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Global Distributed Generation Market Research Report

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Table of Contents
Customer Intelligence
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The small scale generating technologies (e.g. solar, wind, CHP, hydro, waste to energy) that are connected to the electric power grid are identified as Distributed Generation (DG). Systems allow customers to produce some or all of the electricity they need.

Systems produce power for the buildings to which the systems are connected (e.g. solar panels on a home). Renewable systems are able to provide power with minimal impact on the environment. When a system produces more power than the customer’s load, excess power is sent back to the utility company’s electric grid. This reduces the overall load of utility company which it needs to supply.

Systems even allow customers to be powered by their own electric generation systems, rather than by traditional central power plants (e.g. fossil and nuclear). Also, customers are able to be compensated for reducing the load on the grid through the net metering program or by contract. Distributed Generation will continue to grow at a higher rate globally.

The report analyses globally and regionally. It also provides a market overview by different types of generation. Additionally, major players in the market are identified through secondary and primary research. Based on which respective market shares are evaluated. This includes a study of the annual reports of top market players and interviews with key opinion leaders, such as CEOs, Directors, and marketing people

This report also includes Market by Type:

  • Cogeneration
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Turbine
  • Energy-to-Waste
  • Small Hydro power

By Geography:

  • South America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa

What makes our report unique?

  • Provides overview and deep-dive analysis of the market
  • Provides analysis of the historical trends and forecasts market to 2019
  • Provides geography-specific data analysis of South America, Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Analyzes the business trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Analyzes the competitive scenario, industry composition, market leaders in the Global Distributed Generation market
  • You can request 10% customization in the research matching your exact requirement for deep dive research in any specific geography or technology or applications

Key questions answered

  • Technology overview
  • Market segmentation
  • Market size and forecasts
  • Industry composition and characteristics
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market leaders
  • Business trends

Audience for this report

  • Energy & Power service companies
  • Energy & Power operators
  • Energy & Power consulting companies
  • Energy & Power associations
  • Investment banks

How below markets are influencing the growth of

  • Cogeneration Installation market
  • Solar Panels Installation market
  • Wind Turbine Installation market
  • Small Hydro Power Installation market
  • Waste-to-Energy Installation market

1 Introduction
  1.1 Analyst Insights
  1.2 Market Definitions
  1.3 Market Segmentation & Aspects Covered
  1.4 Research Methodology

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

4 Distributed Generation Sources By Type
  4.1 Cogeneration
  4.2 Solar Panel
  4.3 Wind Turbine
  4.4 Waste-To-Energy
      4.4.1 Biomass
      4.4.2 Biogas
  4.5 Small Hydro Power

5 Global Distributed Generation Market By Application
  5.1 Global Installed Capacity And Capex, 2013
  5.2 Wind Market, Global Installed Capacity And Capex, 2013
  5.3 Solar Pv Market, Global Installed Capacity And Capex, 2013
  5.4 Cogeneration Market, Global Installed Capacity And Capex, 2013
  5.5 Small Hydro Market, Global Installed Capacity And Capex, 2013
  5.6 Biomass Market, Global Installed Capacity And Capex, 2013
  5.7 Biogas Market, Global Installed Capacity And Capex, 2013
  5.8 By Power Generation Source, Cumulative Installed Capacity, Gw, 2013-2019
  5.9 By Power Generation Source, Capex Investment, Million $, 2013 - 2019

6 Distributed Generation Market By Geography
  6.1 South America
  6.2 Asia-Pacific
  6.3 Europe
  6.4 Africa
  6.5 Middle East
  6.6 North America

7 Distributed Generation Market: Cometitive Landscape
  7.1 Market Share: By Companies

8 Distributed Generation Market: Development
  8.1 Developments: By Companies

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Global Distributed Generation Market Research Report

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