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Energy and Utilities (ICT) Market Research Reports

Energy and Utilities (ICT) and its peer markets - Others (ICT), Corporate, Education (ICT), IT Business (ICT), Agriculture (ICT), Travel and Tourism (ICT), Academic, Retail and Wholesale Distribution (ICT), and Healthcare and Life Science (ICT) among 11 other industry markets - adds up to total Information And Communication Technology (ICT) market.

Energy and Utilities (ICT) can be segmented by Submarkets, Solutions, Softwares, Services and Types. Submarkets of this market are Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Physical Security (ICT), Data Center Cooling (ICT) and Managed Services (ICT). Solutions of this market are IAM (Identity Access Management), Energy Security, Analytics, Mobile Data Center, Modular Data Center, Cloud, Data Center Fabric, Data Center, Security and Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication. Softwares of this market are Storage Software, Quality and Life-Cycle Tools, Operations and Manufacturing, Information and Data Management, Engineering Applications, Content Applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Collaborative Applications, Supply Chain Management Applications, Enterprise Resource Management Applications and Security Software. Services of this market are Integration and Design, Consulting and Support and Maintenance . Types of this market are Power (ICT), Oil and Gas (ICT) and Utilities (ICT).

These reports provide market sizing and forecast for the Energy and Utilities (ICT) market. It also analyzes the drivers/inhibitors/opportunity for each of the micro markets.

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Power (ICT) Power (ICT)
Power (ICT) and Oil and Gas (ICT) and Utilities (ICT) adds up to...
Oil and Gas (ICT) Oil and Gas (ICT)
Oil and Gas (ICT) and Power (ICT) and Utilities (ICT) adds up to total
Utilities (ICT) Utilities (ICT)
Utilities (ICT) and Power (ICT) and Oil and Gas (ICT) adds up to total...
Power Generation (ICT) Power Generation (ICT)
Power Generation (ICT) and Power Distribution (ICT) adds up to total
Power Distribution (ICT) Power Distribution (ICT)
Power Distribution (ICT) and Power Generation (ICT) adds up to total
Power Grids (ICT) Power Grids (ICT)
Power Grids (ICT) and Power Transmission (ICT) adds up to total
Power Transmission (ICT) Power Transmission (ICT)
Power Transmission (ICT) and Power Grids (ICT) adds up to total
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