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Asia-Pacific Cloud Billing Market Reseach Report

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Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence
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The Asia-Pacific cloud billing market is expected to grow from $441.1 million in 2013 to $2.64 billion in 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 42.98%, during the forecasted period 2013-2018. The market is primarily driven by the need for transparent and flexible billing solutions.


Cloud billing solutions blend the traditional billing solutions with cloud technology and enable billing for both digital and non-digital services. Cloud billing helps in monetizing the cloud services by automating the billing process and manages a large volume of data in real time. Thus, the billing expertise enables organizations to better focus on core business areas and to improve their performance.


The Asia-Pacific cloud billing market is the fastest-growing market as compared to other regions. This is because the companies in the Asia-Pacific region are adopting the cloud billing solutions at a very fast rate, as it provides transparent and flexible billing solutions. The major industries such as the telecommunication industry, are adopting cloud billing system to leverage their businesses by having a competitive edge over the other cloud service providers. The cloud billing system providers are also providing customized managed services to these industries.


The Asia-Pacific cloud billing market report provides a competitive benchmarking of the leading players in this market such as CGI Group, CSC, IBM, Oracle, and SAP in terms of their product offerings, key strategies, and operational parameters. The Asia-Pacific cloud billing market report further provides Asia-Pacific market trend, overall adoption scenario, competitive landscape and key drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The Asia-Pacific cloud billing market report aims at estimating the current market size and the future growth potential of the different Asia-Pacific cloud billing market offerings across different types, delivery models, deployment models, billing models, and users.


Report Options


Market segmentations covered in this report are:

  • By Types: Billing of cloud services and billing services on cloud
  • By Delivery: Software as a service (SAAS), platform as a service (PAAS), and infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
  • By Deployment Models: On-Premise and hosted
  • By Billing Modes: Embedded and direct to customer (D2C)
  • By Users: Small and medium businesses (SMB) and enterprises


Customization Options


Along with the market data, you can also customize MMM assessment that meets your company’s specific needs. Following customization options provide comprehensive industry standard and deep dive analysis:


Solutions Watch

  • Comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of different solutions by specific countries in Asia-Pacific. Coverage includes Tier-1 and Tier 2/3 firms
  • Analysis based on evaluation parameters like technology and service offerings


Service Adoption and Application

  • Detailed analysis of adoption of cloud billing in different industry verticals in Asia-Pacific


Regional and Country Level Tracker

  • Country-specific cloud billing market forecast and analysis
  • Identification of key end-user segments with respect to the countries in Asia-Pacific


Client Tracker

  • Listing and analysis of deals and projects, case studies, promotions, R&D investments, events, discussion forums, alliances, and partners of Tier-1 and Tier-2/3 vendors operating in Asia-Pacific for the last 3 years


Emerging Vendor Landscape

  • Evaluate Tier-2/3 vendors’ market offerings using a 2X2 framework (identifying leaders, challengers, followers, and nichers)


Technology Watch

  • Update on the current technology trends across different industry verticals in the Asia-Pacific cloud billing market


Application Watch

  • Detailed analysis and listing of all the application areas where cloud billing can be used to bring fruitful results

1 Introduction
1.1 Objective of the study
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Assumptions (Market Size, Forecast, etc)


2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

4 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific, by Applications
4.1 Split by Geography
4.2 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Software As a Services
4.2.1 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Software As a Services , by Services Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific-Software As a Services
4.3 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Platform As a Services
4.3.1 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Platform As a Services, by Services Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific-Platform As a Services
4.4 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Infrastructure As a Services
4.4.1 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Infrastructure As a Services, by Services Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific-Infrastructure As a Services

5 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific, by Deployments
5.1 Split by Geography
5.2 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Hosted (ICT)
5.2.1 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Hosted (ICT), by Geographies Cloud Billing-China-Hosted (ICT)
5.2.2 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-Hosted (ICT), by Services Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific-Hosted (ICT)
5.3 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-On-Premise (ICT)
5.3.1 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-On-Premise (ICT), by Geographies Cloud Billing-China-On-Premise (ICT)
5.3.2 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific-On-Premise (ICT), by Services Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific-On-Premise (ICT)

6 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific, by Endusers
6.1 Split by Geography
6.2 Cloud Billing-Enterprises-Asia-Pacific
6.2.1 Cloud Billing-Enterprises-Asia-Pacific, by Services Billing of Cloud Services-Enterprises-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Enterprises-Asia-Pacific
6.3 Cloud Billing-Small and Medium Business (SMB)-Asia-Pacific
6.3.1 Cloud Billing-Small and Medium Business (SMB)-Asia-Pacific, by Services Billing Services on Cloud-Small and Medium Business (SMB)-Asia-Pacific

7 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific, by Services
7.1 Split by Geography
7.2 Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific
7.2.1 Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific, by Deployments Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific-Hosted (ICT) Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific-On-Premise (ICT)
7.2.2 Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific, by Endusers Billing of Cloud Services-Enterprises-Asia-Pacific
7.2.3 Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific, by Geographies Billing of Cloud Services-China
7.2.4 Billing of Cloud Services-Asia-Pacific, by Models Direct To Consumer (D2C) Cloud Billing Solution-Asia-Pacific Embedded Cloud Billing Solution-Asia-Pacific
7.3 Billing Services on Cloud-Asia-Pacific
7.3.1 Billing Services on Cloud-Asia-Pacific, by Endusers Billing Services on Cloud-Enterprises-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Small and Medium Business (SMB)-Asia-Pacific
7.3.2 Billing Services on Cloud-Asia-Pacific, by Industries Billing Services on Cloud-Telecommunication (ICT)-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Healthcare and Life Science (ICT)-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Energy and Utilities (ICT)-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Retail and Wholesale Distribution (ICT)-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Banking,Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) (ICT)-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Transportation and Logistics (ICT)-Asia-Pacific Billing Services on Cloud-Others (ICT)-Asia-Pacific
7.3.3 Billing Services on Cloud-Asia-Pacific, by Geographies Billing Services on Cloud-China
7.3.4 Billing Services on Cloud-Asia-Pacific, by Services Account Management (Cloud Billing)-Asia-Pacific Revenue Management (Cloud Billing)-Asia-Pacific Customer Management (Cloud Billing)-Asia-Pacific Integration Solution (Cloud Billing)-Asia-Pacific Others (Cloud billing)-Asia-Pacific

8 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific, by Geographies
8.1 Cloud Billing-China
8.1.1 Cloud Billing-China, by Companies Cloud Billing-China-International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Cloud Billing-China-NEC Corporation
8.1.2 Cloud Billing-China, by Deployments Cloud Billing-China-Hosted (ICT) Cloud Billing-China-On-Premise (ICT)
8.1.3 Cloud Billing-China, by Services Billing Services on Cloud-China Billing of Cloud Services-China
8.2 Cloud Billing-India
8.2.1 Cloud Billing-India, by Companies Cloud Billing-India-International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
8.3 Cloud Billing-Japan
8.3.1 Cloud Billing-Japan, by Companies Cloud Billing-Japan-International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Cloud Billing-Japan-NEC Corporation Cloud Billing-Japan-SAP
8.4 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific - Thailand
8.4.1 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific - Thailand, by Companies Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific - Thailand-NEC Corporation

9 Cloud Billing-Asia-Pacific, by Companies
9.1 Split by Geography
9.2 Cloud Billing-NEC Corporation-Asia-Pacific
9.3 Cloud Billing-International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)-Asia-Pacific
9.4 Cloud Billing-SAP-Asia-Pacific

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