
5.1 Phenolic Resins-Taiwan by Types
5.1 Phenolic Resins-Singapore by Types
5.1 Phenolic Resins-Malaysia by Types
5.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies by Types
5.2 Resol-Asia-Pacific
5.2.1 Resol-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Resol-India Resol-China Resol-Japan Resol-South Korea Resol-Taiwan Resol-Singapore Resol-Malaysia Resol-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies
5.3 Novolac-Asia-Pacific
5.3.1 Novolac-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies Novolac-India Novolac-China Novolac-Japan Novolac-South Korea Novolac-Taiwan Novolac-Singapore Novolac-Malaysia Novolac-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies
6 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific, By Geographies
6.1 Phenolic Resins-India
6.1.1 Phenolic Resins-India, By Applications Phenolic Resins-India-Molding Phenolic Resins-India-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-India-Lamination Phenolic Resins-India-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-India-Insulation
6.1.2 Phenolic Resins-India, By Types Resol-India Novolac-India
6.2 Phenolic Resins-China
6.2.1 Phenolic Resins-China, By Applications Phenolic Resins-China-Molding Phenolic Resins-China-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-China-Lamination Phenolic Resins-China-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-China-Insulation
6.2.2 Phenolic Resins-China, By Types Resol-China Novolac-China
6.3 Phenolic Resins-Japan
6.3.1 Phenolic Resins-Japan, By Applications Phenolic Resins-Japan-Molding Phenolic Resins-Japan-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Japan-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Japan-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Japan-Insulation
6.3.2 Phenolic Resins-Japan, By Types Resol-Japan Novolac-Japan
6.4 Phenolic Resins-South Korea
6.4.1 Phenolic Resins-South Korea, By Applications Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Molding Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Lamination Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-South Korea-Insulation
6.4.2 Phenolic Resins-South Korea, By Types Resol-South Korea Novolac-South Korea
6.5 Phenolic Resins-Taiwan
6.5.1 Phenolic Resins-Taiwan, By Applications Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Molding Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Taiwan-Insulation
6.5.2 Phenolic Resins-Taiwan, By Types Resol-Taiwan Novolac-Taiwan
6.6 Phenolic Resins-Singapore
6.6.1 Phenolic Resins-Singapore, By Applications Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Molding Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Singapore-Insulation
6.6.2 Phenolic Resins-Singapore, By Types Resol-Singapore Novolac-Singapore
6.7 Phenolic Resins-Malaysia
6.7.1 Phenolic Resins-Malaysia, By Applications Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Molding Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Adhesives & Sealants Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Lamination Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Other Applications Phenolic Resins-Malaysia-Insulation
6.7.2 Phenolic Resins-Malaysia, By Types Resol-Malaysia Novolac-Malaysia
6.8 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies
6.8.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies, By Types Resol-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies Novolac-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies
7 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific, By Companies
7.1 Competitive landscape
7.2 Split By Geography
7.3 Phenolic Resins-India by Companies
7.1 Phenolic Resins-China by Companies
7.1 Phenolic Resins-Japan by Companies
7.1 Phenolic Resins-South Korea by Companies
7.1 Phenolic Resins-Taiwan by Companies
7.1 Phenolic Resins-Singapore by Companies
7.1 Phenolic Resins-Malaysia by Companies
7.1 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific - Other Geographies by Companies
7.3 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Jinan Shengquan Group Co. Ltd.
7.4 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Sumitomo Bakelite
7.5 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 
7.6 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-Kolon Industries, Inc
7.7 Phenolic Resins-Asia-Pacific-SI Group

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Asia-Pacific Phenolic Resins Market

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