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Global UAV Market Research Report

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Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence
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UAV and Fixed Wing Aircraft, Rotary Wing Aircraft and Air Bourne Based Simulation adds up to total Airborne Systems market.

UAV can be segmented by Geographies, Segments, Submarkets, Products and Applications. Geographies of this market are European Union countries, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, South America and Rest of World. Segments of this market are Air and Missile Defense Radar. Submarkets of this market are Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Products of this market are Mini UAV, Micro UAV and Hand held UAV. Applications of this market are Civil and Security.


Key Questions Answered


What makes our report unique?

  • What are market estimates and forecasts; which of UAV markets are doing well and which are not?


    Audience for this report

    • This reports provides most granular segmentation on Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
    • It will provide you market insights into Civil and Security.
    • This report provides market sizing and forecast for the UAV market. It also provides market sizing and forecast along with the drivers/inhibitors/opportunity analysis for each of the micro markets.
    • Many times, customers do not get specific intelligence they are looking for in multi-client syndicated studies. So we offer 10% customization which will ensure you get the desired market intelligence, may it be specific to Civil and Security applications or UAV market in European Union countries, Africa, Asia-Pacific and North America.


      Top developments

      • Global UAV companies
      • Manufacturing Companies
      • Traders, distributors, and suppliers
      • Governmental and research organizations
      • Associations and industry bodies
      • Technology providers
        • Faced with declining budgets and the rapid advancement of new technologies, these small low cost UAVs will be a significant force multiplier in future.
        • Military applications such as extended surveillance can be a dulling experience for the aircrew, since several hours spent without relief, can lead to loss of concentration, which in turn could lead to the loss of the mission/goal.
        • The use of small UAV’s is increasing since they have several advantages such as labor cost, more inspections done in a day, easier access, and less risk to personnel.
        • SUAV can monitor the environment for nuclear or chemical contamination and does not endanger the crew. Small UAVs help carry out missions at remote locations and help map radioactive plumes.
        • An SUAV is usually smaller, consumes less power, and produces lower levels of noise and emissions.
        • Those in charge of critical infrastructure protection demonstrate increasing interest in using mini UAVs as a tool that will positively identify and “incriminate” threats before a deadly force is used to stop them; the requirement is for a mini UAV that can be launched seconds after a threat is initially detected, which has the capability to loiter over the area where the threat was first detected by one of the ground sensors. The requirement here is to have a superior optical payload.
        • Most of the unmanned systems are not yet sufficiently reliable according to the existing common technical standards. Frequently, small UAVs malfunction or go out of control, which can result in significant costs.
        • The Federal Aviation Administration has banned the use of UAV’s for civil use. The plan will be put in action in September 2015.
        • The risks occur since UAVs that are assigned in military roles by one state, may cause legitimate concerns and reactions by other states, and stimulate regional arms race.

1 Introduction
1.1 Analyst Insights
1.2 Market Definitions
1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
1.4 Research Methodology
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Overview
4 By Submarkets
4.1 Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
5 By Applications
5.1 Civil
5.2 Security
6 By Segments
6.1 Air and Missile Defense Radar
7 By Products
7.1 Mini UAV
7.2 Micro UAV
7.3 Hand held UAV
8 By Geographies
8.1 European Union countries
8.2 Africa
8.3 Asia-Pacific
8.4 North America
8.5 South America
8.6 Rest of World

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Micro UAV Micro UAV
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