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Global Offshore Market Research Report

The report analyzes the global offshore drilling market. The report also offers a market summary of onshore drilling activities and types of drilling, such as directional, contract, and logging.


The report examines the offshore market in terms of application and geography. Market share analysis in terms of revenue of the top companies is included in the report. The market share analysis of these key players arrived is based on key facts, annual financial information, and interviews with key opinion leaders, such as CEOs, directors, and marketing executives.


The key players of the market covered in the report are service providers, such as Diamond Offshore (U.S.), Transocean (U.S.), Seadrill (North America), and others.

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Shallow Water Shallow Water
Drilling in shallow waters is less risky easily handled as it is within the reach. Shallow water drilling is less complex and is cost efficient. In shallow water the drillings rigs are reached easily to the bottom of the sea floor and have blowout preventers (BOPs) above the surface of the water that are accessible for inspection, maintenance and repair, and can be controlled either remotely or manually in case of an emergency.
Ultra-Deep Water Ultra-Deep Water
Ultra deep water offshore drilling is becoming most crucial application in drilling because of the complexities of deepwater operations, developing a major ultra deepwater oil field to be costing enormous sums of money far more than shallow water or deep water development. To make such developments economically viable, oil companies must identify highly productive reservoirs and then install high-productivity wells and production systems  
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